What is the Motivation behind the growing interest in Nigerian Politics?

This is actually my first post on Nigerian politics, I try avoid political topics because they usually lead to arguments and hardly does anyone win an argument.

So why am I writing about Nigerian Politics then?

Well it’s very simple the number of people I know gunning for various political positions by the day is actually on the increase, at the last count over 5 people I know personally are seriously in the race for one seat or the other. I ask myself very often what exactly is the motivation? Is it to keep fleecing Nigeria’s resources or is it actually to serve?

My View about Nigerian Politics

In Nigeria, I am of the opinion that politics for now is not about service. Most politicians are out there to grab their share of the Nigerian national cake, I used the word most because I know that there a few exceptions i.e. Raji Fashola of Lagos State and Peter Obi of Anambra State, are a few of the guys making impact (I am not saying they are saints but they have done pretty well). Man is apolitical animal, so we can’t fully separate ourselves from politics. It goes on everywhere, in the Corporate world, in the religious organisations etc.

I believe more committed Nigerians (not the crooks around) should get involved in Politics because trust me, that’s one of the few ways to save Nigeria from collapse as postulated by the CIA (I still find it hard to believe but it isn’t impossible, if we don’t do things right). Insanity is defines as doing the samething and expecting different results.

I plan to vote in the 2011 Nigerian general elections, I have never voted, so am guilty of not performing my civic responsibilities but then, I have repented, now that we have a man like Prof. Jega – the INEC Boss, who has what it takes to deliver unlike Maurice Iwu.

There is hope for Nigeria. But, we have a role to play in the process of making Nigeria a better place. We have to join hands together and build a better society, it takes commitment and sacrifice. I said to one of the aspirants;

If your motivation is to go and be like the rest then you don’t have my blessing other than get ready for judgement after the so-called enjoyment, rather vie for that office with the mind set of creating and adding value to the entire system.

Let me conclude with a few IFs; (do not assume that because we pray to God then we can abuse his grace upon this land).

  • If we allow “a few good” (evil) men to hold us to ransom for the rest of our lives, then we have ourselves to blame and not God.
  • If the unemployment rate keeps going high then crime rate will rise no matter how hard we fast and pray.
  • If the Nigerian Government does not sort out the electricity (NEPA) issue, then more companies will likely shut down.
  • If there is no enabling environment, small businesses cannot thrive and they are the engine of any economy.
  • If we remain cowards, afraid to face our fears then we should stop complaining and expect the worse!

R.S.V.P is a great way to sanitize Nigerian politics

R – Register to Vote

S – Select the Right candidate

V – Vote with the future of Nigeria in mind

P – Protect your vote

Remember, Vox populi, vox dei “The voice of the people [is] the voice of God”

What is your opinion of Nigerian politics?