I love South Africa but I have always said that it is my opinion that SA would have been a less developed country if Africa wake upnot for the white population – this is something I wish I didn’t have to say but one that I am convinced about. This is not to say that there are no blacks doing awesome things there but how can you explain the xenophobic killings going on in SA as I write?

Honestly, the case isn’t any better in Nigeria, infact I had to publish the below post across the Internet a few days ago having observed the amount of intra-tribal hatred after the general elections:

See words are power…. Chaz B of blessed memory will always start his radio show with this quote from the scripture…. Guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23

So what’s my point? I’ve noticed that since the elections ended, its been one hate speech or the other against various ethnic groups which I find appalling and highly unfortunate, coming from the supposed leaders of tomorrow.

Like I would always say each tribe has its unique characteristics, rather put succinctly, its strengths and weaknesses. No tribe has it all, no not one!

All those ‘yarns’ about particular tribe(s) being finished because they voted in a particular way is all crap except of course you choose to accept. If those tribes look inwards this seeming disadvantage might be all they need to activate something great.

My message to you today is simply guard your heart and don’t allow anyone talk you down or put fear in you. No need to get into an argument just WALK away & if it is coming from an echannel i.e. Facebook, just delete or unfriend the person.

Saddest part is that many who claim to love God have joined this very shameful act of wickedness. If you understand how powerful words are then you would be mindful of what you say or post.

Personally, I have said to those around me who feel they are in Government, that they will be shocked at how much I will advance. It all boils down to what you accept or reject. I refuse to let anyone no matter how highly or lowly placed talk down on me because of some silly reasons that have no direct bearing on how my creator sees me. I am made in the image and likeness of God.

At the end of the day, we all have a choice as to what we accept or reject. I, CFA, reject tribalism, hate speech, strife, violence etc. I choose to reason like and with God and I am who He says I am. QED.

Remember, one with God is Majority.

God bless Nigeria!

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Let me reiterate that Africans have simply refused to grow up and as far as am concerned we are preparing ourselves for another form colonialism which is already happening.

The idea of this post because of what is going at the moment on African soil, Africans rising up to kill other Africans because of the belief that they are taking over their jobs. This is indeed sad!

Africans its time to grow up, let’s collectively say no to all the vices that contribute towards making us a laughing-stock to the international community. For how long would this continue?

I like you with this quote from a mentor of mine:

The exclusive nature by which Africa’s leadership, elites and emerging elites carry on with personal pursuit of happiness in partnership with the rest of the world to the detriment of the larger African society would continue to make the African continent a place of perpetual struggle for years to come until Africa’s intelligentsia deal with the real economic issues of entitlements, class, race, religion,ethnicity and equity.

– (C) Tony Alabi 17th April, 2015