10th of July is a special day for me and it’s really a time out for me to relax with close friends and family but most importantly reflect on the journey so far and what is ahead. I am not the best of social beings out there, so throwing parties is not something that crosses my mind. Again, maybe I have tons of goals waiting to be achieved?

CFA speaking at ESET Security event

Be that as it may, I have always wondered why life in most cases remains an irony because we do not really have an ultimate say over what happens during this journey?

Examples abound to prove the point and using my life as a case study, I’d just share 3 examples why I say life can indeed be an irony:

1. My Sister’s Demise

While growing I never imagined that my kid sister, Ada , who I cherished so much will leave this world at a young age. She was full of life and I remember so many days and nights we spent cracking jokes and laughing. We actually do look and laugh alike. It was an experience that slowed me down for two years.

2. My 100 million Naira Goal turned to Debts

In my late twenties, I wrote down a goal that by 35 years, I’d be worth at least a 100 million Naira. Guess what? By 35 I was broke and in debts. It was unthinkable and unbelievable because, before then, I had a few millions and businesses weren’t doing badly.

CFA in action

By 32 or so, I fell victim of an oil and gas scam which I invested in and this changed the game and led to my goal that seemed so reachable then to suddenly become a pipe dream.

It was and remains a major entrepreneurial shock.

3. Influence in the Technology Space

The bible makes it clear that God honours deligence but if someone had told me 5 years ago that a day will come that I will become an influencer in the technology space via the following platforms:

I’d probably tell the person to stop lying and face realities but here I am today actually in the midst of all these with no formal training or certification in either technology or journalism.

It can only be GOD’S GRACE and that, I ACKNOWLEDGE!

CFA at Channels Tv

On this occasion of my birthday, I honestly want to thank God Almighty for His grace and mercy that has brought me this far. The Lord knows my deepest desires for my Nation and I pray for strength and grace to carry on, especially at those points I feel overwhelmed. Lord Jesus take control and make me more like you, Amen!

Love to every one who has been a follower and supporter of the CFA brand in one way or the other. #thankyouindeed