Movies, as we know them today, are mostly about violence, crime, drugs, super powers, romance, sex and so on. If only adults were the only ones that have access to the movies that have these negative tendencies of today’s entertainment scene, then, it will be understandable. The reality is that kids are not left out too – cartoons today, are bloodier than ever.

Many parents are not even aware that some of cartoons their children and wards watch are full of negative sublime messages targeted at distorting their Children’s way of reasoning. Well, that is a matter for another day.

My mission with today’s post is to say a big kudos to the Kendrick brothers for choosing to remain a shinning light in a dark world by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through movies.

Here I was, at a prayer meeting, and my church member whispered; “have you seen War Room?” I responded, “No”, and he said to me, “you need to go watch the movie and not just watch it, keep it for your entire family because of its timeless message”.

I actually assured myself that it will just be like any other movie, as I did not realize what he was driving at until I eventually watched the movie after he troubled me a few more times to watch it.

Frankly, War Room is a super-interesting and inspirational movie that freely talks about one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, which is the ability to commune with Him through prayers.

I am glad I saw that movie and it left a clear picture in my mind that when it is time to design my dream home, I will certainly have a special place called the ‘War Room’!

Go see the movie, War Room please, and know that prayer works.

Kudos to the Kendrick Brothers for War Room Movie!