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Lockdown - cfagbata

Some Lessons I learnt during the Lockdown

You must have probably heard of the phrase, the “new normal”, obviously different from the “normal” that most people used to know. In the new normal, the way we run our lives would be different, from how we ran it, pre-COVID-19; physical distancing in social gatherings, remote working for most organisations, conducting meetings over video conferencing. The normal…

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innovation - cfagbata

How to Sell Innovation to Traditional Industries

Traditional industries present many opportunities, for entrepreneurs, especially, innovative ones. Obviously, as seen, over the years, innovation has, systematically, altered our activities, in the workplaces, yet a good number of traditional industries, are still stuck, to traditional means of getting things done. This, in return, has made way for opportunities, to be explored, in the world of…

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Building A Strong Business Foundation For Your Start-up, What You Need to Know

A strong business foundation is, required for the smooth running, of every start-up. It is, rather, pertinent, to have your business plan and website ready, to boost your online marketing efforts. Thinking of commencing a venture, or, you recently signed up, into the world of entrepreneurship, the tips from this article, would prove useful for your consumption. These…

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Ways To Earn More Revenue From Your Existing Customers

Many business owners, continuously, devise means, to advertise their businesses, in order to get new customers. Online adverts, billboards, media broadcasts, absorber forms of business promotions, are often used, to grow a new customer base. Most business owners do not realize that it is possible to make more revenue, from existing customers, after they have already patronised…

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