The knowledge economy is an economic reality whose time has come; thanks to ICT. Whether Nigeria and its people wake up to the reality or not, the truth remains that the country occupies a prime place that entrusts her with a leadership role as the largest black nation in the world.

It is the second largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, the largest producer of oil in Africa and the seventh largest oil producer in the world; with its quality of oil ranked among the best three globally.

Petroleum is only one of the many natural resources that Nigeria is blessed with. The country is equally blessed with fertile land, topography and climate that are a haven for agricultural activities to thrive.

How about our mineral resources? I understand that Ondo, Ekiti and a few other states have huge deposits of bitumen. What all these unique information about Nigeria simply shows is the fact that she possesses certain knowledge, experience and wealth that no other African country has – a fact that gives her an edge in a global knowledge economy. Or so it should.

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