I grew up hearing the United States of America being referred to as the world’s super power, God’s own country and the land of freedom and opportunities – these attributes will certainly make anyone born an American, truly proud as well as make others wish they were born Americans.

Well, I am of the opinion that America might still be God’s own country but her people have walked away from his will and desires and currently doing everything possible to prove that they are wiser than the Creator. Anyway, I will always share my thoughts whenever the American nation tries to enforce man-made rules that contradicts the ordinances of God but this is not why I am writing the post.

This post is simply to share a documentary that I watched recently. In all honesty, it blew my mind. China has actually, cleverly and tactfully out-maneuvered the United States of America, with the full support of her multi-nationals, to be positioned as the next Super power. Going by this documentary, it is only a matter of time before the Americans will happily pass on the baton.

Do not take my word for it. Watch this documentary and draw your own conclusions:

I believe the way out for the great United States is to turn back to the Lord before it is too late. A nation built on the Bible must not forget her roots!!!