The truth and reality about technology is that it has changed the game of life forever. If you want to know how obsolete a trend or an idea can quickly become, try to keep up with the ever-changing realities of the ICT world. For me as a person, it is all about solutions – how can Nigeria as a nation, graduate from being only a consumer in the ICT world to becoming a producer of hardware, software as well as a content generator?

Be that as it may, I wish to focus on ICT and how it brings about a host of other opportunities in the political arena of the country. Very soon, the political climate of Nigeria will become agog with the frenzy of political campaigns, meetings and scheming’s in preparation of the 2015 general elections and it most likely that the current trends in ICT will take a front seat in the tools that will be utilised in these campaigns etc.


Away from campaigns, of further importance for the electorate, I am of the school of thought that ICT remains an effective weapon in tackling and stemming political fraud once and for all if there is a political will to do so. There is a lot of voter apathy in Nigeria with a good number of the electorate choosing to stay out of the voting process as they are resigned to the fact that those they have passionately voted for in the past have disappointed them by looting the treasury in mind bugling fraud cases.

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