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4 Strategies for Creating a Lasting Customer Relationship

Surviving companies till date, have one thing in common; the ability to stay healthy, by cultivating mutual long lasting customer relationship.

Getting to establish your brand in the world of the business, appears to be a daunting task, especially, if you are new on the block.

Every entrepreneur, who has been in the game for years, acknowledges that activities, such as moving sales and developing trusts, with your current customers, are part of what makes the entrepreneurship journey difficult.

For the latter part, how do entrepreneurs retain their customers, for a long while?

I have come up with 4 strategies that you can use, to build a customer lasting relationship. They are as follows:

Their Needs Should Come First

You do not develop trust overnight, with total strangers, especially, in a business environment.

It takes a journey of a thousand miles, to get your customers to trust you, irrespective of them being, either, current, or, prospective ones.

The first thing you should put in mind is, trying to avoid sending them incessant messages that are overtly promotional.

An average customer requires that you put their needs first, before yours, in their faces.

Failure to go by this simple rule might just be a pointer, to one of the factors that, drive your customers away.

What do you, ten, do, instead? Offer them actual value.

Values that can be expressed, in your messages to your customers.

Create ebooks, blog posts and probably, videos that deliver the information, your customers cannot resist.

On your delivery of essential content to them, they will be more and willing, to be a part of your journey.

Create Customer-driven Content

Depending on where your customer is found on your conversion funnel, having an eye for details, means that you should be able to draft content that touches each one of them, at the point of their need.

Doing this ensures that, you have an, almost 100% solution, to what they require.

This keeps them loyal to you while establishing long-lasting relationships with them.

Not just creating content, but, also, making sure that they are highly visual.

For every channel that your customers are found, you need to put in considerable effort, in getting to know what they want, as audiences react differently, based on the platform they are.

Create Value-driven Content

Come to think of it, the educational content you create, not only offers your customers, great advice, but, also, showcases your creative value and ability, for them to have confidence in your products and services.

Creating ebooks, with high-quality visuals, could enhance this method, as they provide key insights into your field and set you up, as an authority in your niche industry.

Making your content more interactive, also, assists your customers.

More than 70% of consumers prefer interaction with content personalised.

There is a huge potential, as to what value-driven content can do, to your marketing strategy.

Do Not Forget To Offer Thought Leadership

Thought leadership makes your organisation an identifiable brand; a certified leader in your industry.

Thought leadership can come in writing and speaking.

Speaking allows your audience a broad sense of interaction with you.

Unlike writing, speaking to your audience, in real-time, creates a sense of trust and this tends to breed loyalty from them.

As a thought leader, either in your articles or speech presentation, you will need to make them more engaging, with some level of creativity.

Asides from what you have to offer from your mental capacity, complement it, with great visuals.

Integrate these four strategies, into your entrepreneurial journey and you will be, quite surprised as to, how it will seal the lasting relationships with your customers.

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Ways To Earn More Revenue From Your Existing Customers

Many business owners, continuously, devise means, to advertise their businesses, in order to get new customers.

Online adverts, billboards, media broadcasts, absorber forms of business promotions, are often used, to grow a new customer base.

Most business owners do not realize that it is possible to make more revenue, from existing customers, after they have already patronised their businesses.

Below are some of the best ways, to get more patronage, from your existing customers:

Focus On Your Customer’s Comprehensive Needs
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Giving full attention, to the needs of your customers, conveys to them that, you have a better understanding of their needs than anyone else.

This will enable you to notice gaps and opportunities that, your counterparts might have ignored.

Customer relationship is key, in getting a hold, of what they need.

Once you can identify the needs of the consumers, then, you will know how best, to satisfy those needs.

Conduct Reviews
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Performing occasional reviews, enables you to know if you are keeping your commitments to your customers.

It is a great opportunity, to get responses to the products, or, services that you offer.

It is through reviews that, you know if they are satisfied with your products or not.

Customers give feedback, through ideas that, can largely benefit your business, by meeting those needs of theirs.

Honour Your Customers Opinions On Future Products
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Customers who have previously purchased from you must have been able to establish a relationship and trust.

Considering their opinions and input, in future products, will help the business to grow, in the long term.

Give them a list of new products in-view and let them determine, which new product is better off, to be launched.

Offer Incentives
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While you are running your business, take time to add incentives to what you offer your customers. This will make them return, to patronise your products, or, services.

Giving incentives does not mean that, you should give out, all your products, totally, for free.

It is a way of encouraging customers, to purchase from you, as time goes on because they know that, when they purchase from you, they get an incentive.


Engage Your Customers On Social Media
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The new market world is the online world.

After customers have purchased from you, keep updating your business, on social media. Follow them and let them follow you back.

If they constantly see your updates, they will be more educated and derive knowledge, about new products and services, etc.

If they do not get any form of engagement from you, they may not remember that a company like yours, exists. You should, therefore, increase instagram followers, as well as those of your Facebook and Twitter too.

Keep A Strong Relationship With Your Customers
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Imagine a client, getting a message from you, or, a call, on his, or, her birthday, no doubt that, such client will feel loved and will patronise your business if need be.

Get to know, how your customers are faring. Check upon them. Send messages, occasionally, to show that, you have their best interest at heart.

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