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Small (and Big) Businesses in Nigeria often go through numerous challenges. These challenges are too numerous to mention so I have decided to focus on a few of them. It is my joy to provide these business solutions and I can categorically say that these business solutions are designed to increase Profit for SMEs as well as big businesses depending on how they are applied.

Two business solutions we offer for Individuals, SMEs, NGOs and Big Businesses are;

1st of CFA’s Business Solutions – Helping you ‘Get Found Online’

The internet is becoming increasingly complex and the chances of being found online is getting slimmer except you strategically position yourself and/or your business to be easily found by your clients and prospective clients.

Our company, CFA Leverage can help you Leverage the internet for increased profit and brand perception. Talk to us today!

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2nd of CFA’s Business Solutions – Making your SMS personalized, more polite and professional

Stop sending SMS life a Spammer!

Start sending Personalized Bulk Sms today! Most businesses and individuals send bulk SMS that are considered rude and unfriendly. Imagine, if you could send personalized bulk SMS that will mention your clients name in the salutation.

business solutions

business solutions

Instead of you to use a generic term such as “Dear Esteemed Customer” you should use a more personalized term that addresses your client directly in person i.e. Dear Esteemed CFA or Dear Mr. Jerry or Greetings Ms. Jane

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Click here to try out our unique Personalized Bulk SMS service today or register for a Free account @

These business solutions will help your business grow.

Feel free to Contact me if you have any question regarding any of these business solutions.