Educational Blogging: A Call to ActionBetween what I found out about educational blogging a little over a year ago and what I have just uncovered now, there is already a huge shift in the application of blogging to the education industry. Positive huge shift, I must say.

My esteemed mentor in educational blogging and in everything that can be tagged as 2.0 regarding virtual education,

Steve Hargadon, frames the definition of educational blogging as “blogging by students, teachers, administrators, industry experts, and other involved entities that focus primarily on the educational process and educational interests.”

His contributions and those of professionals in education specialties have shown that educational blogging is greatly advantageous to educational authorities, schools, teachers and students.

The shift I mentioned above clearly shows that educational blogging practice wouldn’t be saturated. Neither will blogging itself. Trends, facts and figures have already provided insightful inferences.

For example, Technorati recently reported existing 63.1 million blogs out of which only a little over 5,000 blogs relate to education. Even with the noted shift, there are gaps, evidently, to be filled.

Even though blogging has become a household practice, educational blogging still stands as a niche not yet tapped to meet up the growing need for its blogging coverage

Participation in covering any identified gap in leveraging educational blogging should, therefore, fascinate everyone serious about niche blogging, I think.

Educational blogging induces collaboration on many facets. It makes teaching and learning better as students are no more confined to the four walls of their classrooms. It enables breaking down barriers for the world to become the playground for students using the possibilities available in the virtual world. It is already a showroom for the teachers to brandish their professionalism and it serves as a podium for the parents for getting engaged in the matters of educating their children.

Latent to educational blogging merits stated above are the potentials of blogging in terms of buddies, sister schools, academic exchange, pen-palling, exchange of ideas and project team-working. These and other partnership models as well as other school-to-school undertakings are the opportunities that educational blogging propagates.

One other nice thing about the potentials of educational blogging is that it boosts the audiences of all who are involved. By all these, every participant enjoys the sense of community that arises from its practice and you also grow your personal brand online.

Let me turn from talking about educational blogging merits to schools by saying that, blogging as applied to education, does not leave ‘you’ behind. The word ‘you’ means you if you are a teacher, school administrator, student, education professional, blogger or a person who is deeply interested in becoming a blogger.

I believe that you have a space to claim and cover in driving forward and supporting the education field in the way of blogging.

If you are serious about blogging or blogging for schools or blogging about school news, events and activities or about educational trends and related issues, nothing stops you to join this hot blogging niche especially if you mind the following hints:

  1. Educational blogging is still an infant on blogosphere.
  2. Social marketing (through blogging) on the part of schools continue to soar as a need.
  3. Blog-based advocacy for school-community and business relationships is in demand.
  4. Educational blogging is still blogging – though it requires distinctive focus from the mainstream blogging.
  5. No special techy know-how is required.
  6. You don’t compulsorily need to be a teacher, a student or a school administrator.
  7. Dedicated blogging platforms are available – even free!
  8. … and much more.

I want to stop this post on educational blogging here with one more thing I uncovered. This is that matching online marketing with educational blogging successfully can make “regular” people earn six figures even in a short time…

…just like general blogging has been doing.

I hope this post will serve as a call to action to you and other people who are in search of untapped blogging niches.

Happy blogging!

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