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Person in Black Hoodie Hacking a Computer System

Global Threats and Solutions for Nigeria

In today's digital era, businesses worldwide are in a constant battle against cyber threats. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyberattacks presents one of the most formidable challenges yet. AI-driven threats are not just sophisticated; they are stealthy, making them difficult to detect and counter. From ransomware attacks crippling critical healthcare systems to sophisticated…

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CFA’s ICT Predictions of 2014 – Part 1

What an eventful year 2013 has been for the Information and Communications Technology industry, not just in Nigeria, but across the world. Let me set the records straight that although this piece has to do with predictions, it has nothing to do with spirituality.My views in this piece are based on my knowledge of the industry…

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Internet economy – Led by Information Technology; Managed by Customer Service.

Guest post on Information Technology by Ifeanyi Amaeshi. Would you like to write for us and gain exposure? Hit the contact button right away!The renowned global management consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group, asserts that (Information Technology) mobile devices, social networking, cloud computing, and other technologies are profoundly transforming the relationships between businesses and their customers.How…

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