A digital prescription for the pharma industry

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapor around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image, and the breath of that universal love which bears and sustains us, as it floats around us in an eternity of bliss; and then, my friend, when darkness overspreads my eyes, and heaven and earth seem to dwell in my soul and absorb its power, like the form of a beloved mistress, then I often think with longing, Oh, would I could describe these conceptions, could impress upon paper all that is living so full and warm within me, that it might be the mirror of my soul, as my soul is the mirror of the infinite God!

O my friend — but it is too much for my strength — I sink under the weight of the splendor of these visions! A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now. When, while the lovely valley teems with vapor around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image, and the breath of that universal love which bears and sustains us, as it floats around us in an eternity of bliss; and then, my friend, when darkness overspreads my eyes, and heaven and earth seem to dwell in my soul and absorb its power, like the form of a beloved mistress, then I often think with longing, Oh, would I could describe these conceptions, could impress upon paper all that is living so full and warm within me.

Some Lessons I learnt during the Lockdown

You must have probably heard of the phrase, the “new normal”, obviously different from the “normal” that most people used to know.

In the new normal, the way we run our lives would be different, from how we ran it, pre-COVID-19; physical distancing in social gatherings, remote working for most organisations, conducting meetings over video conferencing.

The normal that people would have wanted, is to return to their normal lives, pre-COVID-19, where interactions were one in close proximity.

Moving on, however, things might not be the same again, owing to the ravaging effects, of the Coronavirus.

I, however, seem to have a different view on things going back to normal.

I had preferred a situation, where all of us move on, rather than backward.

We can take a lot of lessons from this halt that the pandemic has laid on the entire globe.

We could as well make use of them, with the intention of making out a brighter future.

Well, as life begins to return, gradually to “normal”, why not reflect on the things learnt, during the period of the lockdown and commit yourself to make positive changes, moving forward.

I have learnt a few lessons, especially, on how things can be done differently, moving forward.

Showing kindness first

During the total lockdown, I was highly impressed with the simple acts of kindness, from people, especially, strangers.

People who never knew one another, showed lots of love, via the internet, with giveaways that would at least result, in cushioning the effects of the lockdown on people, who could not afford the luxury of food items.

When your focus is on doing good, taking the focus off yourself to others, your challenges appears to matter less to you.

The act of kindness is not just about handing out useful items, or passing compliments.

Speaking up for the oppressed, in the face of injustice, thus, promoting change, is, also, a great act of kindness.

Why not make it a habit to be kind. You never know who such acts would touch in times like this.

At every point in life, try to be generous.

What actually matters

Ever since the lockdown, many parents have spent ample time with their children and other members of their family.

Why this sudden family reunion? Of course, the pandemic led to it.

I have always been a journeyman, but the pandemic has given me a ‘quarantine gift’, in the last 3 months.

You would find out that, Life is beyond money or work.

At the end of it all, what matters most is the relationship with our family members and our friends.

As things would be returning to normal, ensure that you devote your time to what really matters.

Spend time with your family and loved ones. Neglect things that appear not to be a priority.

Get intentional, with your relationship. Invest enough time in them.

As we gradually gather our lives back to normal, it would be quite good, if we can get intentional about spending more time with what actually matters.

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You have control on how you spend your time

I’m too busy to do this,” or “I wish I had the time to do that”.

These phrases have become part of our lives, especially, for those who are glued to their office work and spend less time at home.

During the lockdown, however, most people found time, which seemed to be never available.

Time to reflect on relationship with your family and also time to plan.

As life may now return to the old normal, it is very important, not to give up all the engagement we had, during the intense lockdown.

You now have to be intentional about it, as you have the ability to make decisions in the essential areas of your life. You are responsible for your relationship and your happiness.


The only certainty is uncertainty. Change is always inevitable, it will come sooner, or later.

COVID-19 has come, unexpectedly, changing the way some businesses will be operated.

One must always be ready for eventualities, in times like this and change should not be resisted, but rather embraced.

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Improve Your Leadership With these Tips; Avoid the Tag of a Bad Boss

According to research, 90% of people, lack natural leadership skills, while 60% of employees are always on the verge, of exiting their organisations, due to bad leadership.

No leader wants to be ascribed to, as a bad boss, but regrettably, indications have shown that the number of the bad ones, clearly outnumbers the good ones.

This ugly issue can, however, be minimized, to increase employees’ retention and productivity, as well as, their general contribution to the success of the organisation.

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Here are 5 ways, to take your leadership, to a favourable level, with your employees:

Establish psychological safety

When there is, a common belief that, the team is safe, then, people will be all out, to take an interpersonal risk.

How do leaders respond, or react, to the mistakes made, by their employees?

Depending on the way you act, you may not be sending the right signals to them.

Any negative approach would create a psychological atmosphere that, appears unsafe.

A better approach should be to ask your employee, what he, or, she has learnt and how to improve on it.

This would work, rather than, an intimidating remark.

You should create a safe environment, for your employees, to make them feel safe, to take a risk.

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Listen to your employees

Do not think about responding to your employees, while they are speaking. Carefully, listen to them.

When you solicit their feedback you, easily, create a sense of loyalty and trust, around them.

They feel validated when employers listen to them and act, on their suggestions.


There is a professional and personal life. Sometimes, our life reflects what we experience, personally.

Taking time out, to perform self-reflection would launch you, into the realm of meditation, causing you to connect with your inner self.

You need to show signs of care and a positive outlook, towards your employees.

Build a growth mindset

With this mindset, you, unconsciously, create an atmosphere that, you are a work-in-progress.

With your focused attention, your capability, to take more charge, is increased.

This can guarantee that your leadership style is, a good one that, considers its employees.

Focus on strengths

Create an assessment guide that, will allow your employees to understand, what their natural talents are.

This assessment can, also, be employed by managers, to develop their followers’ talents, which will cause improved performance.

You can always avoid the bad boss tag.

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Leadership tips for successful business in 2020

This year, great leaders are, already prepping up, or, rather, readjusting their strategies, to drive their success.

The beginning of this new decade is the time for leaders, in the business circle, to brace up, to enable them to formulate approaches that will be tailored, towards success.

An average leader knows that the drive for success is, established from within.

Starting 2020, on a high note, means that, business executives, should be ready, to readjust, for bigger achievements.

I am going to share five thoughts on leadership tips to adjust your strategies, to drive your business success, in 2020.

Quick recovery from failure

Consider all the time you have taken upon yourself, challenges and probably, you have fallen short of what you expected.

What has happened to you is, nothing from the blues and it is, quite alright, however, what is quite wrong is, allowing the temporary setback, to cause a lockdown on you.

That should not be a defining factor for you at all. In short, getting to move ahead, as soon as, possible is, essential to success.

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Change the hierarchy

Great leaders quite understand that, they work for people and not otherwise, as one may think.

When roles are reversed, it allows a robust development on a culture-based service.

This will, eventually, make a long-lasting and impressive impact, on the success of an organisation.

It is natural that, leaders recognize that, they are on top of the value chain, however, they should desist from an intentional display that, they are way above all.

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You must understand that your organisation is, dependent on a team, having special skills and coming from different backgrounds.

Realise that, they have all come together, to bring into fruition, your company’s aims and objectives, as well as, keying into your vision and mission.

Serving your people and recognising their added values can help foster a culture that inspires success, for business.

Do not be neutral on social issues

In this new decade, it would be advisable for businesses, to embrace a high level of equality and ethics. These are some of the things that, your customers would, most likely, watch out for.

As a business executive, or, leader, you should ensure that, your organization is, adapting to changes, in social norms.

Do an audit on your policies; ask for feedback, from both your internal and external sources. This will give you a clue, as to whether your company is focused, on this issue, or, not.

Direction and guidance

Over the years, leaders have been urged, to serve as spotlights, to their followers, during challenging times.

This will help to drive the team, for onward success.

Leaders are not the ones, blazing the trail, but rather, they are the ones providing direction and guidance for the team.

Your presence is there, to encourage your team, in driving them, to put in their best and add value, to the tasks assigned to them.

Be profit-driven

A good number of entrepreneurs have their focus on revenue, without focusing on profit.

Some questions you must, continuously, ask yourself, is that; is my business, really, worth pushing forward, if my revenue is an xxx amount, while my profit is xx amount? Is it sustainable?

If you invest in your employees’, it would be a win-win situation for you, as a leader.

It will shoot up their morale and in return, create a great environment, for them, to perform optimally.

An organisation has to retain more money for team investment and its general business.

When your employees have an enabling environment, you have opened a gateway of valuable opportunities, for your business.

Are there other leadership tips you know, let us know in the comment section below.

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Common Cryptocurrency Questions You Should Care To Ask

Today, in the world of cryptocurrency, there appears to be, a newfound language, which seems to make people confused.

Surprisingly, a good number of people, fall under this category, so, you may not, just be the only one left in the dark.

This article will, hopefully, provide answers, to many budding questions that will change your knowledge, of cryptocurrency.

A very common one here;

what is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency comprises of web-based, digital assets that use cryptographic functions, to carry out financial transactions.

These digital assets, make use of blockchain technology, to obtain a level of transparency and decentralization.

Digital assets can include Bitcoin, Litecoin, stablecoins, and other cryptocurrencies.

Types of cryptocurrency?

Asides from Bitcoin, which appears to be most popular, others include Stellar and Tron.

They are, specifically, called altcoins.

Social media giant, Facebook, is expected to roll out its crypto coin, called Libra.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency, would be governed by certain partners, as well as, getting tied, to the fiat currencies, (US Dollar and Euro), of government bonds

What is an ICO?

Similar to an initial public offering, (IPO), of stocks, initial coin offering, (ICO), offer tokens.

What the public gets in exchange for money is token.

This indicates that, the contract agreement, between the issuer and the buyer, has been settled.

The buyer, will then, own the coins, or, tokens, as it may be.

Are cryptocurrencies, securities?

Securities are often negotiable financial devices, given out, by the government, or, a company, with rights of ownership, right to buy, or, sell.

Bitcoin has no centralized governance, thus, not defended, as a security.

Its success is not tied, to that of a centralised organisation.

Some digital assets, may be seen as securities, which can be subjected to SEC regulations.

Any difference between bitcoin and blockchain?

Bitcoin is, a decentralized digital asset. Bitcoin leverages blockchain technology.

It records all the cryptocurrency transactions that have been verified, by cryptography.

It is not only open and secure, but, also, accessible by all.

Anyone is open, to make a transaction and sign it, with a private key.

Bitcoin has proof of work, (POW) and it makes use, of specific models, for transactions.

Blockchain technology, however, has no restrictions, on its transaction model.

Would Libra end bitcoin?

Libra is, more of a stablecoin, though, Facebook is saying that, it is a cryptocoin.

The Libra would carry low volatility because, it is tied to the US dollar.

With the partnership Facebook has created with other companies on its cryptocoin.

Libra would have more visibility, compared to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin would, however, remain the choice, for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Not being tied to any government bond is, what makes it appealing to some people.

Cryptocurrency has established a new order, combining currency trading, international commerce and banking.

In the ever present word of business, ensuring the transfer of funds, with the highest form of security is, the most sought after execution and cryptocurrency is, the answer to it.

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How to Sell Innovation to Traditional Industries

Traditional industries present many opportunities, for entrepreneurs, especially, innovative ones.

Obviously, as seen, over the years, innovation has, systematically, altered our activities, in the workplaces, yet a good number of traditional industries, are still stuck, to traditional means of getting things done.

This, in return, has made way for opportunities, to be explored, in the world of innovative technology.

If you are a start-up and you intend placing traditional industries on your target market, consider the following:

No matter how conservative, people will, eventually, embrace progress.

When you want to sell to industries that are still making use of very old technology, do not hesitate to go for the kill, as a part of you might suggest that, they are not interested in your innovation, or, simply afraid to embrace change.

That thought might just be, way over your head. Never be too quick, to jump to such a conclusion.

These industries are, also, concerned about delivering good services, to their customers.

If you deliver a valuable innovation, they will, certainly, align with you and even, if they are afraid of embracing change, your innovation may just be the tonic, to bring them out of their shell.

Beyond innovation, show your real value

You must go beyond, just pointing out the old traditional methods of these industries.

You need to be able to prove, how your technology, will help. For instance, assist users in attaining efficiency.

Beyond the nice user interface, give something extra. Apart from efficiency, ensure better service.

Young talents are needed, by traditional industries

For traditional industries to, fully, embrace innovative technology, it is necessary for them, to have, in their structure, smart young people, with a deep understanding of innovation and proficiency.

The old ones, who know nothing of innovation will, eventually, be phased out. Young talents are required, to replace them.

Though, it might appear that, traditional industries are not interested in innovation, nevertheless, they will still, require young talents.

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Do not assume you know too much

Most times, start-ups, who are selling into the traditional industries, think that they are more knowledgeable than the people in the industry.

This thought, ought to be far from you, if you, really, want to sell to them.

What should be your focus is, in trying to better understand their operations, so you can offer your best services.

Create a community and educate it

Let your marketing, be focused on educating your community. You do not barge into an industry that has been using on-premise software, with your cloud-based product.

It appears to be a fantastic innovation, but you first, need to educate them, on its potential benefit.

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Between Crowdfunding And Angel Investors; What Option For Your Start-up?

Crowdfunding appears to be the next option for entrepreneurs, as an alternative means of funding their new venture.

Some, may not, even, look the way of angel investors, while exploring available options, however, it will be great if you do not limit your options.

A quick reminder, angel investors are individuals, with a high net worth, who gives funding, to entrepreneurs and start-ups, to have equity in your company.

Crowdfunding, however, involves the practice of accessing funds for projects, through the raising of small amounts of money, from a very large number of people, through the internet.

The contributors, in this case, must be willing, to let go, of any form of equity, from the company.

As a mentor to a number of start-ups and entrepreneurs alike, I have come up with some key factors that, you need to consider, when exploring sources of funds, for your business. These factors are stated below:

B2B Products Need Professional Investors

Who is your target customer? A business, or, a consumer? A crowdfunding method, may not work, if your product, or, service is, for consumers.

Angel investors, who want a piece of your company are, fully, into business and they have what it takes, to relate with other businesses.

Investors would expect to see a working business model of your start-up, with a workable prototype.

Forget about research and development on your early-stage, as investors are not moved, by them. Bottom line is that crowdfunding is, not a viable alternative, for a B2B model.

A Need For Multiple Rounds Of Funding

In expanding a business, most start-ups, invariably, require more money, than they anticipated.

Investors are aware, of this and they are, often prepared, to give the required assistance.

The support may, however, not come, when the first round of your capital is, from a crowdfunding platform, as investors are very cautious of unverified valuation and owners.

For instance, Facebook, had to go through multiple rounds of investment, before it reached profitability and current valuation.

Consumer Products Require Market Validation

You will get a good validation of a huge market, plus more funding. The problem with crowdfunding, sometimes is that, if you fail to reach your monetary target, you may end up returning the ones you have collected.

Early Visibility May Be A Curse Or A Blessing

Sometimes, you might want to slow down a bit, if it appears that, you find yourself, in a, highly, competitive environment.

Investors are, most interested, in doing a nondisclosure investment. If it were crowdfunding, you will be forced to make some public marketing, hence, giving your start-up an early exposure, which may not be favorable.

On the flip side, marketing early could shoot up your brand, while leveraging the crowdfunding platform, to give a quick word, spread about your business.

Having your funding campaign kicking off, on a good note, shows your potential customers that, your business is worth trying out.

Compare Time Frames And Costs

Most times, a campaign, run through crowdfunding, can be executed, even, within the development cycle, faster than, the one from investors.

Do not, also, forget that, there is, a downside to this too. A campaigning, on crowdfunding, comes with fees, which might cost you, more than, even, getting an investor.

In my opinion, a successful funding campaign, often comes, from self-funding. I have seen, so many businesses, kicked off and succeeded, through bootstrapping.

Smart entrepreneurs, carefully, evaluate their alternatives and make the best, out of their choice.

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Building A Strong Business Foundation For Your Start-up, What You Need to Know

A strong business foundation is, required for the smooth running, of every start-up.

It is, rather, pertinent, to have your business plan and website ready, to boost your online marketing efforts.

Thinking of commencing a venture, or, you recently signed up, into the world of entrepreneurship, the tips from this article, would prove useful for your consumption.

These steps ensure the creation of a strong business foundation for your start-up:

Get A Start-up Business Plan

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For the effective running of a new start-up, the creation of a business plan is, of utmost importance.

The question now remains, how do you create a start-up business plan that would allow an effective operation?

Create A Business Website

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Starting out on a new venture, much money might not be at your disposal, to create a website.

Your online presence is, however, not negotiable.

You do not, necessarily, require breaking the bank, to get yourself a functioning website.

You could get this done, by testing your UX.

Testing Your UX

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You will need, to factor in user experience, more than just creating a working website for your business.

Your online customers’ experience plays a major role, in the success of your venture.

Testing your UX helps to ensure that, you enable a positive user experience.

It is, also, good, if you can project into the future.

Connect With Your Online Target Market

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Once you have your online presence, through a website and you are connected to social media accounts, the next point of call is, to make connections with your potential customers.

You do not create a website, with no intention of reaching out to a significant number of potential and existing customers that, you are yet to connect with, in a physical meet up.

Have A Customer-Focused Content Strategy

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Content marketing is a veritable tool, when it comes to getting the word out, on the value of your products and services.

Many companies factor it, into their marketing plan, however, when creating content, your customers, must be your core focus, as they must be the top beneficiary of your content and not just a mere promotion of your business.

Relationship Marketing

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Beyond the circle of business and the corporate world, maintaining a good relationship is quite as important.

Getting to lock down a great relationship, with both your online and offline customers, creates a sustainable business for you, eventually.

Creating A Community


There is social, before the media, therefore, in the process of creating social media channels around your business, your focus should be on the social aspect of your target audience and these are your customers.

Create a community, within your target audience and customers, solve their quests for challenges and let them know that, you care beyond getting their cash.

TED Talk Shows


The knowledge-base of any concept is, so, important, therefore, having a knowledge-base of your business type is, important because of the success you will receive from it.

TED talk shows, which, stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design talk shows, enhance you with great insights, from leaders in your industry.

Try the suggested steps out, in running your existing business, or, in starting your new business and watch your business grow in leaps and bounds.

A strong and viable business foundation puts your start-up in a poll position for success.

Ways To Earn More Revenue From Your Existing Customers

Many business owners, continuously, devise means, to advertise their businesses, in order to get new customers.

Online adverts, billboards, media broadcasts, absorber forms of business promotions, are often used, to grow a new customer base.

Most business owners do not realize that it is possible to make more revenue, from existing customers, after they have already patronised their businesses.

Below are some of the best ways, to get more patronage, from your existing customers:

Focus On Your Customer’s Comprehensive Needs

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Giving full attention, to the needs of your customers, conveys to them that, you have a better understanding of their needs than anyone else.

This will enable you to notice gaps and opportunities that, your counterparts might have ignored.

Customer relationship is key, in getting a hold, of what they need.

Once you can identify the needs of the consumers, then, you will know how best, to satisfy those needs.

Conduct Reviews

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Performing occasional reviews, enables you to know if you are keeping your commitments to your customers.

It is a great opportunity, to get responses to the products, or, services that you offer.

It is through reviews that, you know if they are satisfied with your products or not.

Customers give feedback, through ideas that, can largely benefit your business, by meeting those needs of theirs.

Honour Your Customers Opinions On Future Products

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Customers who have previously purchased from you must have been able to establish a relationship and trust.

Considering their opinions and input, in future products, will help the business to grow, in the long term.

Give them a list of new products in-view and let them determine, which new product is better off, to be launched.

Offer Incentives

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While you are running your business, take time to add incentives to what you offer your customers. This will make them return, to patronise your products, or, services.

Giving incentives does not mean that, you should give out, all your products, totally, for free.

It is a way of encouraging customers, to purchase from you, as time goes on because they know that, when they purchase from you, they get an incentive.


Engage Your Customers On Social Media

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The new market world is the online world.

After customers have purchased from you, keep updating your business, on social media. Follow them and let them follow you back.

If they constantly see your updates, they will be more educated and derive knowledge, about new products and services, etc.

If they do not get any form of engagement from you, they may not remember that a company like yours, exists. You should, therefore, increase instagram followers, as well as those of your Facebook and Twitter too.

Keep A Strong Relationship With Your Customers

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Imagine a client, getting a message from you, or, a call, on his, or, her birthday, no doubt that, such client will feel loved and will patronise your business if need be.

Get to know, how your customers are faring. Check upon them. Send messages, occasionally, to show that, you have their best interest at heart.

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Making Sustainable Profit Through The Creation Of A Digital Product

They are products, but they do not, necessarily, need a physical form and it appears as if, little, or, no developmental cost is involved.

With these features, they stand to earn you a great deal.

You agree with me that, it takes a great deal of work in setting up, to design, or, rather, build a product, let alone, sending it to the market for sale.

That has seemed to have taken a back seat, as almost anybody with a nice concept can create a digital product and make money online.

Fortunately what you create could be sold, as many times, as possible because, you do not have to make them, physically available in their numbers.

This is a very big plus, to such a concept.

Digital products, can include: video tutorials, audio courses, templates, stock photos, icon sets, ebooks and pdf guides

The development of these products, are with low financial implications and takes less time to be readily available.

Nobody gets to share the resulting proceedings with you.

Below are tips that can ensure that you create a digital product that can rake in sales:

Choose The Right Digital Product

Before taking it heads on, you must ensure that your choice of a digital product is a good one.

Come to think of a digital product that you will not bother, spending your money to own it.

This simply indicates a sheer waste of time and valuable resources, if you create products that, will not make you a dime in the market.

Your creative mindset and problem-solving skill, have to come to bear, in creating a solution to a challenge, faced by your audience.

How do you create this niche for a best seller? Study the pattern of what your audience seeks from your blog site.

Do they seek marketing tactics to thrive in a Startup ecosystem? Create a template on this, for them.

You might get stuck in determining the pain points of your audience, nevertheless, it is not over, as you have the luxury of visiting your website, or, blog dashboard and view the analytics.

Not only that, as you could, also, create a survey, to see what your audience is most interested in. All these are indicators, to an idea, for a digital product.

Visually Appealing Products

Whether you are creating a physical, or, digital product, both, should have a sense of appeal to the sight.

In this case, a digital product should command the same good looks, as it will if it were physical.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then, on the average, you should make your product look impressive, as the first sense of your consumers’ reaction to a product, is that of sight.

A report from Science Direct shows that, if a product’s design is impressive, consumers do not care about the price, as they would be willing to spend a fortune on it.

Spend valuable time on making an appealing product image. It is worth your time and that of your audience.

Establish And Promote Your Expertise

Do you already have a digital product, but not a website, or, blog? You need to have one immediately, as many people do not trust a product from a person, without an online identity.

Having, either, of a website, or, a blog, would establish your expertise, as an authority in that field and helps create a level of trust.

Trust is an essential feature in business, which must not be overlooked.

Harvard Business Review indicates that, with high trust, people would take a risk to buy from you.

Start, therefore, the journey immediately and ensure that, your posts on your blog site are related to the digital products you intend creating.

Nothing else, then this, would likely convince your potential customer for good.

Get Feedback

Ensure that you do some product testing before you send out your digital product.

Get feedback from your closest fans, by giving the product out for free and wait for an honest review.

You might have missed out some bits of information.

It is not just enough to have a website, or, blog. You could also consider adding digital products, to earn more.

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