An Interesting Interview with a Business Guru and Advisor, Uzo Nduka.

Uzo Nduka is a one guy that has great passion to see entrepreneurs succeed, this passion led him to leave a lucrative 8-5 job to start a software development and training company called Domino Information Company Limited (DICL).

Uzo has been at the forefront of entrepreneurship development in Nigeria. I caught up with him at his Lekki office recently and this is one of the outcome of that connection.

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Can we meet you?

My name is Uzo Nduka, I am the Founder/CEO of Domino Information Company Limited located in Lekki, Lagos with branches in Abuja and Port Harcourt. We have been in businesses since 2009 and have helped hundreds of clients and made a turn over of over 1 million GBP.

uzo nduka of dicl

Are you married?

Yes I am happily married and have 3 lovely children. An extremely pretty girl and two handsome boys after her.

When did you catch the entrepreneurial bug?

Always had it. I ran a laundry from home in 1997/98 when I got my first job in Port Harcourt.

Tell us a bit about your experience

It has been very interesting. My conclusion is that there opportunities exist everywhere waiting for entrepreneurs to seize them. it is a world of opportunities.

What would you say drives you?

A firm believe that entrepreneurship is an excellent way to create value, make a difference in the world, and also make a decent living.

Who is Domino Information Company Limited?

Domino Information Company Limited is an information management and technology company. We create tools for managers – this is our niche market. DICL wants to be in the work space of every one who is a manager.

What makes her different.

We are resolutely focused on excellence and innovation. We never do any thing the same way 2 times and neither do we do we do things the way other people have done it.

Can you give specifically examples of how you have solved societal challenges with your product and services:

Over the years, SMEs have had the difficulty of accounting for the operational expense, this as resulted in poor cashflow. SMEs at different times identified the need to use to get financial software packages, but the cost of these software from foreign developers are very expensive.

We decided to develop a software (The Business Manager for Entrepreneurs) that is in compliance with the Nigeria Business. environment to help SMEs manage their entire business process, from Financial, Human Resources, Inventory and Real-time Sales process.

The software generates automated reports to cover Income, Expenditure, statement of Account, Daily, Week, Monthly and Yearly reports simultaneously.

The software help create and enterprise culture within a small business environment.

Public Procure:

An Act establishing the National Council on Public Procurement and the Bureau of Public procurement as the Regulatory Authority responsible for the monitoring and oversight of . Public Procurement, harmonising it to be in compliance of standards and Legal framework in Nigeria.

We have studied this Act and have automated it, came out with the an application called Public-Procure Toolkit. The entire Procurement process can now be carried out on a computer that is connected to the internet. A scenario where the approving officer is not on sit or in the country, the application can be accessed online to ensure the process is not hindered.

This application is currently in use in Rivers State, other states and Government agencies are in talks with us for it.

Tell us about the BM workshops

The Business Manager Planning Workshop Series are designed to help Nigerian entrepreneurs create their plans in a most conducive and stimulating environment, working with peers. From an economic view point, we afford our delegates the opportunity to share the cost of proven business management consultants, motivators and counselors. And, the outcomes and quality of service are guaranteed.

What is the proposed value for those who attend?

Every participant should leave with a full knowledge, strategy and action plan for their business including a clear financial picture of where the business stands as at the end of 2012 and where they expect it to be over the New Year – 2013.

Every participant will learn how to craft strategies and action plans to drive their business, they will learn how to translate their plan into everyday language. In addition to these invaluable knowledge base, participants will receive a free gift of the 150+ Business Management Forms and Templates, a free copy of The Business Manager for Entrepreneurs (hardcopy edition), the first 25 participants to register will receive 3months free subscription to BusinessDay Newspaper. Our promise is to ensure all participants leave the workshop with a clear business plan that will help their business remain focused throughout the year and beyond!

Any fee attached? 

The workshop fee is N20,000 only.

What is the workshop outline?

The first part of the workshop will be an information sharing session with seasoned, experienced professionals who will talk on Nigeria Economic Outlook for 2013, Leading and Rewarding People for Business Success, Legal and Statutory Requirements for Businesses, Healthy Living for Busy Managers and Financial Management amongst others. The second day of the workshop will be dedicated to perfecting the business plan for every person present. There will also be a panel discussion on the first day where participants can ask questions about specific business issues and benefit from expert advice.

Why should an SME pay that much? Isnt this one of those seminars?

It is not much. The entrepreneur is paying a fraction of what would have been paid for the service of creating an annual business plan. Nonetheless, our promise is that every delegate (entrepreneur) will come, work and go away with a copy of their own annual business plan.

Any guarantees for those who decide to invest?

Yes – full money back if we do not deliver on our promise.

How can one register for this workshop?

Simply visit and complete the form or call Atinuke: 08091464907/ BB: 2A9AC14A Ukeme: 08188417163 / BB: 25B7FF56

Final word to SMEs out there

Please do not leave anything to chance. Start the year with a careful and robust plan, and diligently execute your plan. Also be prepared to make the necessary adjustments as you go along.

*** The End ***

Trust me guys, I have dealt with this guy and his team and I can guarantee you that they will deliver 100% as promised. Attending the BM workshop series is one move that can change the fortunes of your life and business forever. Let me leave you with one of Uzo Nduka’s quotes that I like so much:

Business Fail or Succeed one decision at a time.

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