According to James Cash Penney, Founder, JC Penney, “No company can afford, not to move forward. It may be, at the top of the heap today, but at the bottom of the heap tomorrow, if it doesn’t”.

Most people think that starting up a business venture, is to some extent, easy. That, I do not argue with. Anybody can start a business, but the main problem is, growing the business.

A business venture is, like a child that, needs to be fed first, with breast milk and gradually, with little soft food that will be introduced, before the breast milk is altogether stopped.

As the child grows up, different classes of foods and supplements will be added, to the child’s diet, in order to ensure that, the child grows strong and healthy.

This is, exactly, how a business, needs to be nurtured, for growth.

For a business growth, it needs to be furnished with new ideas and innovations.

Below are 3 key things to do, if you want business growth:

Understand Time Management

Time is the fundamental bedrock, of everything in this life and it does not wait for anybody.

Not knowing how best, to utilise and maximise time, to your advantage, will not bode well for you and your company.

You should have a clear understanding of, how well to program and organize yourself, in relation to time.

Your ability to succeed depends on how well, you use time, to accomplish a lot, in a short while.

Program yourself and your business, working with time. Keep to appointments and move, even, when no one is there, to back you up. Just move, when you know that, it is time to move.

Grow Your Customers

Your customers are an essential part, of your business and your business will only grow if you know how best, to satisfy your customers.

You only need to satisfy, just one customer, to get 10, or, 20 new customers.

Customers have a way, of connecting with themselves and the last impression that they have about what you sell is, what they will spread.

Get your customers, to give you honest feedback and reviews, as well as, offer them incentives. All in all, ensure that you deliver a great service.

Get Funds To Run Your Business

Business growth - cfagbata

This is very essential as, without funds to run your business, it will look like an awkward house, without a roof.

The availability of money ensures that your company grows, at an exponential rate.

Pursue every means and come up, with new ways, through which the company, can generate funds.

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