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How to be a Guest on the ICT with CFA Radio Show?

ict with cfa radio showCongrats to moi as a new chapter aligned to my mission and mantra is about to be opened. My mission and mantra remains to help people (and of course myself) become and stay Conditioned for Accomplishments and I am heaven (not hell) bent on achieving my God ordained purpose on planet earth.

One of my purpose that I have discovered is the use of technology in general for positive causes and human development. I believe so much that the wisdom of modern technology comes from God and it is solely for his purpose, granted that its being used for all sort of evil things. Well, this can be likened to the same fact that he created man to be holy, good and righteous but is that the case today? Man uses the same body for all sorts that don’t give glory to the Creator.

…..Introducing the ICT with CFA Radio Show

So, one of the positive ways I want to enlighten and empower more folks out there is through the airing of the ICT with CFA Radio Show – the show is supposed to kick off in April, the radio station is based in Lagos and offers online streaming so you can listen from anywhere in the world. It is one of the most popular and fastest growing radio stations in the country. I can’t give out more details now other than the above because we’re still fine-tuning a number of things but you will be the first to know in the days ahead. I’d certainly write a detailed post about this process in the nearest future.

You know am big on Acronyms 🙂

I am sure anyone who sees ICT in this case will think it means “Information and Communications Technology” – well that is what it means in the real world, however, it means something different in CFA’s world and it means Innovatively Consuming Technology – there I go again someone might say. A lot of people ask me; CFA, how do you come up with these acronyms? I honestly have no idea whatsoever is usually my response, backed with a big smile 🙂

The Focus of the Show

My hope is that it turns out to be a show that will teach and educate ICT users, technology enthusiasts and the public on the positive uses of ICT in an increasingly competitive world.. This is because of the ongoing trend where most Nigerians seem lost as to maximising technology, such that they focus only on the basics. For example, it’s been said that less than 10 percent of phone users use up to 20% of their smart phone capacity and this cut across other trends even the now popular social media.

Features of the Show

  1. The Discussions/Interview Section – this is where I’d feature a guest doing anything remarkable with technology.
  2. The Tool of the Week Section – I am big on tools, I use a lot of them to stay sane online.
  3. Security tip of the week section
  4. Phone/Hardware review section (must be sponsored though)

There will be lots to give away including books, tablets, phones, airtime etc.

If you know anyone out there (or probably you) in a position to help this show stay on air through adverts then I’d be most delighted to get an introduction. This show can only be sustainable if we get an organisation to pay the bills while expanding her market. I need your help o!

Target Audience

I remember being asked who the target audience was and I responded as follows:

  • Working class / corporate employees
  • Technology enthusiasts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • The general public (it will interest quite a number of people who bare hooked to smart devices).

Well, I plan to really monitor (with the help of the radio station) who would eventually be the ideal target audience.

Would you like to appear on this revolutionary show?

Trust me this show would be revolutionary and I welcome anyone doing awesome stuff to the show. Simply fill this form and I’d let you know if you can be featured on the ICT with CFA Radio Show or not:

Remember, you can’t do direct advertising when you are on Radio or TV due to a number of reasons which includes the fact that airtime is not cheap, as well as approval from regulatory and policy agencies. However, if you are as smart (or smarter) than me then you should understand that such platforms (i.e. ICT with CFA Radio Show) are simply a great way to build your brand and increase your social capital, which is what I advice you to focus on initially except of course you’re Aliko Dangote.

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