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Navigating through Pandemic-Related Risks in Emerging Markets

Even when the pandemic would have, eventually, been under a form of relative control, the coronavirus would still pose a threat to many emerging markets.

These are markets from countries, with unequal governance, poor healthcare system, overpopulated urban slums, coupled with extreme poverty.

In some countries, there are indications of instability in the region’s politics, with civil unrest.

These and many more would pose many disadvantages to foreign investors, trying to dabble into these emerging markets.

Prior to the pandemic, the business atmosphere in the regions of these emerging markets, are already becoming unfriendly.

Now that the pandemic has taken its toll on a global scale, it will appear very difficult for ease of business navigation, especially, foreign investment.

With travel restrictions still in place, investors may find it difficult to get a piece of first hand information on their investment destination.

Some developed countries have flattened the curve, however, travelling to developing countries would still get restricted.

Some governments would not allow it and asides that, national health restrictions and also, the bankruptcy facing some airlines, would make the situation, much tenser.

Foreign investments would, eventually, have to secure strong, local partnerships, even though, each carries its own risks.

Local partnerships come a long way when foreign investment is making its way into an emerging market, as they can make a significant difference.

On the flip side, too much reliance on local partners, such that the investors would have less direct insight, can lead to unnecessary liability.

With the current physical distancing, businesses can get worsened and cultural differences can, also, get heightened.

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Some business situations may lead to misconception and since the pandemic has made movement difficult, communication might, also, get affected; a situation that leads to cultural insensitivities.

Considering the weight of the pandemic, governments in emerging market regions may pose as a hindrance to foreign investments.

The system is already overwhelmed, with health challenges, an economic downturn from loss of jobs and foreign debts.

Even as some government officials try to self-isolate, the tendencies in attending to foreign projects may likely get affected as they have health-related issues to worry about.

For instance, in Africa and the Middle East, a significant number of the country’s leaders, are well over 60, a result that poses a COVID-19 related risk to them.

At this point, many of them are left with no option, than to stay back in their country, as they cannot carry out their usual medical tourism any longer.

This is a development that is not favorable, as a lot of awaiting projects for approval, would remain unattended to for long.

Crisis situations, like these, can overwhelm governments, in developing economies, investments will get stalled, money wastage will increase, as companies will battle over changes in government policies and priorities.

In all these, investors can still navigate business environments, through the following:

Reconsider your local partners

The capacity of a local partner would, definitely, have a direct effect on the risk option of an investor.

Consider their strength and weakness, also and if physical distancing has tied investors’ hands, in over-reliance on local partners, then, they should consider new training and capacity development for them.

Know the government’s current priorities

At this point, political connections are required to deal with this new situation.

You may have to reach out to some top government officials, or probably get engaged with local consultants, who can call for priority investment.

Consider the different human dimensions in the pandemic

Just like every other person, your local staff and partners will, definitely, have concerns over their health issues and the crisis ruining the economy.

The stress from the pandemic is enough, to cause government officials to get exhausted.

Investors should, therefore, reiterate their commitment to the country of concern, by supporting its recovery growth.

Emphasizing how the investment would help bring jobs for the local community.

Investors need to take a new look, at the effects of the pandemic, on their target country, in order to be well informed, of the eventualities that might work in their favour.

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4 Ways your Business can Benefit from Cloud in this Pandemic

Before the pandemic, a significant number of businesses have moved their businesses online.

Now with the pandemic fully blown, more businesses have been forced to join the cloud train.

Not all these enterprises, however, have the required facility, to run the cloud.

A simple way your business could pull through this pandemic effect is to leverage cloud computing.

The concept of cloud computing is not new, as businesses have sought after it, to modify their structure.

Indications have it that, a large percentage of workload, will run through the clouds and COVID-19 has appeared to be the booster for the digital process.

With the ravaging effect of the pandemic, your firm should not get caught unprepared for eventualities.

Adoption of cloud computing can ensure that your company possesses the facilities required, to face the current challenges.

Here are 4 ways to ensure that your business remains relevant:


The digitized world of business has been prone to cyber attacks, however, the coronavirus pandemic has increased the challenge.

A report from McKinsey, shows that the increased work from home, in this period has seen an increase in cyberattack rates in organisations, through their digital platforms.

Cybersecurity, backed by cloud, have the ability to solve many challenges facing a lot of businesses in this period.

When you keep your security operations in the cloud, you enable your firm, more digital prowess, as more platforms leverage artificial intelligence, to find out cyber threats.

Remote Working

Before the pandemic, some organisations allowed some employees to work remotely.

With the pandemic fully blown, a large chunk of organisations, especially, the private firms, have duly embraced working remotely.

Even after the world gets over the effects of the pandemic, it is unlikely that some offices will be fully opened.

With the stay at home, work from home policy, it is important that businesses find ways of managing their workforce, beyond the office walls.

Video conferencing platforms have become necessary tools, for remote working.

Zoom has become the most popular of them all, however, if it boils down to simply messaging, then, Slack can offer a cloud solution.

Your workers may not have to worry about challenges, like internet connection and data usage.

Document Sharing

In an endless chain of email, important documents can get lost, but with cloud-based documents, you can easily share the piece of document for viewing and accessibility, by anyone who needs it, without spending hours trying to dig them out.

With people no longer together in the office, it is becoming more difficult to keep up with sharing physical documents together, however, document-sharing platforms, backed in the cloud can save the day.

Google Docs and Dropbox can make this easy for your team members.


Uncertainty looms in times like these, for larger digital firms, experiencing growths.

The same cannot be said of smaller organisations that are looking to downsizing.

Businesses must seek ways to remain solvent in times like these.

The cloud does not require any physical server to operate.

That is why you can use as little, or much computing power as you require.

According to research conducted at MIT, data centers on-site require up to a year to get built properly.

With cloud computing, you scale, without waiting all these long years.

COVID-19  has come with some unknown factors that have directly affected all our daily lives, therefore, your business needs to dive into the cloud, to explore the many advantages it offers.

It is not too late to leverage cloud, for the benefit of your business.

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These Questions on the COVID-19 Pandemic Can Define the Future of Your Business

In this very defining moment of our lives due to the pandemic, a few thoughts, or rather questions, must have been running through your mind on what the future of your business will entail.

The pandemic has altered the way business is operated, across the globe, however, are these changes temporary, or permanent?

In my years of experience in dealing with hard times, such as recession and some unexpected financial downturns, there are some vital thoughts that have crossed my mind, which I would be sharing.

Let us examine some of these salient questions you need to ask on the future of your business.

Should I provide paid time off?

In these pandemic times, business owners have frequently asked, if offering a paid time off should be considered, in their employees’ benefit package?

As at the period COVID-19 was at its peak, many employees with sickness had refused to take days off from work, due to financial reasons.

In some countries, the legislative arm of the government had to, temporarily, enforce employers of labour to offer family and paid sick leave to their employees.

The question is, therefore, what happens when the temporary legislation is over?

Will you continue paying your sick employees paid leave, or not?

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As an employer, you may try adopting a policy on a paid time off, for your business.

This will ensure that your employees can get the necessary time off, when they are ill, without worrying about money.

Alternatively, your employees can work from home, if they just have a common cold.

Preparing for future emergencies

You might not have had preparations for the pandemic, however, you do not need to start mulling over the present.

Rather, take a lesson and make plans for the future. Whether it is a pandemic crisis or another emergency, you should have plans that look like these:

  • Alternative form of work arrangement, e.g., remote working
  • Mode of communication with your employees
Should I take my business fully remote?

For some businesses, the pandemic was the drive they required, to kick-start a remote working model.

Are you one of those ventures that started work remotely, at the onset of the pandemic?

You might just be wondering, whether, or not, to continue with the model, after the pandemic abates.

If the remote work appears to be working for you, then, you can just permanently adopt the model, moving forward.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, adoption of the remote model of work has given us what to think about, in terms of what works and what does not work.

You might ask questions like:

  • Was there a drop in the productivity level?
  • Can it be maintained, over a long period of time?
  • What are my employees thoughts about it?
  • What about my customers? what do they think about it?

Remote work might be the best for you, or not, depending on your operations and business model.

Working remotely comes with its advantages, such as:

  • More flexibility for your employees
  • Attracting talent without borders
  • A drop in overhead cost

It, also, comes with its own disadvantages, such as:

  • More security risks
  • Miscommunications

If you are not sure of adopting the remote model of work, fully, even after things return to normal, let some of your employees stay back at home and compare their productivity, with the ones working in the office.

From the statistics gathered, you can determine what to adopt, thereafter.

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Put down your strengths and weaknesses. Make a SWOT analysis, so as to better your organisation.

In this period, ask yourself these questions:

  • What made me stand out in particular?
  • Why did I fall short?
  • What do I need, to make improvements?

Observing the strengths and weaknesses of your business operations would open your eyes to possibilities to explore.

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3 Things you Must Do Before Stepping Down as the CEO

I have been in the tech ecosystem for quite sometimes now and I have, all along, seen how business organisations start to crumble, immediately the CEO of the organisation steps down from the day-today running of the organization, or meets with an unfortunate ailment that restricts his/her activities, or, death.

The growth of an organisation depends on the kind of leader that is steering the affairs of the organisation.

If the organisation grows, one of the reasons is because, the leader was able to galvanize and effectively use all the resources at his /her disposal.

If the organization, eventually fails, the leader must, also, take the bulk of the blame, as he/she, calls the final shot.

Once in a while, business organisations, do undergo some changes and sometimes, the changes may require new leadership.

This might happen, because the incumbent leadership, may lack the right skill set, to lead the organization, to the next level, or, it may just be the right time, for the CEO, to step down.

The period, when an organisation’s leadership is, transiting, from an existing CEO, to a new one, will always be a defining period in the organisation’s fundamentals, culture, values and futurE.

There is a high probably that, the new CEO, will have to deal with some lingering issues, (if there are any), that has been limiting the growth of the organisation.

Most high networth business organisations, like Microsoft, Apple, Walt Disney and a host of others had, at one time, or, the other, experienced leadership changes, which has gone on to affect the organization, positively.

It is, highly, important to note that, as a CEO, there are some specific plans that you must put in place, before you step down from your position.

Failure to do these, may trigger the slow death of the organisation, after you have stepped down.

Below are some fundamental things, every CEO must do, before passing on the leadership baton, to another individual:

Clearly define your culture

It is very important that you build a strong and well thought out culture that, you know will stand the test of time and stay relevant, even, when you have left.

A strong culture, defines the organisation and it is that, footpath that, other CEOs after you, will tread on because, it is what, really, keeps the company standing.

It should be in writing and ensure that, every worker in the organization, knows about it.

There is, a huge difference, between culture and strategy, but they are both, extremely, important in an organisation.

It ensures that, everybody works with a common goal, geared towards the growth and profitability of the organisation.

Culture and Business Strategy should be, in perfect equilibrium

There should be a synergy, between the organisation’s culture and business strategy.

The absence of one, will slow the growth of the organization, which may accelerate the death, of the business.

It is, highly, essential that, you drum this, into all the staff.

Test and Teach as you slowly pull back

It is essential that, before you step down, you should become more, of a teacher and your staff, students.

Pour into them, all that you know and how you built the company.

Share with them, all the challenges you encountered and how you overcame them.

Open up and tell them, your dreams and aspirations, for the organisation.

The more you share these things with them, the more they will be interested in seeing to the success, of your organisation.

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How Start-ups Can Close Great Deals With Large Enterprises

One of the very common pitfalls of sales is, neglecting the people you are trying to sell to.

Some entrepreneurs, often, come with the mindset, of selling to the companies, rather than selling to the people, in the company.

If you can take care of this challenge, then, you would find it, quite easy, to make great deals, with very large enterprises, irrespective of the size of your own company, or, start-up.

By, simply, following some set of advice, you save yourself, from unnecessary stress, when it comes to closing great deals, with big enterprises. These are analysed below:

Knowing The CEO Is Not Enough

You might have a connection, say with the CEO of the company that, you are about to pitch to.

Do not feel on top of the world yet, as the CEO will not be the only member of the panel, or, a committee to access, approve, or, take the final decision on whether to take you on or, not.

The board and committee members want the best of great deals, for their company and do not, really, care about your relationship, with the CEO.

The CEO, or, any other Senior Manager, maybe quite excited about your product, but the final decision to land you that dream deal, does not lie in the hands of only one, or, two people that you believe are influential.

It might just be one person, like the Project Manager, or Quality Control Manager, for instance, that will, eventually, give a damning report about your supposedly, “wonderful product”! Your product, therefore, must be flawless.

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All Must Key Into Your Product

In selling to a big enterprise, you will have to face a lot of decision-makers, who have a stake.

The CEO might have bought into your product, but you still need others, like the Product Manager, Operations Head, Quality Control Manager, etc., to buy into your product, before you can get the deal closed.

All these people are equally, as important as, the CEO. If they are not, wholly, convinced, then, your potential deal is, heading for a brick wall.

Research indicates that, some accomplished CEOs, base their decisions on their team’s feedback.

This is, why you cannot afford, to look away, from dealing with them, in your quest to getting them to key into your product.

An Internal Giant Help Cannot Push Sales

Okay, you have secured an influencer in the company you are trying to sell to and have gone, to a good extent, in convincing him, to be on your side.

Such a person may have given you the assurance of landing a good deal with the company.

Should that be the end? That is just, quite the beginning of your journey, as you will still need, to sell your product yourself.

Your internal contact, no matter how influential he, or, she appears to be, the total power of conviction, still lies with you.

Your internal person(s), cannot convince others, about your product, better than, you would do. A single person, excited about a product is, hardly ever enough, to influence the general feeling of the company.

Get To Know Them All

Do not just plan to work with your internal contact. Everyone else in the company is, also, important. The fewer people you will need to convince, the lower your chances of rejection.

You will need to be in touch with the IT guys that would guarantee the other members of their company, of the security of your solution.

Explain to the executive team, how your product will set their company, on a path of adding to their revenue.

This suggests that you need to know an ample number of people, working at the company. Beyond that, you will need to know about the company culture and ethics, to increase your chances. This process, of course, requires a lot of conversation.

There Is A Specific Need For Each Stakeholder

It is not just about selling alone. but also, having a clear understanding, of what each stakeholder in the company requires.

A Product Manager, for instance, wants more than the technical details, of your product. He, or, she may require knowing, how it will enhance the final product that comes out of the company, into the market.

The company, department and individuals, must all appear, in your equation. These three tiers are very important.
Try integrating them, into your sales process and this will get you closer, to striking your much-coveted deal.

Do Not Ignore The Power Of One Person

Balancing the need of an individual and a company might be, quite a daunting task, especially, if the decision of the individual is, quite negligible.

Balancing this to work is, however, essential, for closing deals. Is it in making the company’s job easier, or, well? You can outrank your competitors, with your product.

These should be able, to answer the need, for each stakeholder, in the company.

Striking great deals, with big enterprises, as a start-up, can be quite complicated, however, you need to talk to many people, within the company you are trying to penetrate.

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You Might Not Need a Technical Co-Founder to Launch Your Start-up

As a Founder of a tech start-up, who will be offering a product, the ability to write code is, not a necessity, as you could hire someone, who has the knowledge base, to carry out the coding job.

Do you, even, need a Co-Founder at all, for your start-up to be successful?

Start-ups that have been built to a point of success sometimes, eventually, fail, due to conflicts of interest.

Do not be surprised that, a technical Co-Founder, may not be the answer, to solving the “who’s going to build the product” problem.

I have come up with the following steps that will ensure that you launch a successful start-up, without the input of a technical Co-Founder:

Stop The Search For A Technical Co-Founder

Most start-ups spend ample time with their Co-Founders, an indication that the two must be, specifically, aligned, at the same point of interest.

You do not look for them. Life has, just, got to make it happen for you. How is that possible, if you may ask?

Your availability counts here, a lot, as you will be required to be active, in your community, by attending tech meetups.

At such events, you get to meet up with, at least, one right person that you can get, to execute your ideas with.

You might, also, seek other options like getting to hire someone, while working on that partnership, with the hire, to build a Co-Founding relationship.

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Get An Entrepreneur Onboard

It is, one thing to develop a product, while it is, another, to build a start-up.

A significant number of applications did not get to scale, in building a successful start-up, as most of them, failed to build a business model, with validity.

What a Founder ought to bear in mind is that an app that has, less than thousands of subscribers, turned paying customers is worth, more than, a technology that, gulped millions of dollars, without subscribers, let alone, paying customers.

The worst of all is, if the million-dollar app, lacks a market potential.

The difference that, an entrepreneur will offer you is, in building a start-up, but a coder will only help you to build an app.

No idea, whatsoever, about what it takes to, successfully, launch an app.

An entrepreneur might just be that fit, for your Co-Founder.

Coders, with entrepreneurial experience, always approach start-up building, in a different way.

For instance, on getting an investment, an entrepreneur, with a start-up experience, rather than, proposing to create a product, suggestions, such as, splitting the investment into multiple parts, to minimise risk.

Their experience will push them, to make very tough decisions that would, eventually, prove beneficial to your venture.

Take Charge Of Your Position

It is quite remarkable, to have the knowledge, of how your application is, built for work,
however, you do not need to learn about the programming, behind the creation of the application.

There are other important things that, you can do, with that time, to contribute to the success of your start-up.

You could maximise the value that, you create, from your available resources, without a technical Co-Founder. How do you get this done?

You could get, to validate your ideas, through communication with potential users, of your product; getting to pre-sell it while, also, building your audience.

While doing this, your coder gets to use the insights you obtain and turn it into a working product.

Test Quickly

Your position, as a non-techie, warrants that you perform some tests, on your product.

Commence your testing, with a period that, should not take, up to two months.

This is one of the things that, your programmer, will let you know, with his entrepreneurial experience.

For a non-technical Founder, if the progress of your start-up depends on the available resources you have, then, testing your product, quickly, is critical.

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The next set of World Billionaires might come from this Industries

In 2018, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was ranked, as the richest man in the world, but far back in 2008, he was, barely, in the top 100.

What does this show? Innovative creation that spurs, from looking into the future, comes as an advantage.

Imagine you had a spare $1,000 and you were asked to invest the money, what industry would you think of?

Would you consider the dynamics, in the market, futuristic interests and global trends, to determine what industry, you would, likely, drop your spare cash?

In this article, I have come up, with innovative industries that you can look into and get yourself positioned, for new investments in the billionaires club.

Renewable Energy
Credit: smartcitiesworld.net

Billions of dollars are made, in the fossil fuel market and this, will most, likely, continue for years to come. In recent times, the world is moving beyond the energy created, from fossils, to more eco-friendly energy.

Renewable energy, appears to be the most reliable source of alternative energy that individuals, and businesses, are employing into their personal and working operations.

This form of energy, especially, the one harnessed, from the sun and wind, are cheap and friendly, to the environment.

In its 2000 World Energy Assessment, the United Nations Development Program, has estimated the annual solar energy potential to be between 1,575–49,837 exajoules, (EJ), a value, larger than the aggregate world energy consumption, which was 559.8 EJ in 2012.

From a REN21’s 2017 report, renewable energy has contributed, to the humans’ global energy consumption.

An estimated 7.7 million jobs are associated with renewable energy industries, around the world.

Global investment in 2017, shows that renewable energy amounted to $279.8 billion.

As of 2019 Global trends indicates that more than two-thirds of all new electricity capacity installed was renewable.

As consumption of coal and other forms of fossil fuel may decline, the call for renewable energy is, on the high.

Investment in this will, no doubt be a source of potential benefits to producing the next set of billionaires.

5G Technology
Credit: thefastmode

The 5G technology is, the latest internet connectivity around, with a speed of, over 2 gigabytes, per second.

With great anticipation of this network, by a significant number of telecom companies, the industry is set, for the future of super-fast internet connectivity.

According to a report from Zion Market Research, the global 5G infrastructure market was valued, at around $ 1.3 billion, in 2018 and is expected, to reach, approximately, $ 22.5 billion, by 2025.

The 5G technology would, on a large scale, transform data services, while ensuring faster connections.

Connectivity in Africa has seen a huge challenge.

Anybody investing in this would be in, to rank among the next set of billionaires.

Electric Vehicles
Credit: forecourtretailer

The electric vehicle market was, globally, valued at $118,864.5 million, in 2017 and indication suggests that, by 2025, the value may rise to $567,299.8 million.

With lots of advocacy supporting an eco-friendly environment, electric vehicles, are set, to take over the future of transportation.

Developed countries are set to phase off vehicles, running on fossil fuels. This means nothing, but gradually, paving way for the full acceptance of electric vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence
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Credit: medium

Businesses, nowadays, are supported by big data, big data is applied, in the execution of business, using Artificial Intelligence.

AI-backed solutions are much applicable, in the sales and marketing services. All businesses have a sales and marketing department. This appears, as an opportunity, for investment in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Services.

Space Travel
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Credit: phys.org

Since the conquest of space, by the Russians and the Americans, the world has come a long way, in space travel. It should be noted that space travel has not been, evenly, spread across the world.

We have, nevertheless, seen recent ideas, on space travel, where man has been thinking of making space travel, relatively affordable.

Some tech entrepreneurs, are now in the race, of trying to find a cheap means of making space travel possible, by commercial means.

Very notable, among these tech entrepreneurs, is Elon Musk, who wants to create a cost-effective trip to Mars.

In conclusion, even, if you do not, eventually, end up, having the 9 figures, setting yourself up, for the enormous opportunities, in these industries, will go a long way.

Are there other industries that have the potential to produce the next set of billionaires, feel free to share in the comment section below

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Need Business Growth? Do These 3 Things

According to James Cash Penney, Founder, JC Penney, “No company can afford, not to move forward. It may be, at the top of the heap today, but at the bottom of the heap tomorrow, if it doesn’t”.

Most people think that starting up a business venture, is to some extent, easy. That, I do not argue with. Anybody can start a business, but the main problem is, growing the business.

A business venture is, like a child that, needs to be fed first, with breast milk and gradually, with little soft food that will be introduced, before the breast milk is altogether stopped.

As the child grows up, different classes of foods and supplements will be added, to the child’s diet, in order to ensure that, the child grows strong and healthy.

This is, exactly, how a business, needs to be nurtured, for growth.

For a business growth, it needs to be furnished with new ideas and innovations.

Below are 3 key things to do, if you want business growth:

Understand Time Management

Time is the fundamental bedrock, of everything in this life and it does not wait for anybody.

Not knowing how best, to utilise and maximise time, to your advantage, will not bode well for you and your company.

You should have a clear understanding of, how well to program and organize yourself, in relation to time.

Your ability to succeed depends on how well, you use time, to accomplish a lot, in a short while.

Program yourself and your business, working with time. Keep to appointments and move, even, when no one is there, to back you up. Just move, when you know that, it is time to move.

Grow Your Customers

Your customers are an essential part, of your business and your business will only grow if you know how best, to satisfy your customers.

You only need to satisfy, just one customer, to get 10, or, 20 new customers.

Customers have a way, of connecting with themselves and the last impression that they have about what you sell is, what they will spread.

Get your customers, to give you honest feedback and reviews, as well as, offer them incentives. All in all, ensure that you deliver a great service.

Get Funds To Run Your Business

Business growth - cfagbata

This is very essential as, without funds to run your business, it will look like an awkward house, without a roof.

The availability of money ensures that your company grows, at an exponential rate.

Pursue every means and come up, with new ways, through which the company, can generate funds.

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Does Risk-Taking Really Lead to Success

You may have come across stories of successful entrepreneurs, who have spoken about their entrepreneurial journey, being driven by risk.

Going on the path of taking risks, as an entrepreneur, is most likely, to stand you out, from your counterparts.

Your peers might be gripped by the fear factor and may not be willing to explore unknown grounds, but on the other hand, your willingness to take the bull by the horn gives you an edge over them.

When, however, the outcome of your decision pans out, you will always gain valuable lessons from it.

On a general note, does risk-taking, lead to success? The factors stated below might just give us some answers to that question:

Calculated Risk-taking

Open risk-taking, is not always productive, as it may appear, rather, successful entrepreneurs have the tendency, to take on risks that limit their eventual potential loss.

Leonard Green, points out the difference, between risk-takers and calculated risk-takers, as the difference between failure and success.

“Entrepreneurs are not risk-takers. They are calculated risk-takers”, stressed Green.

Successful entrepreneurs, find ways to mitigate certain risk factors, which often puts them on the winning side.

They get insurance, or, carry out a risk assessment, on their business.

A Survivors Bias

Many entrepreneurs, still credit their success to risk-taking.

Do we deny this truth, from their success stories? No. A number of evidence they put forward to back up their claims, may not just be sufficient enough, to show the effects of risk-taking.

Where is the place of a survivor’s bias?

They often tell the success stories and leave out the part of the failure.

The success part, makes an entrepreneur appear like taking the risk head-on with no regard for the consequence to bear.

An average successful entrepreneur is guilty of this bias.

Survivorship bias often distorts the perspective that one has, on the role that risk plays in success.

Risk Vs Uncertainty

Risk and uncertainty, are quite different concepts.

Though, both concepts can be explained, as a situation, showing an unknown outcome.

Risk can be the distribution of known probabilities, or, chances.

For instance, when someone tosses a dice, the chances of a four, appearing as an outcome is, 1 in 6.

You could find the other chances and have a direction of what risk you are planning to execute.

The game of uncertainty, meanwhile, comes in, as a distribution of unknown probabilities, or, chances.

Imagine someone randomly picks cards from a different set of a deck of cards, in your presence and comes up with another set of 52 cards.

From the above illustration, an entrepreneur would build his, or, her business, on where the chances of success are and they tend to choose uncertainty over risks.

Conclusion: One cannot, separate success from risk-taking, outright, as there appears to be a strong relationship, between both.

A number of complications exist to say with a 100% level of significance that risk-taking may likely increase one’s chance of having a successful outcome.

Ultimately, even, the boldest of entrepreneurs would need to find ways, to mitigate, or, cushion the effect that comes with the damage, from the risks they take.

With these factors, it is possible to turn future risks to your advantage.

Featured Image: picpedia.org

Startup funds - cfagbata

Why Focus On Raising Startup Funds, When You Can Do This…

There is this friend of mine, who goes by the name Smith. Smith is an intelligent, smart-looking young man, who wanted to raise funds for his Startup, but he does not know how to go about it.

He went for pitching, but it all came down to nothing, as he was told that, his business idea was not test-proven. He was disheartened and discouraged.

There are a lot of Smiths out there, who feel that they need to raise Startup funds first before they can get the needed capital to push up their ventures.

According to the 4Q 2017 PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor, in 2017, venture capital funding has been impressive, but recently, investors are shying away and are investing in fewer seeds and pre-seed rounds.

The average entrepreneur is expected to self-fund for, at least, two years before seeking to raise capital funding from outside.

Raising funds is good, but sometimes you need to push the Startup organically, to a stage, whereby, raising funds may or may not be needed.

Below are 4 ways you could consider before venturing to seek capital funding for your business:

Start slowly: Start slowly and try to maximize all the available resources around you. Ensure that you have a means of income.

Do not quit the job that is bringing in steady income because you want to focus on the Startup that has not materialized yet.

Start by using and exploiting all the spare time you have during the weekdays and during the weekends, before gradually making the transition from a full-time employee at your old job, to a part-time worker.

In time, you can migrate to your own business, full-time, when the Startup begins to gain traction. It is safer this way than to just drop everything and quit your job to pursue a dream.

Work on a low-budget: Do not bite more than you can chew. Run on a stringent budget.

Work with what you have on the ground and make sure that you maximize it, to give you the best result. Work with freelancers and part-time workers and rent a ready to use office space.

Build a winning team: You need the right people to key into the dream with you.

Building a winning team entails that you engage the services of the right personnel, who are well-informed and self-motivated, to help you to push your dream.

Sell your dream to them and they will help you to fulfill the dream in record time, sometimes, without receiving any monetary reward.

Connect with people, who will bring in new ideas to boost your prospects and take care of some things for your business that includes, accounting for accountability, promotions, and advertising, etc.

Solutions to key issues: When your Startup provides key solutions to some problems facing the society, the chances of it gaining traction, will be very high. You would not need to go out there to source for funds.

Funds will flow in for you because your Startup is bringing in solutions to lingering issues besetting the society.

Friendship - cfagbata

Should Business Be Mixed With Friendship?

One thing that defines us, as humans are the inter-relationship or bond between us. Over the years, we have men have risen to the top because they associated themselves with the right people.

Some others, however, find themselves at the lower rung of the ladder, just because, they associated themselves with the wrong people.

A well-known cliche, “birds of a feather flock together”, the kind of people you relate with, on a daily basis, have a way of influencing your thinking, which in turn affects your environment, through your actions.

Names of friends, such as, Ben and Jerry, Larry and Sergey, Hewlett and Packard, etc., who have been able to harness the power of friendship and knowledge, sometimes, divergent, in jointly building business empires.

Having a healthy circle of friends is good and to some degree, it will serve you well, but you need to be careful because the wrong circle of friends will systematically kill any spark of creativity in you and you may end up becoming a liability to the society.

As an individual running a business, you need to maintain a healthy circle of friendship, outside your business environment, by striking a balance between your happy hours and your busy hours.

Below are three reasons, why you need to separate friendship from business:

Business fails with the wrong circle friends: Friends that cannot contribute positively, nor, give valuable advice that will be beneficial to the growth and development of you and your business, should be kept at arm’s length from your business.

When you allow this group of people to have access to your life, there is a high probability that, you will become stagnant, which in turn, leads to a downward spiral of your business.

Checkmate those, whom you allow into your life, as it speaks loudly of whom you are and where you are going.

Separate happy hours from busy hours: Some businesses can be so demanding and it will take the better part of your time. Let there be a clear demarcation between the time you spend hanging out and playing with your friends and the time you are busy with your business. Know when to hang out with friends and when to focus, solely, on your business.

Mixing your happy hour with your busy hour is a recipe for failure. Have fun, when you need to, as all work and no play, surely, makes Jack a dull boy. Focus solely, with all seriousness, on your business, when you have to.

Remember why you are running the business: Remember, always, where you started from and why you are running the business. Remember that there are some people out there, who depend on you and the survival of the business.

These are members of your immediate family, who might be your wife, your husband, your children, your relatives, your staff who draw salaries and yourself. Remembering makes you more focused and gives you the energy to cut off people who do not have the same vision as you, in terms of growing your business.

Business loan - cfagbata

Should You Accept A Business Loan From A Family Member?

Ask an average small business owner the first point of contact, to obtain a business loan. Before mentioning local commercial banks and micro-finance banks, the response you will receive is;

“borrowing from family and friends”. When, there, even, appears to be affordable loan options in the former, small business owners still prefer the latter option.

Why do you think this option is preferable to others? The terms of lending are generous, the rates appears affordable, even, if you default on any set terms, they might not go through the route of making you pay dearly, after all, the circle is your family and friend and they would likely take it lightly with you unlike the banks and other financial institutions, that will fall back on the collateral, in case you default.

This is true, as you might be lucky to have wealthy family members, who would likely grant you unlimited freedom on how you spend the loan disbursed to you. On borrowing from family and friends, have you ever considered the return on investment of your lender, tax implications or the prospective role the lender might take in your business.

I have come up with a list of what you have to put into consideration, before accepting business loans from family and friends.

Approval is almost surely guaranteed

You may have a very diligent investor as a family member, or, a friend who may require a review of your business plan and confirming the credibility of your business, yet you will not be subjected to the same vetting standards that, most lending institutions, would insist you go through.

Getting approval from a financial institution needs both, a personal credit and strong business scores, with long years in the venture. When you are, even, going through the underwriting process, the rigorous activities involved, could take weeks, as your potential lenders would review your cash flow and current debt.

With a touch of your personal connection, you would likely be approved to obtain a family loan. Sourcing a family loan is a guaranteed method of securing capital at first go if the wealthy family member is willing to assist.

Generous Terms is likely guaranteed

The reason why small business owners prefer going through the route of considering a family loan, is the generous terms that you would have offered, compared to the one the bank would present.

For instance, you can obtain the exact amount of loan you requested for, low-interest rates or even obtain it, interest-free, ample pay-back time, as these can easily be sorted with your family, without going through the serious documentation processes that a bank would demand of you.

Do You Prefer Debt Or Equity?

When you obtain a business loan, you have just started a process of debt financing. You incur debt to get your business funded, while making plans to pay back the debt on agreed terms and conditions.

You could also go by the way of equity financing through obtaining funding as an investment. From here, your friends or family members would become financial partners in your venture, however, however, the decision to choose the kind of funding you prefer, lies with you.

If you have a family member who has some level of experience in running some strings of a successful business, you could bring them on board to get involved in the decision-making process.

Formality is still required

You might plunge head-on, in trying to obtain a loan from friends or family members, with the notion of making everything involved informal, in the hope of returning the money as promised.

There are, however, legal reasons you should make them formal, irrespective of the relationship that exists between you and the your family members and friends.

You need to ensure a high level of financial responsibility, by not taking their money for granted. You could always meet up with a legal professional, to assist you in drawing up the formal structure of the loan you obtained.

Personal with the professional

Obtaining a business loan from your family member means that, you are potentially combining your personal and business lives. It is all about the perspective you take into it. Some folks have the confidence that, they can easily manoeuvre their way through their family members and friends, in getting working capital. For others, they prefer it strictly professional.

Obtaining a loan from a family member or friend, can be a great avenue to see your small business scale, due to the flexible financing options available. It can also lead to some consequences that could mar your relationship with friends and family, if you default in repayment.  

Ensure that, you keep your family members updated about the progress of your business and do not forget to keep your end of the formal agreement. With the way, you would go about researching loan deals, do the same, by speaking to your financial advisors.

It might be a family loan, but that does not make it easy, as you might likely encounter difficulties in paying back, due to familiarity.

Human Side of Buhari Documentary

7 Ways I’d Have Approached President Buhari’s Human Side Documentary

First things first, I am writing this post with a bit of anger in my heart. Yes, I have been in my hometown, Awka in Anambra state for the past week or so and I have only seen electricity for about 10 hours cumulatively. This portends that I have spent quite a lot purchasing fuel at 300/litre in a country blessed with so much crude oil.

So, watching the documentary on President Muhammadu Buhari’s human side as put together by the office of his special adviser on media and publicity led by Femi Adesina most probably increased the anger.

Moving on, let me state clearly that I believe the timing is wrong, if I were in Femi’s position, I won’t air the documentary this period considering the fuel scarcity situation and the mood of majority of Nigerians. I believe that showing such understanding is not a sign of weakness but of strategic thinking. Well, the man for reasons best known to him decided to air the documentary and I made a not-too-pleasant decision to watch 🙂

So, while I watched the documentary, I kept asking myself what I could have done differently? As a player in the media, I honestly think that the documentary lacked originality, authenticity and believability. The reasons can be found in one or more of the points stated below and as always they are completely my opinion:

1. Was it necessary for both advisers to have featured?

I do not see a reason for Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina appearing at all, not to talk of multiple times in a documentary put together by them. Midway into the documentary, Femi tried buttressing a point on how funny the President is using some coloured socks experience and he kept laughing and jiggling repeatedly. Honestly, that was simply FAKE.

My take – the Special Adviser and Special Assistant need not appear in the documentary as they both speak regularly on behalf of the President.

2. Children would have made a huge difference

For a man that appears to most people including me as iron fisted and tough, would a scene of him playing around with external children (maybe an orphanage or something) not speaker louder than 10 advisers and ministers trying to convince us about his humaness. I think the President’s team missed a big one there, media is about creating an impression – therefore its important you maximize it or don’t even start.

Why produce a documentary in a hurry without thinking through each scene?

3. A Joke Cracking Scene

The president’s aides tried convincing us that the he is as funny as Alibaba, so why did we not get to see a real life clip of the President cracking a joke that got everyone laughing hard?

That sort of shot in the documentary is more believable than most of the stories told. Going by what I see, I don’t know how the president will make me laugh but then I possible do not know that side of him.

4. Why was the first lady missing?

Does it not fit into the narrative that she is really meant for the other room? I really marvel at how decisions are made in the villa, Is Reuben Abati really correct about demons being in charge there? How would the President’s team miss a major opportunity to sell a narrative of him being a great supporter of women starting with his own wife? I honestly wonder!

5. Cut down the number of interviewees?

Halfway into the interview, I started asking myself, isn’t this an eye service thingy just to please the president? It appears everyone wanted to be in the documentary. It was rather boring watching numerous people talk for almost an hour and by the way, I didn’t expect them to say anything negative about the President so I won’t tell them congratulations because they were only justifying their fat pay cheques.

6. Welcome one or two dissenting voices

The fact that it is Pro-Buhari documentary does not mean a calculated risk should not have been taken to get comments from one or two people in opposition, who may have had some interactions with the president at one point or the other.

Three attributes the president’s handlers tried selling to us; 1. He is a Democrat; 2. He has a great sense of homour and 3. he delegates without intefering.

So, are they saying that there is nobody in the opposition that can honestly confirm these? I doubt this and that is the problem with us as a nation, the winner does not have to take it all everytime.

7. Drawing International Parallels

So why would you plan a one hour documentary and find no international parallels? This can be used to drive home a point or help the viewer understand how the human side of a leader elsewhere has helped stamp out corruption or improve the economy.

For example, Donald Trump’s hardness may not have worked for the world but it is working for his country’s economy, therefore, those who voted him into power would be uninterested in his soft or human side. They simply want the results he promised such as improved economy and more jobs. Now how you feel about his style is a different ball game.

These are my thoughts on the documentary and I hope they help Femi Adesina and his team in future attempts since 2019 is around the corner. However, it is important to state that what is most important to the average Nigerian today is fulfillment of the promises made at the last general elections.

Help STOP the Anti-NGO Bill

I watched a video that made me visibly angry and the presenter is a man I have tons of respect for. He is no other than Prof. Chidi Odinkalu, a human rights activist and erstwhile Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission.

The focus of the video is on the Anti-NGO Bill currently on the floor of the National Assembly which seeks to more or less centralise the functions of non-government organisations (NGOs) and how they operate.

Watch the video:

The Centre for Social Justice which created the video has pleaded that we should help share it and create awareness and that is exactly what I have decided to do by this and other activities. I urge you to do the same, if you’re really concerned about the sustainability of any organisations that you care so much about such as your church or an NGO.

I have also taken it a step further by signing this petition on citizengo because it’s all about creating awareness. Here’s the message I got afterwards:

I signed a petition to House of Representatives: Federal Republic of Nigeria which says:
Will you sign this petition? Click here to sign!

In my opinion, we need a more de-centralized national structure and trying to further centralize this country is unacceptable. Nigeria is simply too large for one central Government and that is clearly evident in the state of our Nation today.

I urge to support this movement by simply sharing, liking and tweeting this video – https://youtu.be/McyBWKXeO28


Why I Support The Removal of Fuel Subsidy

First and foremost, I am a (God fearing) capitalist to the core. While I know that it is not perfect in anyway, I still prefer it to socialism or communism.

That said, I believe that the state should not place all important national infrastructure in the hands of a few good (or bad) men whose sole purpose may be to plunder the state resources instead of adding value. Be that as it may, the state must find a way to shed itself of excessive weight and the Nigerian state is currently handling tons of things that it has no business handling.

On top of the list is the business of subsidies, particularly, that on petrol which has been the case for decades.

My stance has been very firm; subsidy in Nigeria is nothing but a scam, only enriching a few cabal who care nothing about the Nigerian people.

My reason is beyond classroom analysis or theories, but real life scenarios. In 2009, I started an oil and gas business which exposed me to the crime and atrocities called subsidy – it is so terrible that I had to exit the business because I did not have enough “liver” (confidence) to stick around and engage in monumental fraud all in the name of being rich.

I thank God that my greed level has always been in check and I pray for his grace to continually put it in check.

Another reason is the fact that most poor people in the country do not have cars or heavy machinery, yet someone claims that subsidising fuel is helping the poor. Now, that is a big, big lie. The poor in my home state of Anambra have been buying fuel for a minimum of N150 per litre in the last 2 years, so who is fooling who?

I rather not bore you on the various ways oil merchants suck this country dry, but the reality is that they do and do it quite well for that matter.

That was why, I did not hesitate to support GEJ when he came up with the policy to remove oil subsidy but unfortunately, he did not have the required guts to re-visit the matter again. I honestly wish he did. Nigeria will have been a much more better country today.

In conclusion, I believe that price modulation is not the way to go but full deregulation. Government should get away completely from the oil and gas industry and leave it to professionals to run and manage.

May the good Lord empower us with wisdom and understanding, in Jesus name, Amen!


Would You Accept a Sudden Career Change?

This is one question I have been pondering on lately after I received the BoICT Awards as ICT Journalist of the Year.

In fact, Joseph Awotabe, a good friend of mine, responded after seeing my post on the award, “oh boy, you don turn to journalist oooo”. He knows the sort of businesses I have tried out in the past, which includes transportation, oil & gas, general goods supplier, importation, car solutions, training & development, digital media, blogging, etc. This does not include businesses done before and during my university days. As you can see, most of what I have done before now has nothing to do with media/journalism.

The first thing that struck me when I saw the programme of events was, who in the world is a journalist. Me or someone else? Please do not get me wrong. I have always loved and respected journalists for their mental prowess, exceptional writing and investigative skills because, it is almost impossible to be a successful journalist if you are not smart and ready to take up fresh and, in some cases, life threatening challenges.

Even at that, it has never crossed my path to consider journalism as a career path. Taking a look at the modest progress one has made, however, I cannot but stop to wonder, if journalism is not something I should pursue full time?

Ha ha ha, seriously if anyone had told me this two years ago that such an award will come my way, I would have said it is almost impossible because the path I believe God has chosen for me is entrepreneurship but, maybe I am now being guided to consider an enterprise around Tech journalism.

This is one of the ironies of life. God answers ones prayers and it sort of disrupts your entire life and destiny, of course, to your overall benefit.

Life generally throws more questions than answers at us, so I will continue to ask God for what he will ultimately have me to narrow in on? Please keep praying for brother CFA!

Now, over to you. Would you accept a sudden change of career, especially, when the new career has no comforts or security?


The Blessing known as Low Oil Prices

God works in ways that man cannot comprehend and in my opinion, the current low oil prices and subsequent poor income from the sale of crude oil in Nigeria is indeed a blessing in disguise.

I am not an economist, but merely looking at our current structure where we do nothing but import finished goods to sell is nothing other than DOOM in the making! We may postpone it through lies, propaganda or even borrowing to deal with deficits, but the fact is that a country that does not produce is bound to be broke.

What is the way forward?

Simple economics coming from a techie; produce as much as you can locally and find ways to export what you produce as well as ensure that your citizens consume what you produce. It is that simple!

Hereis a personal example. I grew up eating NASCO Cornflakes, but today my wife says it is not as crunchy as Kellog’s, which she buys for our children and I go… “but sweetheart; this is the cornflakes I grew up eating and I am not deformed.”

This is the irony of most homes. What my wife and many others, who crave for foreign goods that have good local alternatives,  should know is that for each of such products we buy, we contribute to the killing of our economy and help such economies create jobs. If you want, say a company like NASCO to improve, then, you must support them to make good profit which they can use to grow and also invest in R&D.

Nigerians, patronise made-in-Nigeria goods and services, especially, food stuff that are available in abundance and with fairly good quality.

The Curse called Oil

As far as I am concerned, oil has been nothing but a curse and my prayer is that it goes and remains below $10. Maybe then and only then would we put our thinking cap on as a Nation and stop being a laughing stock in the comity of Nations.

We are a nation blessed with abundant human resources, (forget natural resources). it is time to use brain-power and create the change we all yearn for. Technology for example, can be used to get a minimum of 1,000,000 youths gainful employed + earning good foreign exchange that would help the economy grow. Sadly, our leaders cannot see it and, therefore, not willing to make the right investments.

What more can I say?

Buy local, eat local and help get Nigeria out of the current avoidable mess!

visafone takeover

MTN Nigeria, So What is your Plan after the Visafone Takeover? [Opinion]

It is probably too early, but as a long time Visafone customer, I have no choice but to preempt MTN, that is after my eulogy to our beloved visafone.

An ideal eulogy for visafone may go thus: and so she passed on, after a protracted, but long battle that was only sustained because of the sheer wealth of one man….. rest in peace after a long, rough and tough battle to stay afloat.

Visafone, the last and only surviving Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) telco, has finally been taken over by Africa’s biggest GSM telco, MTN, which certainly does mark the end of CDMA in Nigeria.

I have always been a lover of the CDMA technology, even though, I understand that the dynamics of Nigeria would make it almost impossible for the most successful CDMA company from North America to survive in our dear country Nigeria. That did not stop me from patronizing first, Multi-links Nigeria, then, Starcomms and finally, I settled with Visafone and I have been a customer of visafone now for close to a decade.

MTN Nigeria wanted the 800 MHZ Visafone spectrum badly and probably gave Jim Ovia an offer he could not resist, but the question on the lips of customers like us is; what next?

The secret why folks like me remained with Visafone is because of their data offering – the one that I like most is blackberry. I pay only N1,000 monthly and I get access to unlimited data that I use for mostly listening to Worship Culture Radio, an online gospel radio station.

Now that MTN has taken over, what happens to all the offerings we were enjoying on Visafone? My thinking is that all that will be scrapped in the next couple of months because sometimes, I used to wonder if Visafone were in their right senses.

Of course, this is also a good thing because it now gives MTN the frequency it needs to launch 4G LTE service and also Visafone sure has very limited coverage, so its a good thing.

MTN Nigeria, you are taking over a pretty sane and stable service, I hope that you will live up to expectation?

We curiously await your favourable or should I say unfavourable policies in the nearest future!

Kill Pornography

Follow these 4 Steps to Kill Pornography before it Harms You!

It is not usual for me to sound this harsh but the reality is that one of the above has to happen for someone reading this post. I accept it is a contentious topic but I feel obliged to write about it for these reasons;

  • I believe God wants me to share these thoughts with people.
  • Unfortunately, the Internet / Mobile phones have made pornography very cheap and easy to reach, which makes this imperative.
  • Finally, I believe that history will judge me if I do nothing and act like nothing is wrong.

I have shared so much about how the Internet is indeed a blessing to humanity whether on Tech Trends, ICT Clinic, Techwithcfa.com and on this blog you would find loads of steps and strategies that can help someone go from nobody to somebody, like I have done iin the last couple of years. Its been an amazing experience for me and to cap it all, I recently got a page on Wikipedia which is by no means a mean feat depending on how you look at though 🙂

Despite all the positives that I can reel out about the Internet, I must say that it has loads of dark sides, one of which is Pornography. I received the leading to write this post a few months ago after I discovered during a routine web strategy research that porn sites are among the top 100 sites being visited by Nigerians the most. It was indeed a shocking discovery to me for a number of reasons, that was when it dawned on me that I should at least write and get people informed so that he who has ears, can choose to hear and seek help while he still can.

Furthermore, I recently watched on Faith channel, the clips of a young guy that was delivered by God from addiction to porn which gave me the courage that my rantings might help save one or two people.

dealing with porn addition

Reasons why you should deal with Porn Addiction Now

I’d have gone on to write about the reasons you should avoid being addicted to porn by all means but instead of that I’d rather refer you to a Punch Newspaper report titled “Beware! Pornography dulls the brain, kills libido” which has a lot to share about this subject, make sure you read the full report.

Here are some excerpts from that report:

According to the study, published on medicaldaily, having sex and watching pornography cause dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for learning, reward, emotions and pleasure, to be released in the brain.

The researchers noted that the more porn a person watches, the more the dopamine that is released, which makes the brain to be desensitised to its effects, which could reduce their decision-making capabilities. Young people who watch porn frequently were also found to have reduced likelihood or tendencies to venture into risk-taking ventures.

The leader of the researchers, Simone Kühn, noted that men who view too much porn may become lazier than others and that their research provided strong evidence that pornography might harm the brain in some ways and change its size.

A physiologist, Gary Wilson, said the addiction from pornography creates a constant need to feel that strong stimulation to watch it some more, thereby needing more dopamine, which could wear out the brain. He added, “Sometimes, the brain gets worn out and halts the production of dopamine, which leaves the viewer in quest for more satisfaction with the inability to reach it. This can provoke the viewer to seek out more intense porn to get high. As a result, it can give a person a reason to watch more porn, which is why addictions are difficult to break.”

I need not say more other than re-echo the words of Paul the Apostle in the book of Corinthians:

Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

– 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NKJV)

4 Steps to Deal with Porn Addiction

I believe the below steps will help anyone that needs to be helped:

1. Ask God for Help

Too many people including yours truly have not really mastered asking God for help. Sometimes we feel God understands and other times we believe we can deal with it on our own. Yes, you have the will power to deal a number of issues yourself but for stuff like addiction God’s grace is required.

Don’t just ask God for help to overcome addiction to pornography, trust his to see you through.

2. Keep your Mind Busy

An ideal mind is the devil’s working

This adage was music to my ears while growing up. I heard it from my parents, teachers, Sunday school tutors etc. Long and short is that you have to learn to keep your mind busy all the time. Chaz B of blessed memory used to constantly start his show with “Guard your heart diligently for………”

Continue Reading about tools that will help you kill pornography

God's Word in Alive

My Take on the Verses of the Bible omitted in the NIV Version

Let me start by saying that I believe in the Bible 100%, I believe that it is God’s words written by men under the supervision and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

kjv bibleHowever, I am of the opinion that there are way too many modern translations of the Bible, again God Almighty especially in this dispensation of grace is known for His mercies which mankind has taken for granted in many ways. I have never been a fan of many of these modern translations of the Bible including NIV, my personal favourite still is the King James Version of the Bible that has all the “thou” or “th” am sure you know what I mean 🙂

 The NIV happens to be the most popular version of the Bible on earth today which in itself is a good thing as long as it is helping people to experience God on a personal level. The basic reason I wrote this post is to state that in my humble opinion, the super-learned scholars that worked on the NIV Bible may have erred to have either left out certain verses or moved them to the footer and in some cases watered down their meaning all in the name of modern language.

A while back I received a message that out rightly suggested that the NIV Bible should not be used by Christians because its commercial rights is owned by Harper Collins (Zondervan), the same guys that publish materials that are totally anti-God plus the fact that its translators did deliberately water down the scriptures. At that point, I did not take that message seriously, so I simply ignored it and moved on.

However, recently I got a newsletter from Bible Gateway (which I recommend you subscribe to) that had an article which tried to justify the need for modern translations of the Bible especially with respect to new Christians. After reading this article, I decided to delve deeper and really find out for myself if truly there were certain omissions in the NIV. Luckily, for me I have The New Hendrickson Parallel 4-in-1 Bible that contains the King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version and the New Living Translation Version so I decided to check things out myself.

So what did I find?

The following verses were left out:

1.   Matthew 17:21:  “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”
2.   Matthew 18:11:  “For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.”
3.   Matthew 23:14:  “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.”
4.    Mark 7:16:  “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.”
6.    Mark 9:46:  “Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.”
7.    Mark 11:26:  “But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.”
8.    Mark 15:28:  “And the scripture was fulfilled, which saith, And he was numbered with the transgressors.”
9.    Luke 17:36:  “Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”
10.    John 5:4:  “For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.”
11.    Acts 8:37:  “And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”
12.    Acts 15:34:  “Notwithstanding it pleased Silas to abide there still.”
13.    Acts 24:7:  “But the chief captain Lysias came upon us, and with great violence took him away out of our hands,”
14.    Acts 28:29:  “And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, and had great reasoning among themselves.”
15.   Romans 16:24:  “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”
16.   I John 5:7:  “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

I am personally not impressed that the NIV translators decided to leave out these profound verses.

Guess what?

I also found a number of websites that left me marvelled which I would refer you to below incase you wish to dig deeper:

18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
Revelation 22:18-19 King James Version (KJV)
What is my point in all this?

I want Christians to be aware that man will do more in the days ahead to water God’s word and make it acceptable to all irrespective of race, beliefs or sexual preferences.

The King James Version will be considered too harsh and unfriendly that some pastors in order to remain relevant will generally not use it to preach God’s word anymore.

I am not saying that all using NIV or other new translations are evil and headed for hell – all I want is for all who come across this to be aware that certain verses were indeed omitted, so that they don’t continue reading God’s word in ignorance. If you are new to the Christian faith you may continue with the NIV but as you mature – go get a KJV as well!

Gods word stands sureMy wife accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist which is true to an extent but the truth is that I need stronger arguments on why a total of 64,576 words were removed for NIV beyond someone saying to me that they were added in the footnotes, which is true in my case but my son has an NIV bible which does not have the footnote. I plan buying my children copies of the King James Version as they grow and teach them that despite the old language they must depend on the Holy Spirit to teach them His word.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”– Romans 16:24

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