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Networking events - cfagbata

Having Difficulties In Introducing Yourself At A Networking Event? Follow These Steps

Relate your story with all manner of sincerity, make it compelling to, both your listener and yourself.Getting to meet new people, at any formal networking event, earns you, the opportunity of making new leads and referrals, for your business.You could, easily, make out potential customers, investors and business partners, from them, however, converting strangers, into…

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innovation - cfagbata

How to Sell Innovation to Traditional Industries

Traditional industries present many opportunities, for entrepreneurs, especially, innovative ones.Obviously, as seen, over the years, innovation has, systematically, altered our activities, in the workplaces, yet a good number of traditional industries, are still stuck, to traditional means of getting things done.This, in return, has made way for opportunities, to be explored, in the world of…

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