mosquito mobile appsCan mosquito mobile apps become Voltron to defend sub-saharan Africa against Malaria – the deadly killer?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and have no plans to become one in the nearest future. What I am about to share has no scientific foundation (maybe it does, I have not bothered to do the research), I reached these bias and personal conclusions solely as a result of my experiences. Don’t take my word for it 🙂

The World Health Organization estimated that in 2010, there were 216 million documented cases of malaria. Around 655,000 people died from the disease, most of whom were children under the age of five. The actual number of deaths may be significantly higher, as precise statistics are unavailable in many rural areas, and many cases are undocumented.

Source: Wikipedia

Isn’t this alarming?

My doctor once told me, the every Nigerian has some traces of malaria parasite in his or her bloodstream, which only becomes evident only when one’s resistance is lowered to a point and the symptoms start manifesting. In my lifetime, I have been in and out of the hospital over a 100 times due to malaria, so I appreciate how deadly malaria could be.

Let me just say that this is one post, I am going to making very popular using my SEO and Social Media Marketing skills and knowledge, just to raise some level of aware and let people try out this mobile apps. I trust you will help me by sharing it using the social media buttons above. I know I can count on your partnership 🙂

Technology has played a major role towards the advancement of healthcare delivery and the case of malaria is not the first. Cancer is being treated with chemotherapy which is highly technological.

Enough of the stories, lemme let the cat out of the bag, so that you go try this out and hopeful drop by again with feedback.

Here are 2 Mosquito Mobile Apps to Reduce Malaria;

I know there probably a 1001 of such mosquito mobile apps but I am going to share only 2 based on my personal experience with them.

1. The first is on a platform Nigerians love so much and its no other than blackberry. Simple search for “Mosquito” in the blackberry apps world and it comes out tops.

Here is the description for the mobile apps by its authors:

Now Live Bite free with Anti mosquito mobile apps!!

Anti Mosquito is the Most Effective App For Repelling Mosquitoes.. It is most effective in areas where mosquitoes are huge problem, Anti Mosquito will help you to stay out those bloody mosquitoes reach. It will repel the mosquitoes by emitting Ultrasonic sounds.

Anti Mosquito Features:-

  1. Anti Mosquito uses 5 different frequencies of sound (14khz, 16khz, 18khz, 20khz, 22khz) !
  2. Anti mosquito runs in background without Draining your battery!
  3. Anti Mosquito App has feature to set timer for auto deactivating the app.
  4. Anti Mosquito is easy to use app!

WARNING-Do not use headphones or handsfree while the Anti Mosquito is running , as it may cause damage to ears!!

To try out this Mosquito Mobile Apps

Search and Install on your BB apps world. To operate, simple click the middle so it changes from Blue to Red. Go try out and let us know how it goes.

2. This 2nd mosquito mobile app is on the android platform, a rapidly growing platform across the word. If you search “mosquito” on Google play, you will find mosquito mobile appsquite a number of mosquito apps but of all I recommend ‘Mosquito Sonic Repellent’ by Utopia Developers, not because I know the developers but based on experience. This free but effective apps would give you peace of mind, especially for those from my part of the world.

I prefer this over the blackberry one, eventhough I use both. Here are some advantages of Mosquito Sonic Repellent:

  1. Its on android! Yea. This is indeed a major advantage.
  2. No annoying ads
  3. It’s more descriptive i.e. Includes basic content to educate you
  4. Has 6 sound frequencies and you are free to use any. A privilege you don’t get with the BB apps until you pay.

My Personal Experience

I proudly welcome mosquitoes to our home these days, infact once it get’s dark, I fling open the doors for my august visitors and trust them, they always fall in with pride. As soon as they fall in, I turn on the mosquito mobile apps on both devices and the rest is history………….

My children now enjoy their sleep better and I spend a lot less buying insecticides – I have only sprayed my room once in July. Before now, I used to spray the house at least once in 3 days. Isn’t the difference clear?

Why not try it out and come back to share your experience? What do you think about this possibility – mobile apps being in the forefront on the war against mosquitoes?

One thing I honestly have no idea about is the side effects, can you help about after the experience? Hope this helps? Your ideas, suggestions, comments and objections are most welcomed.