Welcome to the Season of HIS glory which also is my prayer for you today and always. This happens to be the theme of our upcoming FGBMFI Nigeria convention.

Personally, I believe with all my heart that there is a God, who created the heavens and the earth – I believe like Bible says; “God created all in 6 days and rested on the 7th day.”

Do you believe in God?

Do you have any doubts whatsoever?

God loves you beyond words and he longs for you to know him.

Demos Shakarian founder of FGBMFI Nigeria
Late Demos Shakarian, the Founder of FGBMFI


To this end, I invite you to attend our upcoming convention of the FGBMFI Nigeria tagged the ”Season of His Glory” It will be a great time to know the Lord, His will for your life and meet new people.

The FGBMFI Nigeria convention will hold from the 15th-18th of August at the Police College, Ikeja, Lagos – its going to be a power packed event as a number of renowned spiritual and business leaders have been lined up as speakers. It is not just a spiritual affair, there will be series of business seminars as well.

See flyer below. We are expecting well over 80,000 people from over 50 countries.

About the FGBMFI Nigeria Lagos Convention

It will hold in the city of Lagos, the Commercial Capital of Nigeria. It will be the biggest and the most attended single Convention ever in Nigeria and probably beyond. This Convention will also have an international flair.

We already have a FGBMFI Nigeria events page on Facebook and I encourage you (members or non-members) to invite you friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours and even enemies. Click here to invite them on Facebook now!

From the national historical records, this will be the 70th Convention in Nigeria. We shall be inviting our international members and friends to attend in good number to be part of what the Lord intends to do beginning from year 2012 all over the FGBMFI world, Nigeria inclusive.

About FGBMFI Nigeria

The largest network of Christian businessmen in the world.

From every part of the world – 160 nations. Every race, colour, culture and almost every language – we include: Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, former Presidents, Senators, Members of Parliament, Generals, Judges, Captains of Industry, businessmen, executives professionals, sales and office workers, factory workers, educators and young people just getting started.


“Fellowship And Destiny With God And Man”

We commit ourselves to: Personal and Business, Excellence – Honesty – Integrity

To our Lord, our families, and our Fellowship brothers we pledge: Transparency – Accountability – Faithfulness. These are our core values.

We are relevant to today’s World, to a new wave of people looking for values in today’s World.

5 Life Lessons I want to leave with you:

  1. Don’t forget your Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ because he is behind your existence.
  2. Live everyday with a commitment to making an impact for God and mankind.
  3. Join associations or groups that invests you as well and not just take from you.
  4. Leverage the Internet. We were asked to invite at least 5 people but here I am inviting thousands – “the Power of the Internet.”
  5. Be happy and stay happy.

I joined FGBMFI Nigeria a few years ago and I can tell you for sure, my life has been transformed for good, both spiritually and materially. Need I mention the connection(s) – the kind of people I have access to as a member of the fellowship?

Please accept my invitation to attend and also invite others……

FGBMFI Nigeria National Convention

Don’t forget to share this article using all the social media buttons below and above as well as invite people on the Facebook events page of this programme. God Almighty would reward your labour of love, in Jesus Christ name, Amen!