John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV

61 Hearty Cheers to Mr. John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV

July is a very special month for me. First of all, it is the my month of birth and it is also that of a very special man and mentor, Mr. John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV who turns 61 today.

Nigeria is indeed blessed to have this highly disciplined, focused, dedicated and highly strategic business mogul as a

John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV
John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV

citizen. Yes, he runs a global media group but one of his deepest desires is to see Nigeria truly takes her rightful place in the comity of Nations. This is why he has done everything humanly possible to make sure that the Channels TV brand stays above aboard.

Mr. John Momoh, has gone from very humble beginnings to becoming a global champion who is recognised and respected both home and abroad. Read more about him here.

Chairman as we call him, always wants the best for people including members of staff which is why the group remains one of the best places to work in Nigeria. A non-sentimental and de-tribalised Nigerian. He cares less about whether you are from Jos or Ado-Ekiti or Awka or Auchi or Mbaise, all he wants to see is your ability to deliver and once you prove that you can deliver, he’d gladly give you an opportunity.

Tech Trends on Channels TV is a testimony of the above statement. Before, I got a chance to meet him in person, what I recall most is watching him at night reading the network news. His voice always caught my attention and tripped me big time.

Good evening, welcome to the Network News of NTA. I am John Momoh.

This is typically what millions of Nigerians hear when the only Government-owned NTA kicked off the main news of the day and one voice that a lot enjoyed is that of John Momoh.

I vividly recall that on the day I got to meet him to finalise Tech Trends, he was warm, welcoming and encouraging and even though I did not have prior experience in broadcasting, he stood by me. On certain days that I felt like giving up, he would always make statements like: ‘Fred, this is a marathon so stay focused.’

I join the hosts of heaven, the world, continent of Africa and nation of Nigeria to celebrate this illustrious son of Africa on this special day of his. May the good Lord bless and keep our chairman. May God Almighty grant him peace, joy, grace and continually make his face to shine upon him today and always, in Jesus name, Amen!


CFA’s Birthday Thoughts: Life is indeed an Irony!

10th of July is a special day for me and it’s really a time out for me to relax with close friends and family but most importantly reflect on the journey so far and what is ahead. I am not the best of social beings out there, so throwing parties is not something that crosses my mind. Again, maybe I have tons of goals waiting to be achieved?

CFA speaking at ESET Security event

Be that as it may, I have always wondered why life in most cases remains an irony because we do not really have an ultimate say over what happens during this journey?

Examples abound to prove the point and using my life as a case study, I’d just share 3 examples why I say life can indeed be an irony:

1. My Sister’s Demise

While growing I never imagined that my kid sister, Ada , who I cherished so much will leave this world at a young age. She was full of life and I remember so many days and nights we spent cracking jokes and laughing. We actually do look and laugh alike. It was an experience that slowed me down for two years.

2. My 100 million Naira Goal turned to Debts

In my late twenties, I wrote down a goal that by 35 years, I’d be worth at least a 100 million Naira. Guess what? By 35 I was broke and in debts. It was unthinkable and unbelievable because, before then, I had a few millions and businesses weren’t doing badly.

CFA in action

By 32 or so, I fell victim of an oil and gas scam which I invested in and this changed the game and led to my goal that seemed so reachable then to suddenly become a pipe dream.

It was and remains a major entrepreneurial shock.

3. Influence in the Technology Space

The bible makes it clear that God honours deligence but if someone had told me 5 years ago that a day will come that I will become an influencer in the technology space via the following platforms:

I’d probably tell the person to stop lying and face realities but here I am today actually in the midst of all these with no formal training or certification in either technology or journalism.

It can only be GOD’S GRACE and that, I ACKNOWLEDGE!

CFA at Channels Tv

On this occasion of my birthday, I honestly want to thank God Almighty for His grace and mercy that has brought me this far. The Lord knows my deepest desires for my Nation and I pray for strength and grace to carry on, especially at those points I feel overwhelmed. Lord Jesus take control and make me more like you, Amen!

Love to every one who has been a follower and supporter of the CFA brand in one way or the other. #thankyouindeed

Let’s Sing: Hallelujah, Jesus is alive [Happy Easter]!

It’s Easter Morning and as a believer in the fact that Jesus Christ came to the world and died for my sins, I have no choice but to celebrate. One of the timeless blog posts I wrote on Easter is Love: the Essence of Easter [Happy Easter], you should read it right away.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that He didn’t just die but on the 3rd day, He rose from the dead which is what makes the salvation story both mysterious and interesting.

Thanks be to God Almighty for His Son, the saviour of the world who endured pain, shame and reproach for the redemption of mankind. May His peace abide with all those who love, honour and regard Him as promised in His word.

Remember, Easter is not just about the eggs and bunnies but about the fact that a Saviour (Jesus Christ), so kind came down to die for the redemption of our sins. Happy Easter Celebrations!!!


Please sing this timeless song by Ron Kenoly with me and let’s praise God Almighty for this fantastic day.

Hallelujah, Jesus is alive
Death has lost its victory
And the grave has been denied
And Jesus lives forever
He’s alive, He’s alive

He’s the alpha and omega
The first and last is He
The curse of sin is broken
And we have perfect liberty
The lamb of God has risen
He’s alive, He’s alive

Hallelujah, Jesus is alive
Death has lost its victory
And the grave has been denied
Jesus lives forever
He’s alive, He’s alive

He’s the alpha and omega
The first and last is He
The curse of sin is broken
And we have perfect liberty
The lamb of God has risen
He’s alive, He’s alive

Hallelujah, Jesus is alive
Death has lost its victory
And the grave has been denied
Jesus lives forever
He’s alive, He’s alive

He’s the alpha and omega
The first and last is He
The curse of sin is broken
We have perfect liberty
The lamb of God has risen
He’s alive, He’s alive

Hallelujah, Jesus is alive
He’s alive, He’s alive
He’s alive, He’s alive
Yes, He’s alive

prof pat utomi

Win 1 Million Naira in Prof Pat Utomi @ 60 Business Plan Competition

One of the most profound teachings of the Bible is Ecclesiastes 3 which is basically admonishing us all that life is journey and “Everything has its time”.

CFA and Prof Pat Utomi
CFA and Prof Pat Utomi

For this post, I’d narrow in on the parts of verse 4 which says “And time to Laugh” and “And time to Dance” – for entire Utomi family, it is indeed a time to laugh and dance as their illustrious father and nation builder, Prof Pat Utomi turns 60!

If I start discussing Prof as a person then I may end up not mentioning the business plan competition which is the reason for this post. But, sometimes I say to myself, how I wish our leaders (past & present) have the sort of forthrightness, intelligence and dedication that I seen in Prof. Utomi – his love for Nigeria and the youths equal none!

May the good Lord bless and keep him and grant him grace to fulfil the number of his days, in Jesus name, Amen!

Back to the business of the day, I invite you to enter for the Prof. Pat Utomi at 60 Business Plan Competition

Yes! 3 small businesses will be rewarded with a total of N2,250,000;

  • First Prize: N1,000,000
  • Second Prize: N750,000
  • Third Prize: N500,000

This is good money for many start-ups out there.

Winners will also have a unique opportunity to pitch their ideas to a group of highly placed distinguished personalities at a luncheon to make the celebration.

Click here to download the application form.

Prof. Pat Utomi Business Plan Competition

Merry Christmas for CFA & Co.

A BIG Thank You for Everything & Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is a indeed a special day for a number of reasons; first it is a time to celebrate a God so good that he sent his only Son to die for the sins of mankind; secondly, it is a time for giving, sharing and spending time with friends and loved ones from across the world and lastly, it is serves as a reminder to us all that the year has finally come to

Merry Christmas from
Merry Christmas from

an end and in the midst of all the joy and celebrations we must take time to plan and prepare for another year.

Why am I thanking you?

It simple, you are a huge part of my story either as a visitor, friend or close associate – you are indeed one reason I have kept this blog despite the fact that I have become extremely busy. I do hope you still find some of what I shared and will be sharing in the future useful?

My prayer for you and your family in the new year, is that the Almighty God who sent his Son to die for us will grant you and your entire household joy, peace, gladness, favour, mercy and grace all through the new year and make this a truly Merry Christmas, in Jesus name, Amen!

Please accept these prayers and best wishes from my family, team members & I. We love you so much and we say a BIG Thank you indeed for Everything!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr.
Celebrating yet another Birthday

Now 35, then what? ….Just gonna enjoy my birthday?

I have noticed that many people like to be secretive about their age for a number of reasons apart from those who just do it for the sake of staying private, most other reasons are the wrong reasons IMO. Well, I am not secretive about it so thank God. Well, today I hit the mid 30s mark and gradually edging towards the 40 mark – wow! I can’t wait to be 40 because I believe that so much would have been achieved for God, my Nation and family by then.

CFA on air
Meet Dj CFA 🙂 in my dreams….. I took this selfie while on my ICT radio show!

Well in the last couple of years, I have made it a point of duty to publish a post on my birthday just to appreciate God’s goodness and sort of give a progress report. In 2010, I published Happy Birthday to CFA, 2012 was July 10th is a Special Day for Me, 2013 was Celebrating yet another Birthday and I just published If I were 22 (*35), I’d create a Vision Board on LinkedIn (please go read it and share as well).

Well now that I have progressed further, what’s next? The reality is that I am beginning to see myself less and less as a youth and more and more as an adult despite the fact that some old foxes in Nigeria claim to be youths or youth leaders at 50+ 🙂 isn’t that laughable?

So, what’s next for me in terms of my spirituality, goals, business, finance, career including this blog, family, projects, community service etc.?

One thing is clear and certain for me; it’s time to set bigger and more daring goals. Some of my earlier goals included becoming a highly sort after speaker, an author, turning my brand into a sellable product, earning 5-6 figures per training or speaking engagement etc. most of which has been attained even though I am still largely work in progress. My vision board will now include newer goals that will herald me into my 40th birthday, if Jesus tarries!

Right now, I am investing heavily into personal development, becoming a better communicator, learning new skills and building capacity – so watch out for a much older and different kind of CFA over the next 5 years! But for now, its my birthday and I am just gonna celebrate and have a blast to God’s glory but I’d also take the time to plan further.

Hmmmnnnnnn, how time flies? I remember celebrating my 21st birthday, I also remember getting married at 26 and now I am 35 just like yesterday……………………. Thank you Lord!!!

So by the time you see this article then know for sure that I would have received over a thousand greetings via various platforms for real especially Facebook and LinkedIn (connect with me). I appreciate everyone out there who has spared a moment to call, send a sms, drop a line on social media or even pinged me on BBM or Whatsapp – you’re all highly appreciated. 1 luv for real!!!


Love: the Essence of Easter [Happy Easter]

Easter is a solemn period in Christendom – it is a period that is usually reserved to remember the very striking experiences that followed the very last days of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ just before his death on the cross.

Love is indeed the essence of the Easter period and infact the basis of our Christian faith. God proved his love for mankind by sending his only son to die for our sins. Jesus Christ also proved his love for us by enduring the pain and shame that accompanied his Crucifixion on the cross of Calvary so that those who believed will be saved.Happy-Easter-day-Backgrounds-13-1024x576

In the book of Matthew 22:37-39 (NIV)

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

These words of Jesus were best proven throughout his lifetime but more particularly during the period of his death – he proved truly that when love is your focus, it can make a lot of difference.

God is Love. He created us in Love.

He showed us Love by sending his Son to die for us.

Jesus proved his love by accepting the Father’s will.

Jesus showed us he loves us by promising to send us the Holy Spirit who will guide us to all truth.

The Holy Spirit at all times serves as a guide and compass to us in utmost Love, which never interferes with our will power.

Can’t you see that everything about God just expresses his love?

Go out this period and show someone some love and prove today that you are truly a follower of Christ and an obedient servant. The world is where it is today because of man’s lack of love fueled by greed and selfishness. A man who has love will not instigate in another country just to get her natural resources neither would a woman who had love do all she can to grab power just for the purpose of manipulation – I am sure you get the drift.

So, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all, now and evermore. Amen. (notice the word love in this widely said daily prayer).

Prove your love to God by completely surrendering your life, will, dream and passion to his complete will through the saving grace of his son Jesus Christ.

On behalf of the entire CFA team, I wish you a love filled period of Easter. Happy Easter!!!

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Count your Blessings in 2013!

Count your Blessings in 2013!

Today is the very last day of the year of our Lord 2013 and all I can say at the moment is;

When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
Count your blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

According to Timeless Truths this hymn was first released in 1897 by Johnson Oatman, Jr., if you ask me I’d say it is one of the greatest hymns of all times. Consider the fact that it’s a 100+ years old but its meaning remains as true as it was yesteryear.

Count your Blessings in 2013!For me the message is simple, be thankful for yesterday, today and the future. Let not your heart be troubled or entertain any fear no matter how the year has gone. If the year did not go exactly as planned you still need to thank God, if it was more than you expected, then you should do likewise.

A new year presents a new opportunity to keep trying, to press on, to set new goals, to reach for new heights. Personally, I am not about to relent or throw in the towel. No doubt I have had my fair share of disappointments, dashed hopes and expectations but you know as much as I do that trials and tough times only come to make us stronger. Last year, I wrote about my 4 Biggest Failures if I find time to write about it this year then I’d certainly have more failure stories to tell but certainly more successes as well simply because the more you try, the more you fail and succeed.

On the National level, I pray and believe in a new Nigeria. I would not stop there I’d take action to see that we make giant progress in 2014 – I have added my voice to Gen Voices and I urge you to do same.

On Goal setting, some people have said that setting goals for the new year is a complete waste of time. Well I beg to differ, call me o’skul if you like, I believe in setting goals for each year and also reviewing of long-term goals. Goal setting works for me because I put my heart to it and I believe it can work for you as well. Most importantly you must learn to put your trust in the Lord Jesus and surrender all to him – He’d surely take care of you in the new year.

On behalf of my family and the entire CFA team, I wish you and your loved ones a happy and prosperous 2014. May it be a year you would truly count your blessings and name them one by one irrespective of what happens.

God bless you!

Happy New Year from CFA Leverage Card B

Welcome to 2013 – Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited that it is a New Year because it is indeed a great opportunity to start afresh not just for me but for you also!

Please put behind your past failures and mistakes and push forward.

I wrote about my 4 biggest failures of last year (I suggest you read it right away), that post has generated a lot of comments from my until now quiet followers 🙂 simply because we all fail but too afraid to talk about it, forgetting that someone out there would certainly learn from that experience. Dare to be different this year!

Last year, I set a goal to shoot lots of videos and I failed at it too 🙂 – this year I am starting out with this short video to let you know how much I appreciate you for your love, support, friendship, patronage and criticism (both constructive and otherwise).

One behalf of my family and the entire CFA Leverage team I say; Happy New Year and God bless you and yours, Amen!

Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, so you can always receive updates because I will be publishing my goals for this year in a few days and also review my 7 Commitments of last year.

All in all, my goal is to get more testimonials like this in 2013 (I was glad receiving this feedback from Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa);happy new year from mazi sam ohuabunwa to Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr

As always thank you for your support and I love to hear what you think about the video and 2013. Remain blessed!!!

merry christmas

Christmas in a Digital World

Merry Christmas

This is truly that time of the year when most people are in the mood for some dancing and celebration…. I am too! As a growing child, I always looked forward to the Christmas holidays because it is indeed a period for family re-union and fun generally.

I remember growing up my parents would purchase loads of print format Christmas cards that would be sent to friends and family as a way of celebrating the season with them. Has this trend changed completely? I don’t think so, however, I can tell you for sure that the younger generation will certainly buy lesser Christmas cards and don’t ask me why – we both know the digital revolution is responsible.

A good example

Since the beginning of December, I have shared the above banner as a Christmas card to friends, partners, colleagues and clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Blackberry messenger and via email. I have no doubt that this simple modern-day strategy has reached out to minimum of 1,000 people (and counting) that are connected to me, in just a few days.

Questions to Ponder

  • Did my parents ever reach out to 1,000 people? No!
  • What does this mean for the future? In my opinion, the need for print cards will be greatly reduced.
  • Would I ever buy a print copy card? Probably, but very few copies if I ever have to.


I do not intend to bore you with my stories but I am sure you get the drift. I urge you take the Internet much more seriously come next year. Don’t just see the Internet as a social platform but also as a formidable business platform. We are here to help you make sense of the complex nature of the Internet – feel free to contact us anything.

Finally, please do not forget the reason for the season – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Joy to the world, the king is born………. Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂