One Day CSR Traning for Journalists in Nigeria

D-Day is Almost Here: a Free Course for Journalists in Nigeria by TM & CFA

Yes! D-day for the Personal Development & Technology Improvement!”™ (PDTI) training for journalists in Nigeria is almost here. To give this training the quality it deserves, I have decided to team up with a highly respected, international business and lifestyle coach to deliver the very best to a select group of journalists and media professionals who might be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Many of us read newspapers, listen to radio or watch TV programmes not knowing the massive amount of work that goes into many all of these a reality. I started appreciating the selfless service of esteemed members of the press when I started the ICT Clinic in The Punch, the ICT Radio show on 99.3 Nigeria Info & also the soon to kick-off Tech Trends on Channels TV, these platforms gave me the opportunity to see first hand how extremely hard these guys work but unfortunately many of them are poorly paid. So, this is simply a way of giving back to this all important industry.

Tunde MakunTunde Makun

Tunde is a strong advocate in the power behind the Spiritual Law of Attraction and with the robust tools gathered from his robust multinational corporate career as well as his own successful International business experience and the exemplary lives of successful leaders of this methodology; he is determined to share his knowledge and his dream for human advancement through his organization: “Purpose Power & Lifestyle Design” (PPLD).

CFA 1Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. “CFA”

CFA is an ICT expert, Business Coach, Author and Speaker with over 12 years hands-on experience. He writes for the Sunday Punch (ICT Clinic) & also doubles as the host of the ICT Radio Show on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM & Tech Trends on Channels TV. He blogs regularly on & – CFA is a JCI Nigeria TOYP 2014 Award Winner [Technology].

I strongly believe that those who attend and strive to carry out some of what they will learn would be mightily glad at the outcome because they will be taught proven strategies that work. The course will expose them to the power of the mind, skills improvement for high performance, identifying blockages to harnessing personal power, becoming more Internet savvy, setting the vision for the future as well as productivity computer applications for Journalists.

Why am I publishing this post?

The simple reason is that I want you to tell any journalist you know that this event is happening live on the 6th of November, 2014 at the PPLD Training Centre, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos. It is 100% free for them to attend, so they have nothing to lose.

RSVP: Call Bukky on 08093065336 or simply fill this form.

Journalists in Nigeria Remember tell a journalist out there about this special training strictly for Journalists in Nigeria.


Why I recommend OAP Academy Season 10.0

To achieve meaningful success in life, one must attempt to live a life of constantly learning and re-learning especially in a fiercely competitive world like ours.

So here are some interesting quotes to start with;

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. — Kofi Annan

If you say knowledge is expensive, they try ignorance — Derek Bok

OAP Academy Season 9.0In order for me to gain knowledge of the broadcasting industry, I spent the last 2 weeks of July at the OAP Academy season 9.0, learning the basics of an industry that I stumbled into.

Yes, I have been in online media for a while but the most I have come close to broadcasting is my Punch ICT Clinic column (which I have faithfully maintained for close to 2 years) which for me is more or less like blogging but this time offline. As I write the ICT Radio Show on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM is already on and the Tech Trends on Channels TV show that is about to start, if you were in my shoes, would you not at least seek to gain more knowledge that will help you better maximise opportunities that where not exactly in your plans?

Well, the OAP Academy put together by the ProEmcees came to my rescue and provided me with effective, practical knowledge and experience not just from one person but close to 10 OAPs from different media houses with over 100 years cumulative experience. Some of the folks who have been to the OAP Academy include:

Denrenle (Channel O), Andre Blaze (Nigeria’s Got Talent), Onimisi ‘OJ’ Adaba of CoolWazobiaInfo, Femi Olaiya (Producer Extra Omalicha and Girls1ordinaire), Deoye (Life Coach), Omalicha (Rhythm FM), Chioma (VO Queen), Segun Obe (Voice Coach), Tosyn (Top Radio), Mazino (Smooth Fm), Lady J (Naija FM), Oscar (City FM), Chris (Channels TV), Charles Anazodo (Super Sport), Bukky (Classic FM), Nelly (Nigeria Info), Uche (City FM) and lots more. I think this is massive, massive value if you ask me.

The Good News is…..

Kamal Salau (click to follow him on twitter), the brain behind this just informed me that Season 10 of the OAP Academy kicks off in 7 days, precisely on the 18th of August, 2014.

The training will take place at Pro Emcees Digital Broadcast Academy, 14, Adedotun Dina street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria.

Registration Details

The full fee is N25, 000, covering Tuition, Registration, Personal Showreel, Training Materials (Videos, Audio, Text, Power-Point etc), Refreshment, Excursion to Cool, Wazobia and Nigeria Info and Certificate.

Discounts are available for payments before the end of July, 2014.

Weekday classes begin at 9am and end at 4. 30pm.

There is a also a N5,000 registration processing fee for late registration and applications submitted after the close of regular registration. This takes effect from the 12th of August, 2014.

You can pay the course fees any time before the closing date.

  • Assetbase Media
  • Acct No. – 0014051950
  • Bank – GTB

Click here to download the course outline.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the OAP Academy via Or Call: 08032019377 or 08083000003

Why OAP Academy?

Well, its simple, I have gone, seen and ready to conquer the broadcasting world with knowledge gained and I believe you need the knowledge that will be shared especially if you have plans to use mass media in any way to fulfill your dreams.

OAP Academy
CFA’s OAP Academy Certificate


make money teaching on the Internet

Free eBook: Make Money Teaching on the Internet

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded”]This is coming straight from my heart to a highly neglected set of professionals who give so much to the system, yet get so little in return. It is our hope and prayers that this gesture would go a long way in helping them realize their full potentials.[/box]

Now, two things are coming to end soon.

Year 2012 and the ongoing school holiday.

I was thinking of these two periods of time about how fast they are running off and I remember you and your goals for 2012.

As a teacher, I remember you and your holiday objectives especially as a great time to embark on life changing things. Even better, it’s a great time to fine-tune your money-making ideas. You have made enough decisions and isn’t now the season of reality?

One secret is that a little less than 20% of people who say they want to do new things or finish up ongoing ones actually do so.

I further thought of you and I asked “Are you in that quota”?

Here are the other questions that emerged from that thought that I had:

  • Is your extra income dream still alive or fading and becoming null and void?
  • Do you find it harder and harder to cope with your present earning even as you have the longing to generate more money (extra streams of income) with teaching? Even if you are not a school teacher.

This is the time for real achievements. And so, you need that extra push from people like us (intro later please) to help you cross the finish line or you might just need help getting started!

Either way, we are here for you…

Announcing…. the first ever event, in Nigeria, gathering teachers (and enthusiasts in teaching) together for a one-day course on how to make money teaching on the Internet.

I am CFA and I have with me, my friend and business partner, Joe. We found out that teachers are being left behind in tapping the extra income opportunities the Internet continues to offer. We felt that, probably, many teachers don’t know who to ask about how to really go about making money with teaching online and we found many reasons they should jump on the opportunities NOW.

So we did two things because that area of the online education industry is continuously hot:

  1. We created a PERSONAL ORIENTATION GUIDE to make money teaching on the Internet (titled TEACHERS, THE INTERNET AND MONEY MAKING).
  2. We designed a practical course for teachers and those persons who like to teach and get paid (i.e. by sharing with other people, their knowledge, skills and experience).

We have a wonderful news for you…

  • that a personal orientation guide (titled TEACHERS, THE INTERNET AND MONEY MAKING) has been released FREE OF CHARGE for you and your colleagues.
make money teaching
Download the FREE  Make Money Teaching on the Internet Report NOW


  • that the one-day course is coming up VERY VERY SOON.


  1. Click the image of the orientation guide on your right hand side to read it immediately.
  2. Scroll further down to the registration form and type in you details to book your seat at the above-mentioned event.

Important Note:

Don’t forget to download our FREE  orientation guide now (by right clicking and saving it to your computer) .  Don’t forget too to email it to, facebook it and share the other social ways with people who must know about this never heard initiative in Nigeria.

Course Registration Form


Join other teachers and interested non-school-teachers who will be attending the event in Lagos very soon because we don’t have the plan to hold the same course soon after this one.

Seats are limited even as you have noticed that the event is coming up VERY VERY SOON.

Gift launch-out materials are available for attendees.

Register NOW

Remember: Later is not better.


Don’t wait! There’s no time to waste, else this opportunity will slip you by. If you don’t attend the course NOW, you could, this time next year, be still wondering what your life will be like by making extra income just by teaching on the Internet.

Register NOW.