About FATE Foundation

FATE Foundation is a private sector led not-for-profit organization created in March 2000 by Mr. Fola Adeola in response to the change of unemployment induced poverty prevalent in the Nigeria society.

The driving  principle behind the organization is the effectiveness of wealth creation in tracking poverty FATE’S philosophy therefore, is that by equipping enterprising Nigerians with skills, tools, networks, these individuals can create successful businesses that will in turn offer gainful employment to the teaming masses of the unemployed in Nigeria .

Fate Foundation

Our Mission

To foster wealth creation by promoting business and entrepreneurial development among Nigerians.

Our Vision

To foster the establishment and growth of over 1,000 businesses by 2005, and 5,000 businesses by 2015. These businesses will in turn lead to the creation of employment for at least 50,000 Nigerians by 2015.

Our services

FATE Foundation accomplishes its vision through four core programmes:

FATE Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme: An intensive hands-on business and entrepreneurial empowerment programme for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs. The programme is facilitated by accomplished entrepreneurs and leading professionals using a practical curriculum that covers a wide range of business topics carefully designed to assist participant develop their business idea, set up and operate fast growing business. The programme which comprises of: classroom section, monitoring Sections, Basic IT Training.

FATE Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme: A 9-week programme specially tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs who want their business to be in the lead and dictate the pace for others. Ancillary services include corporate excursions that deal with real-life business issues and a class business forum.

FATE Business and Alumni Supports Services: A range of post graduation services available to FATE alumni to enable them attain entrepreneurial stability and maturity. These services equip FATE alumni with skills, tools, and networks.

Short Entrepreneurial Courses: These are capacity building half-day business workshops on specific subjects and industry sector held bi-monthly for the general public. These services are also provided as customized training programmes for corporate organization and groups on demand.

Our Achievements

Graduated 1,818 entrepreneurs from the FATE Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme and the FATE Emerging Progamme, trained 14,577 persons at the half-day workshops and special workshops at the end of 2008 and have reached out to over 40,000 youths on the subject of Entrepreneurship.

Mobilized over 700 private sector professionals who volunteer for FATE in various capacities as facilitators, mentors and consultants. Together with these volunteers, the Fate Foundation is able to execute its training programme excellently.

Successfully established a branch in Port-Harcourt in year 2001 to provide the youths of the Niger Delta with the dignifying and sustainable alternative of entrepreneurs as a means of live hood.

Instituted the FATE Foundation Model Entrepreneur Award in year 2001 and FATE Alumni Model Entrepreneur Award in year 2002 to honour deserving Nigerians entrepreneur who have traveled and triumphed over the rough and hostile business landscape of the country in the pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Received an award for “Most SME friendly NGO in Nigeria” from National Association of small and medium Enterprises (NASME) in 2007.

Recipients of FME Award are:


  1. Mr. Frank Nneji, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Rapido Group (FME 2001).
  2. Mr. Abiola Ogunrinde, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Cosmos Chemicals (FME 2002).
  3. Mr. Kayode Odukoya, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bell View Airlines (FME 2003).
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Folu Ayeni, owners of Tantalizers Fast Food Company (FME 2004)
  5. Mrs. Nike Ogunlesi, Managing Director, Ruff n Tumble (FME 2005).
  6. Mrs. Ibunkun Awosika Managing Director, Sokoa Chair Center (FME 2006).
  7. Mr. John Momoh, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Channels Television (FME 2007).
  8. Mr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe, Executive Director, Lift Above Poverty Organization (Current FME)


Recipients of the FAME Award are:


  1. Mr. Ayo Olalokun, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Niger cafe (FAME 2001).
  2. Mrs. Abiola Osime, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, World of fun as well as several other business (FAME 2003).
  3. Mrs. Toyin Olaleye, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Teeto Foods (FAME 2004).
  4. Mrs. Gbonju Awojuyigbe, Managing Director, Wandy Foods (FAME 2005).
  5. Mr. Dipo Davies, Managing Director, Real House Comunications (FAME 2006).
  6. Mr. Mathew Bankong, Chief Executive Officer, S.E.I.C Construction Limited (FAME 2007).
  7. Mrs. Yinka Osobu, Chief Executive Officer, CMC Interior (Current FAME).

To date, FATE Foundation has continue to run successfully, a bi-annual business forum, an annual business plan competition, and summer internship programmes for students of foreign business schools.

FATE Foundation

1st Floor, Lagos State Water Corporation (Water House)

Ijora Causeway, Ijora Olopa, Lagos, Nigeria .

01-4706836, 4706840



FATE Foundation……… producing world-class entrepreneurs!

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