5 Rules to Keep You Brand Reputation Intact Online

In this era of globalization where the internet is commonly used by every single entity, it’s indeed a scary place for brands. Organizations take a huge risk to promote and advertise their products online and at times they put their reputation at stake to achieve this purpose. Many up-comers become brands while many established brands lost their existence completely.

Here are some of the basic rules to keep your brand’s as well as organization’s image intact through the use of the internet.

1. Know all about your target audience

Knowing your target market and consumer’s psyche is first and foremost rule to maintaining your brand’s image. You should have a crystal clear image of the target audience to whom you want to cater through your marketing campaign. If you have a clear idea of your audience, you will know how best to reach them online. Do a refined research of your target audience to learn about their needs and try to cater to their needs through your brand.

2. Don’t use multiple media simultaneously at first

Every brand needs proper attention and care. Use slow and steady methods to win the race. The more you use far too many sites and social media campaigns to promote your brand, the more it will be left unattended and this will dilute the brand’s reputation. Use one or two media sources to promote your brand at first and give these your full attention and care. Only after you get the best reaction of your actions, should you increase your media sources and promote your brand to the masses.
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3. Use social networks professionally

Social media is known to give voice to people. Many people raise their voices for support or stand against something on various platforms. Have you done your brand research on social media? If not, then start doing social media research on your brand. This will give you a clear picture of your brand’s image. You can build your brand’s reputation through social media by interacting with people, getting feedback, through different social media contests, or simply by observing how much your brand is being discussed on that platform.

4. Re-target carefully

It is the most crucial rule you should follow in order to maintain your brand’s image online. Don’t run the same message again and again to the same consumers. This will not only create poor brand image but will also affect your organization’s image in a most negative manner. If your target consumer isn’t getting influenced with your ads, recreate the message.

5. Play with words

Words can kill. Play nicely with them. Don’t let your consumers get angry at your harsh or unwittingly used words. Use them wisely.

Tim has been promoting brands for over 4 years using various medium including social media, clothing and print ads. Tim is also a keen blogger, who has published numerous articles on various marketing blogs.

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