A journey to a 1,000 miles starts with just a single step and so it has been with me and my amazing journey into the world of technology – blogging, online media and now mainstream media.

Here’s the role call:

  • 2009 – Blogging
  • 2010 – Online Marketing & SEO
  • 2011 – FATE Foundation Faculty
  • 2012 – Digital Sense Magazine
  • 2013 – ICT Clinic, Punch Newspapers
  • 2014 – ICT Radio Show on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM
  • 2015 – Tech Trends on Channels Television + Tech with CFA

Tech Trends Small BannerOf course, its been both a challenging and exciting journey. An experience where you have no choice but to trust God because you are unsure of where the next income will come from. If I have learnt nothing from entrepreneurship, I have learnt the importance of having faith in God – the kind of faith that can be described as insane as well as patience. Countless times, I was advised to go get a job by those who were close to me and want the best for me but I said no way, except God appears to me, only then will I give up. Call me stubborn and you will not be far from the truth!

Today, I am so very glad to inform you that Tech Trends will air by 4.30pm every Monday on Channels Television – Nigeria’s most respected television media houses and 9 time winner of best TV station of the year.

I really cannot tell you that I played any special role in making this happen, other than the fact I kept trusting God and working hard to prove to Mr. John Momoh, CEO, Channels Television that I am capable of presenting the show inspite of the fact that I am not a trained broadcaster. Kudos to JM for his trust and confidence in my humble self.

The show was first approved in May 2014 and it took close to 7 months of waiting before it finally hits the airwaves. Of course this is a whole new level of experience and responsibility for me but I put my trust in God who is able to deliver and to save.

Please keep a date with me and the rest of the crew starting Monday, 11th of January, 2015. As usual, if you miss it for any reason, then you can watch the repeat on youtube. Please follow us on social media – Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your support all through these years.