According to President Barack Obama in his last state of the union address; “the United States is the most powerful country in the world, period!”

Interesting statement coming from the most powerful man in the world today, however, I recently published a post that points to the fact that sooner than later, China will certainly become the most powerful country in the world, except something changes drastically.

That said, I got a special invite to attend a closed door meeting between members of the American Business Council and the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa, (PAC-DBIA), led by Penny Pritzker, (US Secretary of Commerce).

I loved all the wonderful speeches that came from both sides of the divide and as a die-hard optimist, I believe the future is bright for the relationship of both countries, (Nigeria and the USA).

One statement that, however, caught my attention came from the President of General Electric Nigeria, which was referring to the fact that two major railway projects that will be implemented in Nigeria would be funded by the Chinese to the tune of about 85%.


Honestly, this got me thinking – can Nigeria and the United States be able to effectively do business in areas outside Energy, Military, Power and maybe Agriculture? Whether you like it or not, the Chinese, Indians and even the Lebanese have so invested in Africa that it would be difficult for major policies to fly in Africa without the full protection of their various interests.

Well that is just me thinking! I commend Secretary Pritzker for considering Nigeria as part of the 3 nations she visited because Nigeria is certainly the (sleeping) giant of Africa.

May God Almighty awaken the sleeping giant for real!!!