9 Ways to Develop your Self-Confidence

Introducing 9 Ways to Develop your Self-Confidence for Life!

9 Ways to Develop your Self-Confidence
9 Ways to Develop your Self-Confidence

Quite a number of people have challenges when it comes to developing or improving their self-confidence and this is especially true for folks who had awful experiences while growing up – the late MJ’s story comes to mind. People with good self esteem usually have an acceptable level of confidence, which directly influences their lives positively.

Notwithstanding, all hope is not lost if you are someone who needs to improve their self-confidence. Contrary to what most people think, there is nothing special to it, with some level of discipline and dedication, you can begin the process right away.

Below are 9 ways to develop your self-confidence;

It is all about you, it starts and ends with you!

1. Love you

Start by appreciating you! No matter your experience or background, you must understand that you are special and therefore have very great potentials that can add value to humanity. Love and accept yourself as you are. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them continually – no one is perfect.

2. Believe you

Having a 100% belief  in your abilities will help develop your self-confidence. You must trust your instincts most of the time, even if you are wrong sometimes, you must understand that it is part of the learning process.

3. Know you

Being able to understand your thoughts, emotions, habits, belief and values will assist a lot. Become a master of you, such that external influences find it had to penetrate. If you achieve this then be rest assured that your self confidence can only but sour.

4. Picture you

Have clear pictures (vision and mission) of what you want to achieve in life. Clarity is important if you have to make headway in life and pictures give great clarity. If you can see what you want to be or have in a clear image, you will be motivated to work towards it.

5. Discipline you

Discipline is a subject matter that has no ending; it is something that you must do constantly. Remember, what the great Apostle Paul said, “I die daily”. You have to make it a point of duty to discipline yourself always. Self-discipline is about how we make sure that our goals and vision are translated in action and achieved. We need self discipline to make sure that we do not back-out just because of simple disappointments and setbacks.

6. Develop you

Grab and read great literatures. If you ask me, I would recommend an all time classic. Awaken the Giant within by Anthony Robbins. The great thing about reading great books is that you get to leverage on other people’s experiences and mistakes to make yourself better.

7. Care for you

This has to do with eating properly – avoid junk foods, get adequate rest, do your daily exercises, become more health conscious etc. You just have to ensure you take care of yourself and this will definitely help you through the process of developing your self confidence.

8. Trust you

If you are someone who needs to improve their confidence, then you must believe in yourself. You need to trust that you can go through the process and attain the desired results.

9. It’s all up to you

Honestly, no one else can decide for you. If you want to develop your self-confidence then you have to make a decision to start NOW! The choice is yours.

You may not get the results you expect immediately, even if you follow all 9 ways to develop your self-confidence, but don’t feel discouraged because it is actually an ongoing process, and you will certainly have great results with time!

Please share with us if  you learnt a thing or two about self-confidence after reading the 9 Ways to Develop your Self-Confidence.

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