This is one question I have been pondering on lately after I received the BoICT Awards as ICT Journalist of the Year.

In fact, Joseph Awotabe, a good friend of mine, responded after seeing my post on the award, “oh boy, you don turn to journalist oooo”. He knows the sort of businesses I have tried out in the past, which includes transportation, oil & gas, general goods supplier, importation, car solutions, training & development, digital media, blogging, etc. This does not include businesses done before and during my university days. As you can see, most of what I have done before now has nothing to do with media/journalism.

The first thing that struck me when I saw the programme of events was, who in the world is a journalist. Me or someone else? Please do not get me wrong. I have always loved and respected journalists for their mental prowess, exceptional writing and investigative skills because, it is almost impossible to be a successful journalist if you are not smart and ready to take up fresh and, in some cases, life threatening challenges.

Even at that, it has never crossed my path to consider journalism as a career path. Taking a look at the modest progress one has made, however, I cannot but stop to wonder, if journalism is not something I should pursue full time?

Ha ha ha, seriously if anyone had told me this two years ago that such an award will come my way, I would have said it is almost impossible because the path I believe God has chosen for me is entrepreneurship but, maybe I am now being guided to consider an enterprise around Tech journalism.

This is one of the ironies of life. God answers ones prayers and it sort of disrupts your entire life and destiny, of course, to your overall benefit.

Life generally throws more questions than answers at us, so I will continue to ask God for what he will ultimately have me to narrow in on? Please keep praying for brother CFA!

Now, over to you. Would you accept a sudden change of career, especially, when the new career has no comforts or security?