Productivity is the ultimate goal of every job in the world, not only in the task of blogging. You can spend hours and hours wasting time not because of your lack of talent but due to the numerous distractions in your life. Here we will be discussing the 3 steps that will help you manage your time and transform you into a more productive blogger.

Step 1: Introduction to productivity

  • First part of introduction to productivity involves having a clear idea is to why you’re doing all of this?; the blogging or any other work. Your reasons can be monetary or it can be pastime hobby, that depends entirely on you but once you have a clear idea on the why part;  you just need to keep on reminding yourself that whenever you face distractions or feel like sidetracking.
  • Next part involves figuring out the time of day in which you are capable of focusing on the task for instance blogging completely. This time period should not be overlapping the time for TV or your meal times because concentration takes time to develop and these distractions will dislodge you; forcing you to start from scratch.
  • The last part in this process is forgetting the unimportant stuff while working. It’s quite common to have the urge to scroll the web in search of ideas, reply to emails during writing but mostly all of these activities instead of helping the work set us back many hours. Start with the idea that comes to your mind, work on it. Once you’re done with it only then search on ways to improve it, this way you will only be making better your prototype plan instead of being stuck and confused in the middle.

How to become more productive blogger in 3 steps

Step 2: Organizing your life Once you have started the journey on the road to productivity than this will require; that you organize your life to keep on moving forward on the road. Start by organizing your workspace. Whether it’s your office or a desk in your room, remove all the unnecessary stuff in the workspace that isn’t required and throw it away. Cleaning the desk will help clear your mind and make it feel fresh. Second part in this step is coming up with a to- do list. Write all the things you need to do for a certain time period e.g. this week. Once you have written down everything then arrange the tasks in the order of your priorities. Those stuff with earlier deadline need to be put on a higher mark. This organization will help you manage your time, you won’t forget any of the tasks and you will have the tasks done according to deadlines. Once finished you can start crossing stuff from the to- do lists. This is an important step for increasing your productivity as for a blogger deadlines are very important. The last part of organization is figuring out the most important task of the day and then giving your complete attention to it. Decide what requires your attention first, start focusing on it. Keep your mind on to the work and finish it. People tend to get bored so they start two or three tasks at one time and the end result is that at the end of the day not one of them is near completion. Step 3: Maximize the productivity You can maximize your productivity by using a number of tools available just for this purpose. One of the most important tools for bloggers is Freedom for PC and Selfcontrol for Mac users. This tool restricts your access to the sites you add for a time period set by you. This is helpful for keeping us away from the distractions like Facebook etc. Some other tools available are for to –do lists, time doctor for time tracking etc. There is another technique that can help in maximizing the productivity called Pomodoro technique; which aims at regular short breaks while working. Results show the technique is quite effective in increasing productivity. You can set it for like 5 mins break after 30 mins of work. Lastly some of the more popular ways are the easy ways of increasing your productivity involve the use of templates and outsourcers. Templates are a sure way of saving a lot of time normally wasted on creating stuff from scratch. You can also try outsourcing the work you feel better handled by experts of the field instead of trying your hand at them and failing. These three steps are sure to increase you productivity if applied in the spirit. Always remember if you feel tired take a break, Remember to take care of your body because a tiresome mind can never be productive. Did this help you in increasing your productivity? Let us know by leaving a comment. Creative Commons: Rob