Not a day goes by without receiving a minimum of 20 spam emails across the key social media websites.

Most of us pay little or no attention to emails of people supposedly needing help to recover inherited millions of dollars or that of a dearly beloved friend stranded in a far away country. How about that of social media? Are you aware that there are numerous ‘fake’ social media accounts today? Social media is on the rise, and everyone is trying to maximise it but with the rising number of users comes spam just as it happened with emails. Deleting spam is simply not a solution anymore.

Be aware that a spammers try to trick people using any available means. Social media offers them the advantage of a huge audience and they try to post spam there every now and then. The two popular methods they use in the social media today are creating fake accounts and distributing spam links. These fake accounts add hundreds of people as friends and then promote the spam links by sharing them on timelines and sending the links in messages.

Another popular method is hacking of popular business pages and then using them to post spam links that trick users into clicking on them.

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