Giveaways for Christmas

Take Advantage of these Giveaways to WIN Free DSTV & Tablet

Christmas means different things to different people. For some it is a time to spend time with family while for some it is a time for partying and merrymaking – in my case it is usually a time for all the above plus deep reflection over the last 12 months plus full reverence to God Almighty for the journey so far.

Don’t forget that Jesus Christ is the reason for the Season!

One of the things, we’ve decided to do 1s reward two people with 2 quality gifts which we’ve announced for a while. In fact as I write the opportunity to win in the giveaways is already thinning out but I thought about the need to still share it on my personal blog for those who may wish to enter FAST. You can read why I incorporated giveaways in our strategy.

So, if you would like to win any of these gifts then simply read Who are the Winners of the DSTV Explora and Lenovo Tablet? If you like what you see then enter otherwise simply close the page.

Here is wishing you fantastic 2016!