Imagine someone trying to talk to the brick walls. What do you think will be the outcome? Your guess is as good as mine. It really does not matter if your purpose online is to market some start-up small enterprise, a political or a non-profit organisation. Perhaps, you may even be attempting to promote your personal brand online. The truth is that there is a possibility that your message does not get across to your target audience properly. So, imagine investing time and efforts in certain activities that you hope would attract potential customers to your website, and then you fail to see any appreciable likes, meaningful comments and perhaps shares by your network. This is a typical example of what I refer to as a ‘brick wall’ – a growing phenomenon. I say this because experience has proven that it is one challenge that has frustrated many business owners that I have met across the country.


Many of them go as far as making it a duty to share articles they find to be of common interest on their respective social media sites so that others can also benefit from them. Quite a few of these may also go unnoticed. In all probability, there are not too many people immune to the proverbial ‘brick wall’ syndrome.

To give you a fair insight into apparent causes linked to the ‘brick wall’ syndrome and guidelines on how to sideline them, you may like to check out the strategies below:

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