Dear Messrs J.B.

I write you with a very heavy heart because of what I consider to be your inhumanity to Nigerians especially those of us (un)fortunate to be residing along the corridors of Oshodi-Apapa Expressway. How can a construction company that claims to be of international repute act so callously?


Everyday millions of people residing along Badagry – Mile 2 – Festac axis go through hell on earth all because of the construction work being done by the almighty J.B. who treat us all like some weak subjects of a very powerful emperor.

Can it be true?

I have often heard that one reason why construction companies put Nigerians through painful experiences is simply because they want to be paid urgently. I do not know how true this is but I know that residents including yours truly is going through hell everyday.

The fact is the fear of that road is the beginning of wisdom. You are not just faced with some gruelling traffic alone, the boys who truly own Lagos lurk around looking for who to bounce on.

My Final Thoughts

J.B. stop acting like a big bully that has no local or international bearing. Yes you should reconstruct the road but do it with a human face, make the other interconnected roads motorable and passable for residents of these areas who are not headed to Apapa, so they can divert and go home in peace

This madness has to stop! I wonder why the residents in these areas have not planned a protest, are we going to wait until people die or more man hours are lost before demanding a change?

I hope this will serve as a wake up call for us to get together and call J.B to order?