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Leveraging the Power of Technology to Boost Productivity

To remain relevant and successful, in the ever-changing marketplace, business owners have come to the reality that, there is a need, to get a hold of the current technological trends and put them to use in their various businesses.

The role of innovation is, no doubt, a contest, to business owners, but quite a few of them understand how to navigate their way, when it comes to applying technology, to boost their productivity.

It is high time that you start employing strategies that will enable you, to leverage technology, to achieve the best of productivity.

Below are some ways you can employ digital trends, to improve on the productivity of your business:

Learn, Then, Embrace Change

It is essential that you understand the nitty-gritty of technological changes, before you, eventually, embrace it.

Embracing the use of technology can fast track work, but it is ill-advised, to rush into the use of innovative technological breakthrough that you are not yet familiar with.

If you do, it will only lead you, to waste the little resources that you have on the ground.

You may, eventually, get knocked down, out of the productivity path that you plan on embracing.

During the process of studying the innovative technology, you will learn, why similar businesses, are rooting for such an innovation.

Also, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of applying innovation.

For instance, trying to work remotely, from home, comes with the disadvantage of not working optimally, due to various distractions, that does occur at home, but on the flip side, what can best make working from home, achieve better results?

Remote work, may, also, not work for some kinds of businesses, while it works, perfectly well, for others. Your careful study must have been able, to verify this.

With the right tools in place, you can keep your remote workers, on their toes.

With Zoom, Skype for video conference calls, Asana for project management, Evernote and Slack for swift communication, technology will give you a heads up.

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Availability Of Technology To Your Workers

Providing ample technology, for the use of your workers, will benefit your team and increase their productivity.

Over the years, businesses have provided digital gadgets, such as mobile phones, computers, etc., to their employees, to ease communication and speed of achieving the set objectives and goals of the business.

Personal Smartphones Have Taken Over The Trend

Giving out the company’s phone, to employees, may come with some careful consideration, but if it is properly managed, your business tends to reap useful benefits from it.

Asides from equipping your staff with technological tools, you should, also, provide training for them, on how best, to put the tools available to them to use, for maximising productivity.

Too Many Gadgets Would Distract Your Staff

It is important to make provisions, for technological gadgets for your employees, but they should not be overwhelmed with it. Doing this is, an invitation to distraction.

You do not need to get them, every new bit of technological gadgets, rolled out, in the innovative market. What they need, are specifics that would enhance their productivity.

Technology, in the workplace, is, meant to boost work efficiency and not stand as a distraction.

Your workers are the ones that would bear the brunt, when they are overwhelmed with technology and it will, eventually, have a ripple effect on your business, which will, also, suffer a nose-dive.

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Motivation; A key in Achieving Better Results for Your Team

What makes the difference, between success and failure, is how great a team really is. One of the ways you can build a great company and achieve great success is to build a great team through motivation.

No matter how skilled or talented you are, your result depends on your ability to build and inspire your team, to achieve the common goal.

According to Jordan Michael, “talent win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”.

The power of teamwork cannot be overemphasized, in the building and growth of any organization, hence, the daily motivation of your team will help produce the desired results, in an organization.

A successful leader must, however, understand that, when running a business, the team is the biggest asset and resources, to thrive in the market world and stand out among other competitors.

Here are some ways, in which, you can positively steer your team, to give you the desired result:

Clarity of vision: Tell your team members about your vision. Your team should be aware of your, goals and how you intend to achieve them.

Never put them in the dark. Give them all the information they need, to enable them to work effectively.

Communication: Make sure that, there is constant communication, between you and your employees. You are not, only to ask about the progress of their work, but you should also listen to their ideas, opinions, and feedbacks.

Make sure that, you are approachable, for your employees to walk up to you and discuss with you anytime, while you, also, respond with humility.

Provide Opportunities for Development: Team members feel more active if they are given opportunities to grow their skills. The training should be given to each employee, according to their strength and needs.

Encourage them to set themselves learning goals, as they learn to grow their capacity.

Appreciate your team: Appreciating the members of your team, will give them a sense of belonging and achievement, as well as, give them this assurance that, they are working towards the company’s goals.

Appreciate them in every task that you give to them, which, they execute well. Be specific in your appreciation.

Tell them why you are grateful and what it is, that they did well, which has helped, or, benefited the company.

A healthy working environment: Create a space, where your employees can enjoy working and where they can enjoy spending their time.

Be conscious of noise, air quality, privacy, where they can relax in natural light.

Motivation is essential, in any workplace. This keeps your employees happy to work effectively, efficiently and actively, towards the success and growth of your company.

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Organise your life and business with Mind Maps

We live in a highly distracting world, so it is your responsibility to look out for tools and strategies that will help you stay sane and productive otherwise you might suffer from information overload and indecision.

Let me introduce one tool that has helped me tremendously despite the fact that I do not use it as often as I ought to but each time I use it, I get the results I expect. A mind map is simply a brain tool that helps you in any sort of brainstorming activities – here is the link to the post I wrote on mind mapping a while ago.

I suggest you watch this video by Tony Buzan, a man known as the Father of Mind Maps

So let me share with you a tiny part of the CFA mind map, that connects the dots of all my activities both online and offline:

CFA mind maps....

You would not believe how huge and elaborate this map is, I could write a 100 page book on it. As you may have noticed, I did cut out some stuff because it is not yet time for them to be revealed but what I want you to get is the concept and not the content of my goals. I have clearly shared my brand into 2 main parts and that forms the choice of activities I get involved with going forward. As shown above my ultimate goal or end point is to be a positive influencer and partnerships is at the core of CFA.

The beauty about this is that I have a 10 year plan of my life on a single piece of paper. What sort of goal setting would you still recommend that I do? I hope you get the point on what can be achieved through the effective use of mind maps?

So CFA, what mind mapping tool should I use?

There are a number of mind mapping tools out there, most of them are paid but there are a few free ones that I have found to be useful. But, if you can afford it, then go for a premium version that is the online way we can keep the innovation on the Internet growing. Below are some you can try:

Go give mind mapping a trial and do come back to share the experience. It looks complex but trust me its a fun exercise!