In many families in Nigeria, a child is regarded as an adult when he gets to the age of 21. This is particularly why the management and staff of Channels Media Group led by the Chairman, Mr. John Momoh & the Vice Chairman, Mrs. Olusola Momoh, along with numerous well wishes gathered to celebrate this child of good fortune.

Channels Television is a project that clearly proves that you can achieve anything you set your heart to, as long as it is legal and falls within the will of the Almighty for your life. Here was a man who had a comfortable job working at the Government-owned Nigerian Television Authority, (NTA). He was doing a good job and was, therefore, popular and admired by a vast majority of people. This simply means he had no reason whatsoever to resign and go start Channels TV other than his own personal convictions that there is a gap that was yearning to be filled.

Every now and then, I tune into NTA and I still see some of his colleagues back then, such as Cyril Stober, doing what they have been doing for many many years. Nothing wrong with that, but, if John Momoh did not take the bull by the horn then, the impact Channels TV has made today will not be there not to talk of all the people that depend on  the company for their livelihood.

As for me, I proudly and boldly congratulate my Chairman, Mr. John Momoh for a job well done and by keeping hope alive against all odds. I know it must have been a rather difficult 21 years trying to steer this ship.
For some of you reading this post, I will like to inform you that nothing good comes easy. The Chairman did share some experiences from those early days, such as when staff salary was a nightmare and how the official bus would be converted to public transport just to augment the income that was not matching up expenses.  These are examples of the stories behind successes like Channels Television and we are indeed proud of what the brand has become.

I do not write this because I am part of the team alone, even though, it is partly the reason. I write because I admire and love what JM has been able to achieve.

He is not just my boss, but he doubles as a great mentor of mine. I can only pray that God will grant him grace to continue to steer this ship as well as long life to stick around and enjoy the fruit of his labour in Jesus name. Amen.

A big congratulations to Chairman, Vice Chairman and the rest of the Channels Television team #thebestisyettocome.