Humans are bound to react and behave differently, based on different personalities and backgrounds.

Our opinions and suggestions differ because, our level of reasoning, is coming from different experiences.

The human race is diverse, which results in different reasoning, among people.

While some are extroverts, who love meetings, events, are highly sociable and outspoken.

We also have the introverts, who like to be alone, not sociable, neither, are they outspoken.

With our varying personality traits can we say that what constitutes a dream job is unique to everyone?

“Many think that the key elements of their dream job are that it be easy and highly paid. We have reviewed two decades of research into the causes of a satisfying life and careers, drawing on over 60 studies, and we did not find much evidence for these views”, as stated on this webpage.

Job seekers want jobs that relate to their gifts and lifestyle.

The best person to identify this kind of job that best fits you is you.

Research has discovered 4 components of a dream job related to everyone as follows:

It Is Piquant
Getting a highly paid job is not the peak of a successful career. You can be paid, excellently well and you find the job frustrating and boring.

Nothing interests you about the job. Every part of you is involved in the job.

Job satisfaction is derived from how engaging the job is to the employee.

You get so attached to the job that, every task given to you, looks like no task at all.

You enjoy doing every bit of the job because, every part of you, is involved in the job.

You wake up every morning, to set out for work and you are, so happy, going to do what you love doing.

With this kind of dream job, you find all you do interesting and make you more productive.

It Serves Others
One of the most important things we need to know about a dream job is, that it helps us to solve other people’s problems; it helps us to meet their needs.

A dream job is not all about what it offers us, but what we can offer others. One of the biggest satisfaction we can get in life is to see people happy, putting smiles on people’s faces.

People who get to volunteer for different organizations, do it, not for what they will gain, (most volunteered jobs are not paid jobs), but they find satisfaction in the services they render, to seeing people happy.

We should also note that helping others is the nature of the work, but you must also have the right mindset towards work

You Are Good At It
You get to your office and find a sack letter waiting on your table.

You begin to ask yourself questions like, what did you do wrong? But, then, no answer is forthcoming from, even, your colleagues.

Some people get fired, not because they actually did anything wrong, but because, it is obvious that, they are not good at what they do.

They just try to fit into the system because they need a job badly.

The skills you possess for a certain profession triggers your interest in it.

If you are passionate about writing, be also sure that, you are good at it, so you can produce good results at for organization.

You Work With Helpful people working with people you can always relate with at the office, most times, would not give you the help you need when you run to them.

“People who are disagreeable and different from yourself can be the most useful feedback, provided, they care about your interest”,

There Are No Horrible Downsides
Apart from high pay and low-stress jobs, people, also, put into consideration, jobs that give them security and comfort.

There are certain criteria that, a job has to meet before it can be truly called a dream job.

You do not have to work on a stretch, without a break of about 1, or, 2 hours.

The distance should be such that, it is convenient for you.

You should be paid, based on the efforts you put into the job. Some people are underpaid.

You feel secure and assured about your job, with no fear of losing your job.

Based on these 4 studies of common goals for a dream job, you can be sure that getting your next job on these criteria, will make you, to be fulfilled and established in your career.

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