Thanks for stopping by, I honestly do appreciate your presence on the CFA blog 🙂 Have you read the part 1 of the story behind the JCI TOYP 2014 award that I received? This is the part 2 of what I believe to be the brief story behind the JCI TOYP Award that I received recently.

JCI TOYP Award 2014
CFA’s JCI TOYP 2014 Plaque

I ended that article with a flash back of how tough it was trying to make a headway as an entrepreneur. It was pretty challenging due to a number of internal and external reasons but particularly because of some silly mistakes and poor business judgement as a result of inexperience or over confidence.

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Today, most my colleagues in the telecommunications industry have probably “enjoyed” life more than me at this point, which simply proves that CFA is still largely work-in-progress. Despite the graceful smiles you see, I am yet to enjoy the fruits of my labour. I last had a major holiday in 2007, that was a week or two after leaving Globacom and up to this point, its been work, work, work!!!

I clearly recall that 2 years after exiting Glo, I experienced a major business upset that left me penniless in all ramifications and that singular experience necessitated my foray into the world of Blogging which is the genesis of all that I been able to do within the ICT Industry. Between April and July 2009, just before I started my blog, I spent countless hours scribbling and designing how I believe my online world will be and how I would grow my personal brand into one of great substance.

So from the moment I started, I had a clear plan and direction. I focused on giving out free information on any subject I wrote on, holding nothing back. This did not go down well with some folks who thought I should not disclose all available information on those subject matters to the public so that they will come back to you for consultancy on the aspects not disclosed.

Fast forward>>>>>>> Below are some of the web properties that are the results of a mustard seed:

  1. ICT Clinic, The Punch –
  2. ICT Radio Show on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM –
  3. Tech Trends on Channels TV
  4. CFA’s Monthly Digital Marketing Training services
  5. And of course the JCI TOYP 2014 award which for me is also a formidable platform.

How about my intellectual contribution? I have written well over 2,000 articles across various platforms on the Internet. My efforts in this regards, earned me the coveted Platinum Author Status by Today, I speak on various ICT-related topics especially on how ICT can improve the lives through the application of the various helpful tools that exist online which they can tap into. This I have done with much success for those that have taken steps to carry out the things I speak about.

From my various speaking engagements, I also ventured into outright Training of individuals and businesses on how to grow their brands and products online for profitability, productivity, client contact and retention.

As an author, I have written a number of books on ICT as well as co-authoring one with another ICT enthusiast.

Some of these books include the following:

  • Powering Your Business On The Internet And Social Media – A Guide For Today’s Business Owner; (This book has sold thousands of copies both locally and internationally)
  • Towards A Smaller World – How The World Transits To Our Palms – (This is a free e-book available at, and
  • Teachers, The Internet And Money Making – (This is an e-book that I co-authored with Joe Oye, an ICT enthusiast)
  • Becoming a Blogging Professional – The Complete Step By Step Guide.
JCI TOYP 2014 awardees
L-R: Austin Osibor, Chief Visionary, Erne Group Limited; Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. “CFA” Founder,; Olayinka Thomas-Ogboja, Founder, Thomas O. Women Network and Lanre Olagunju, Curator, (representing Japhet Omojuwa) all recipients of the JCI TOYP 2014 Award.

To cap it up, in the next couple of weeks ahead, I will commence being host of Tech Trends, and ICT Television show, on Channels Television, one of the best Television stations in Africa. All these achievements that I have made on ICT all started with just one Laptop and internet connection coupled with my determination to research and study hard online.

This, in short, is my ICT success story. I hope it inspires someone out there?

Many thanks to JCI Nigeria for deeming it fit to acknowledge and recognize my very modest contributions to the advancement of technology development – this indeed serves as an impetus to BE and ACCOMPLISH more. I am proud to be a JCI TOYP 2014 receipient.

Watch out for Part III