Dr. Mrs Omobola Johnson & CFA

The Minister of CommTech is My Guest on Tech Trends

Some have argued that Nigeria’s tech industry is growing artificially because according to them the right policies are still not in place and they also point to the dearth of infrastructure. For example, why would a country like Nigeria and is among the top mobile phone destinations not be able to boost of a single phone manufacturing plant?

Dr. Mrs. Omobola-JohnsonA valid point and question if you ask me, I am however of the opinion that we have done well as I have watched the industry progress and keeps progressing steadily. I have decided to take this further by inviting over to my Tech Trends TV show, the top performing woman of Nigeria’s technology industry, Dr. Mrs. Omobola Johnson, the Honourable Minister of Communication Technology who many regard as a visionary considering the way and manner she has enacted and implemented policies for the industry.

My focus discussion with her will be centered on plans to make broadband cheaper and more affordable, Demo Africa 2015, Start-ups and looking at the future of IT generally in Nigeria. It promises to be thrilling!

Watch this exciting episode of Tech Trends on Monday, February 9, 2015 at 4:30pm on Channels TV (DSTV Channel 254 or GoTV Channel 95) with repeats as follows:

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