I am very excited to write this post because I am about to publish the letter of appreciation, I received from FATE Foundation.

Internet Marketing and SEO services Training by CFA Nigeria at FATE FoundationI started blogging just for the fun of it, but my passion for it grew as days went by, after awhile I began investing and building my business around this blog and the Internet, today the rest is history. My professional fees as an SEO consultant is almost crossing the 6 figure mark and to think it all started like a joke.

Besides what I currently earn, my perceived value as an Internet Marketer, Social Media Marketing Expert, SEO Consultant and Trainer is on the rise. I owe this to so many factors including my association with FATE Foundation.

If I can do it, you can do it!

Here is the secret formula (I hope);

  1. I trust in God.
  2. I always show up.
  3. I take action.
  4. I trust my guts.
  5. I am persistent.
  6. I don’t give up easily.
  7. I hate time wasters i.e. chats and IMs.
  8. I am a die hard entrepreneur.

Seriously, if you’ve got some or all or even more of the above traits, then success is assured. It may not happen when you expect but trust me, it will surely happen.

Why am I saying all this? Well, the content of the letter from FATE Foundation is indeed encouraging. Let me confess;

It is both an honour and privilege to stand before dozens of aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs to pass on the little knowledge I have gained over the years from the Internet.

Here is the letter of appreciation from FATE Foundation and the Facilitation Evaluation result from my students. At a later date, I will talk about the content of the letter and what am trying to achieve with this experience and opportunity.

[gview file=”https://old.cfagbata.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Letter-of-Appreciation-from-FATE-Foundation-Nigeria-to-CFAgbata.com_.pdf”]