It is probably too early, but as a long time Visafone customer, I have no choice but to preempt MTN, that is after my eulogy to our beloved visafone.

An ideal eulogy for visafone may go thus: and so she passed on, after a protracted, but long battle that was only sustained because of the sheer wealth of one man….. rest in peace after a long, rough and tough battle to stay afloat.

Visafone, the last and only surviving Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) telco, has finally been taken over by Africa’s biggest GSM telco, MTN, which certainly does mark the end of CDMA in Nigeria.

I have always been a lover of the CDMA technology, even though, I understand that the dynamics of Nigeria would make it almost impossible for the most successful CDMA company from North America to survive in our dear country Nigeria. That did not stop me from patronizing first, Multi-links Nigeria, then, Starcomms and finally, I settled with Visafone and I have been a customer of visafone now for close to a decade.

MTN Nigeria wanted the 800 MHZ Visafone spectrum badly and probably gave Jim Ovia an offer he could not resist, but the question on the lips of customers like us is; what next?

The secret why folks like me remained with Visafone is because of their data offering – the one that I like most is blackberry. I pay only N1,000 monthly and I get access to unlimited data that I use for mostly listening to Worship Culture Radio, an online gospel radio station.

Now that MTN has taken over, what happens to all the offerings we were enjoying on Visafone? My thinking is that all that will be scrapped in the next couple of months because sometimes, I used to wonder if Visafone were in their right senses.

Of course, this is also a good thing because it now gives MTN the frequency it needs to launch 4G LTE service and also Visafone sure has very limited coverage, so its a good thing.

MTN Nigeria, you are taking over a pretty sane and stable service, I hope that you will live up to expectation?

We curiously await your favourable or should I say unfavourable policies in the nearest future!