Meeting the right people and letting them know about what you do, are vital in every business and events are the best place to meet such people, who would be able to contribute massively to your business ideas. Networking involves the exchange of information and ideas among people with similar interests, however, potential clients and big opportunities are lost, if one refuses to socialize in an event.

As much as you want people to be knowledgeable about what you do, the basic fact to note while networking, is not to put your business in the faces of people, rather relax, unwind and genuinely socialize and know people. Rather than insisting on what you offer, get to know what people do and how you can be of assistance to them; such relationships are beneficial and often become long-lasting.

In networking, it is wiser to listen, than to speak. A talkative is often a turn-off, but a listener is more appreciated. As you talk and make comments, strike common grounds, for instance, if the person is into painting, you can add that you also have a flair for the art, then, you can relatively chip in what you do in a simple way; not “business-obvious”.

Asking questions fosters more communication. To network effectively, a good way to keep the flow is to ask questions and it is advisable to make researches about people who would attend an event, before going for that event. Be curious and show genuine interest in knowing what they do.

Be yourself and let the other party find a friend in you. You do not have to be a comedian to make people feel happy and comfortable, as you can be the real you and let the other party connect with that unique you.

The hidden truth about networking in events is that, it goes beyond ‘the event’; follow up is the bed on which networking lies. Learn to not just exchange contacts, but also build valid friendships over time. Have coffee together, attend the person’s functions or ceremonies, follow the person on social media and make comments on the person’s posts. Do not just become a follower, but become a friend and part of the person’s life. This way, the person also gets to know about what you do and just as you have been beneficial to such a person, such acts will also be reciprocated.

Networking is not a one-day event; it is a lifelong process. Maintaining relationships require processes and it cannot be achieved instantly. With this, when you are networking in an event, be more concerned about values and not just business.