Punch Newspaper: How to avoid Blogging Failure [ICT Clinic Page]

Is blogging dead? I have been asked this question a number of times. The truth is that blogging is no joke, and quite a number of people abandon their blogs after a few weeks into the journey.

Well, I have been a blogger for five years and I am not about to stop. This is because I have come to accept it as difficult but fun with long term benefits. For example, I plan to keep my personal blog for a long time whether I update it or not. This simply means that for many years to come, people can read some of the articles I wrote as a youth.

Today’s piece will be of great benefit to all bloggers and aspiring bloggers. So, should you be dissatisfied with your existing blog or unable to obtain the results that you so greatly expect from blogging, may I offer you a solution – Fix the problem.

An inquiry into your blog will be a starting point to finding a solution. As such, you will instinctively know every answer that relates to the following questions, and will need to write them down:

1. What desired goal does your blog serve?

2. What is your target audience like?

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