I don’t like to think of myself as a mentor perse because I am only living a life of purpose but the reality is that I just happen to be one, that is exactly how God Almighty designed it. I say this because I have gone from being a guy who started blogging out of frustration to being one who reaches millions every day both locally and internationally through TV, Print, Radio & Online.

Be that as it may, one lesson I believe God has been teaching lately is to stop underestimating my capacity and reach – this is because I find myself asking him certain questions every now and then because some things don’t just add up to me.

A number people that I have met on this journey admire me like one genius, some say to me how did it all happen, you must be very smart to be able to manage multiple platforms at the same timen – comments like these simply make me laugh, seriously because they have no clue whatsoever.

See all that has happened is simply what I refer to as time and chance (Ecclesiastes 9:11), no more, no less. It is basically the grace of God in the life of a nobody, whom He has chosen to make somebody. Let me not start with the doubts, struggles, fears, pressures, expectations, too much exposure etc. all of which combine to make me want to escape to neverland (wherever that is) every now and then 🙂

All I can say, is “Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.”

This post is not exactly about me, it is simply to encourage you not to despair irrespective of how the year started or ended. Yes, many of your goals may not have come to fruition and yes you may have experienced some difficulties which makes you sad irrespective. Well, I encourage you not to lose hope and faith.

I hope Kingston’s story cheers you up?

Now to the main reason why I am writing this post, first is to thank God for a challenging yet fantastic year and next to share the story of one of my long distance mentees who hasn’t met in person but has implemented many of the principles I have shared on this blog and other platforms.

Earlier in the year, he sent me the below mail:

Kingston AliHello CFA,

We are connected on on social media accounts. I am a Zambian who has been greatly inspired by your works especially in the area of ICT Presentations because that where we share much of the same interest. I want to learn more from you as I want to join your field as a Technology Columnist in one of our local news papers. I have seen there is a gap here in Zambia and would like to seize this opportunity share, inform, educate, advise, comments on technological issues in zambia thorough the media.

I will be glad to hear more from you, be mentored and realize the value of being relevant to this lie.


I won’t bore you with the details of the back and forth communication we have had but below is a screenshot of his recent post;

ICT Matters with Mwila Kingston Ali
ICT Matters with Mwila Kingston Ali
I by no means take any glory whatsoever for his success – all glory must return to the creator of the universe. The reason I am sharing his story is simply because this guy has not met me in person, all he has done is follow my work online and see the impact he is already making in his home country, Zambia.

In Febuary, he was hoping to own a column, he went to work and by December it has all become a reality, without a degree in journalism or prior writing experience as such. ICT Matters with Mwila Kingston Ali is the result of believing, thrusting God and going for it against all odds. Very similar to some of my experiences which you can read here.

A big congrats to you, Mwila Kingston for your strides and achievements this year. I wish you the very best in the years to come. One thing is certain, I’d sure have you visit Nigeria someday to share your remarkable story. Keep pressing on buddy & here’s wishing you God’s continuous grace and blessings.

My final words is to wish everyone out there a truly happy new year full of God’s blessings and favour, in Jesus mighty name, Amen!
Don’t forget to put God first in all you do and make Jesus Christ the master of your life in the coming year.