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CFA: The tags are correctly put: 5, 6, 7, 8 tags that are related to things around marketing. It doesn’t have to be just marketing, anything around marketing, it could be direct marketing, it could be sales, you know.

Ayo: Here is another one, sorry to interrupt you again. How is it possible, when you type something on the YouTube page, there are some videos that are the first ones you see? Debbie’s video could be page 20 and your video is page 1, why is that possible? What makes it different? What makes yours come up as page 1 and hers as page 20? Sorry Debbie if I’m using you as an example.

CFA: It just goes to show, number one, actually Google is very secretive on how they rank these things. They don’t expose what factors they consider. But based on experience, there are a couple of things that come into play.

Number one, the optimization we talked about is very critical. Number two, the views are also very important. When people view the video, remember that if I click on the video and I hit play and I stay for 1 minute and close the video, I’ve actually viewed the video, so they count it as a view. But did I finish the video? No. so Google actually also looks at how the people stay on the video. If it’s a 10 minute video, how many will finish the video as against people who bounces off the video? That is also critical. So those are some of the things that go into determining what videos go up and what videos stay down. That is what Google claims. There are a lot of other factors that go into play: popularity, who is the person, blah, blah, blah. Some people even accuse Google that people who spend more on advertising get more, but Google claims that, no they don’t do that.

Debbie: Any chance of your video being bounce off YouTube? Like it is not accepted, it does not get –

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CFA: If it falls outside their terms, yes, they can bounce the video off. Honestly, like most Nigerians, I do not get to read the Terms and Conditions. I just click ‘Agree’. 

Ayo: If you are part of a church organization, this might be something that could be of benefit to you. If you are a trainer, consultant, something that could be of benefit. If you are into sales and marketing, if you are a bank—

Debbie: If you are any entity that uses marketing.

CFA: I use marketing, you know. I also ask myself, I said, “Okay, if everybody goes online, everybody shoots videos, who is going to watch the videos?” It does cross my mind sometimes.

Debbie: It is like a way of cooking pots of soup, wondering who is going to eat. The pot of soup is ready, there is fish and everything. But there are people that sell these things.

CFA: But even though I ask myself that, you know what I also see, not everyone would upload a video. In fact most people will not upload videos. That is why Nigeria is a country that conserves information. We need to go out there and put information online, we have very few, we need to put it up. Each time I have a meeting with the Google guys in Nigeria, they are actually very sad because Nigerians are actually one of the highest consumers, but we are actually low on contribution online. So please, if you have a small business out there, go out there, put content online, put text online, put videos online, and put audios online. It is important. That is what gets our country up there in the map of internet. Actually, if you are one of those that are complaining that our internet is so corrupt; I mean it is neither good nor bad. It depends on who is using it. If you are in there and are not doing anything, then the bad ones will keep putting up all the sorts.

Debbie: Recently I’ve read that that the US has dropped in rankings of top countries that are on the internet map. The US dropped in ranking. They were like, “That is where the internet came from, why are they on number 9 or 10?”

CFA: Asia is picking up. Asia is catching up, South America too. Brazil, South America is really, really expanding.

Debbie: I guess it is because they are consuming the information and contributing less.

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CFA: Not really. Asia is also going up. Asia, most times they create their own version of what Americans have. They have their version of search engines; they have their version of everything. They always actually battle American companies.

Debbie: Maybe we should have our own version.

CFA: That would be a good idea. Some people are trying that, you actually need— just like Facebook or rather President Zuckerberg— you actually need support to do e-commerce platforms, such websites. Because the guy, if you weigh his contract it means he is the top of the destination, he is actually a president because he has got data, he has got strong, huge data. He is the president.  He has a lot of people working for him right now that is the truth.

Debbie: We never hear about it but, supposedly you do?

Ayo: Sir, thank you so much for joining us right now.

CFA: It is a pleasure, thank you for having me.