As a Founder of a tech start-up, who will be offering a product, the ability to write code is, not a necessity, as you could hire someone, who has the knowledge base, to carry out the coding job.

Do you, even, need a Co-Founder at all, for your start-up to be successful?

Start-ups that have been built to a point of success sometimes, eventually, fail, due to conflicts of interest.

Do not be surprised that, a technical Co-Founder, may not be the answer, to solving the “who’s going to build the product” problem.

I have come up with the following steps that will ensure that you launch a successful start-up, without the input of a technical Co-Founder:

Stop The Search For A Technical Co-Founder

Most start-ups spend ample time with their Co-Founders, an indication that the two must be, specifically, aligned, at the same point of interest.

You do not look for them. Life has, just, got to make it happen for you. How is that possible, if you may ask?

Your availability counts here, a lot, as you will be required to be active, in your community, by attending tech meetups.

At such events, you get to meet up with, at least, one right person that you can get, to execute your ideas with.

You might, also, seek other options like getting to hire someone, while working on that partnership, with the hire, to build a Co-Founding relationship.

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Get An Entrepreneur Onboard

It is, one thing to develop a product, while it is, another, to build a start-up.

A significant number of applications did not get to scale, in building a successful start-up, as most of them, failed to build a business model, with validity.

What a Founder ought to bear in mind is that an app that has, less than thousands of subscribers, turned paying customers is worth, more than, a technology that, gulped millions of dollars, without subscribers, let alone, paying customers.

The worst of all is, if the million-dollar app, lacks a market potential.

The difference that, an entrepreneur will offer you is, in building a start-up, but a coder will only help you to build an app.

No idea, whatsoever, about what it takes to, successfully, launch an app.

An entrepreneur might just be that fit, for your Co-Founder.

Coders, with entrepreneurial experience, always approach start-up building, in a different way.

For instance, on getting an investment, an entrepreneur, with a start-up experience, rather than, proposing to create a product, suggestions, such as, splitting the investment into multiple parts, to minimise risk.

Their experience will push them, to make very tough decisions that would, eventually, prove beneficial to your venture.

Take Charge Of Your Position

It is quite remarkable, to have the knowledge, of how your application is, built for work,
however, you do not need to learn about the programming, behind the creation of the application.

There are other important things that, you can do, with that time, to contribute to the success of your start-up.

You could maximise the value that, you create, from your available resources, without a technical Co-Founder. How do you get this done?

You could get, to validate your ideas, through communication with potential users, of your product; getting to pre-sell it while, also, building your audience.

While doing this, your coder gets to use the insights you obtain and turn it into a working product.

Test Quickly

Your position, as a non-techie, warrants that you perform some tests, on your product.

Commence your testing, with a period that, should not take, up to two months.

This is one of the things that, your programmer, will let you know, with his entrepreneurial experience.

For a non-technical Founder, if the progress of your start-up depends on the available resources you have, then, testing your product, quickly, is critical.

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