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Modern City
Nigeria will never Develop, Except…..
In my most quiet moments, I get to question if indeed this country of ours isn't cursed? Notwithstanding the fact that I am a die-hard optimist, I still express some doubts in my most secret moments about the future of this country. A country where corruption has now become the order of the day with fear and…
contact page - cfagbata
How to Create A Contact Page that Generates Leads
Building up a site with great content, attractive design, promoting it and ultimately converting it into revenue is what we all want. But have you ever looked at your site from the user perspective? Or created a site that gives precise information for better engagements? You might say yes to all such questions. Now, another series of important…
leadership - cfagbata
The concept of Leadership is about Team Inspiration
It is the explicit role of leaders, to keep on showing appreciation while asking for feedback from their team, or followers. The success of your organisation is much dependent on your ability to hold communication with your team members. Having that ability to rightly communicate with your team can, surely, prove inspiring to your employee. Also read, Bad…
Lockdown - cfagbata
Some Lessons I learnt during the Lockdown
You must have probably heard of the phrase, the “new normal”, obviously different from the “normal” that most people used to know. In the new normal, the way we run our lives would be different, from how we ran it, pre-COVID-19; physical distancing in social gatherings, remote working for most organisations, conducting meetings over video conferencing. The normal…
Networking events - cfagbata
Having Difficulties In Introducing Yourself At A Networking Event? Follow These Steps
Relate your story with all manner of sincerity, make it compelling to, both your listener and yourself. Getting to meet new people, at any formal networking event, earns you, the opportunity of making new leads and referrals, for your business. You could, easily, make out potential customers, investors and business partners, from them, however, converting strangers, into…

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