#YTech100 2016 Award To CFA

CFA Recognised for His Outstanding Contribution to Tech Development

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step and that step for CFA was taken on the July 9, 2009, when he decided, against all odds, to start a blog after losing all he had in a couple of failed business ideas, chief of which was an oil and gas startup.

With no money in his pocket or bank account, CFA decided to launch a blog. In fact the blog would have been launched much earlier that year, but the developer whom he paid N10,000 (borrowed from his family members), eloped to London with the money. To cut the long story short, CFA had to learn to use wordpress to build websites, which enabled him to develop his first blog by himself!

Over 6 years down the line, the number of awards he has received in the tech field has been unbelievable for something that started as an hubby. Just last Thursday, February 25, 2016, I represented CFA at the #YTech100 Social Media Week 2016 because he was in the United States, attending the IBM Interconnect 2016. I am glad to inform you that, once again, CFA was recognized at the event as one of the top 100 influences in the Nigerian technology space. I received the award on his behalf.

Wale Oguntokun of Techsmart.ng receiving the #YTech100 Award on behalf of CFA from Mr. Mitchell Alegbe, the MD of Interswitch at the cermony.
Wale Oguntokun of Techsmart.ng receiving the #YTech100 Award on behalf of CFA from Mr. Mitchell Alegbe, the MD of Interswitch at the cermony.

The entire team is indeed joyous about this development, because we understand how to celebrate baby steps as they are springboards for greater accolades ahead.

On behalf of the entire team, I say Congratulations to CFA and a BIG thank you to all our community members for your prayers and continuous support.


4 reasons why you should be a part of the Conditioned for Accomplishments Loyalty Program and win free gifts

Conditioned for Accomplishments has launched a loyalty program for her regular readers and visitors who wish to create value, yet be rewarded with free gifts and a big thank you.

I have observed that quite a number of people visit the Conditioned for Accomplishments website on a daily basis but only a handful share the valuable content they read with others. My goal is to change this trend hence this loyalty program.

Do you know what gives me so much joy about this loyalty program? Let me tell you, I discovered a tool that will automate the whole process – PunchTab is the world’s first instant loyalty program platform that allows website owners to create a social and mobile-enabled loyalty program and what’s more, it 100% free to use – you heard me, I am paying nothing, nada and zero! Do you now see why I am so glad?

Below are 4 reasons to be a part of the Conditioned for Accomplishments Loyalty Program

1. Tasks are clearly defined

Punchtab makes it so easy for you and I to function as partners-in-success. Do you see the red (sexy) ribbon all over the site? That is called the Punchtab Earning Map, it automatically appears next to supported social sharing buttons and comment boxes, and all you are required to do is perform any of the following tasks on a daily basis;

  • Visit this site everyday
  • Facebook Like any article
  • Tweet any article
  • Google +1 any article
  • Leave comments on any article(s) you enjoy

Any of the above tasks will earn you points (assigned by the punchtab system). This is not a case of someone awarding you points secretly – points accumulated are open for anyone who is part of the loyalty program to see.

2. Sign-up is Easy (details below)

No sign-up forms to fill. No purchases necessary. No commitments whatsoever. All you are required to do is visit this site daily and perform very simply but quality tasks and you will earn points. How simple can life be?

3. The Goal of this Loyalty Program is clearly defined

The goal is simple, attract more people to this site to subscribe to our articles either by RSS or email. I am not asking you to buy anything or join me in my Natureline home business. All I ask is that you join me in helping people become Conditioned for Accomplishments by spreading my articles.

4. The Free gifts are believable and you can choose

I have not promised you silver nor gold nor a sleek car. I have put together valuable gifts that you will appreciate and won’t be a challenge for me to redeem.

You can choose from any of the following gifts as soon as you accumulate the required points.

[tabs style=”boxed”] [tab title=”Free Gifts“]

  1. 50 SMS Units @ www.PersonalizedBulkSMS.com
  2. 100 SMS Units @ www.PersonalizedBulkSMS.com
  3. Recharge Cards (N500) Glo, MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, Visafone etc. – any network.
  4. 500 SMS Units @ PersonalizedBulkSMS.com
  5. Excerpts from THE TREASURY OF QUOTES by Jim Rohn + Cost of Shipping
  6. Zig Ziglar’s Little BOok of Big Quotes + Cost of Shipping
  7. 15 days Automated SMS Campaign set-up + 200 SMS Units @ www.PersonalizedBulkSMS.com
  8. Creating a Brighter Future by Edwin Edebiri + Cost of Shipping (Hard Back) *
  9. cfaleverage.com SEO Friendly website + 2 years Hosting and Maintenance
  10. Natureline Bi-Tron Tyre Safety Solution (TSS) Prevents Tyre Punctures & Saves Money
    Amazon Affiliate Links

[/tab] [tab title=”Points Required“]

  1. 4,000 points
  2. 5,000 points
  3. 8,000 points
  4. 10,000 points
  5. 25,000 points
  6. 50,000 points
  7. 50,000 points
  8. 75,000 points
  9. 75,000 points
  10. 75,000 points
  11. 100,000 points
  12. 100,000 points[/tab] [/tabs]

How to sign up for the Conditioned for Accomplishments Loyalty Program

1. Look around the site for the Red Reward ribbon, Click on it and wait for a widget to pop up

Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program

2. Click on Become a Member Now and you are good to go.

Loyalty Program Leader Board
CFA Loyalty Program

3. To view your points accumulated.

– Log into your Facebook account
– visit www.cfagbata.com
– Click on the Punchtab ribbon
– Look at the top left of the Punchtab widget to view points accumulated. (Highlighted in yellow)
– This also shows you a 30 day view of those who have accumulated the most points in the loyalty program.

Loyalty Program Catalog
Loyalty Program Catalog

4. To view all the free gifts up for grabs, click on the Catalog just besides the Leaderboard (top right of the Punchtab widget)


Simplified Loyalty Program Rules.

Please click here to read the detailed loyalty program rules.

  1. If we are shipping any free gifts, please submit Nigerian addresses only.
  2. In some cases you may be required to visit a location close to you to pick up your free gift(s).
  3. You can only win once for each item, please.
  4. All tasks MUST be of high quality i.e. your comments have to relevant. Please avoid using comments such as ‘Nice post’ ‘Great Article’ ‘Thank you’ while we appreciate it, our goal is to get you to participate in creating value.
  5. Punchtab monitors all your activities. You will be removed from the loyal program if you try to break any rules.
  6. If you accumulate the required points for any of the free gifts, please leave a comment in the the website comment box below stating your Full name, Points accumulated and the free gift you wish to redeem.
  7. Please give a minimum of 3 weeks to receive the free gifts that will be shipped and a minimum of 1 week to receive recharge card via SMS or email.
  8. Please come back here to leave a comment when you receive your free gift so as to confirm/prove the credibility of this loyalty reward program.
  9. Free gifts can be added and removed with or without reason.
  10. The loyalty program rules can be adjusted with or without reason.
  11. The loyalty program can be discontinued or laid to rest at our sole discretion.
  12. Please visit this page regularly as most of our communication will be done here using the comment box.
  13. We say a BIG Thank you for helping us create value!!!

Have you ever had any loyalty program experience? How was it? Please share your experience. Good luck if you decide to participate and by all means contact me with your questions, whatever they might be.

I really do appreciate you!!!

You are advised to read our loyalty program rules and Privacy Policy.