Article submissionWriting and publishing your articles to directories is a very good way of link building for any shrewd internet entrepreneur.

If you desire to learn how to go about article submission, then the below simple steps are for you:

How to Write an Article for Article Submission

  • Select a topic that you would like to write about.
  • Select the keywords that you need to use via using a keyword search tool so that your article can be optimized. (You can order a comprehensive keyword research service)
  • Write your article using your own words. If you are using an already published article as a guide, make sure that you do not copy it as that would be considered as plagiarism and can make search engines devalue your site. Most article directories accept articles of about 500 – 1000 words.
  • Proof-read your article and make sure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors
  • You may try to do a plagiarism check. There are many free tools available on the internet that will enable you to check the originality of your article.
  • Once you are satisfied, you may now proceed send your articles to the directories.

How to Go About Article Submission

  • First, you need to select the site which you will submit your article to. You need to make sure that it is a reputable site and that it is active. Active directories are frequently visited by different search engines in order to index any new content. It is better to choose popular article directories for successful article submission. My number one choice is Ezine Articles.
  • Sign up or register for an account with the Article Submission website. The sign up or registration should be free. If the site is asking you for payment, you need to find another directory. There are numerous directories for you to choose from. There may be a need to submit your email address as most directories tend to verify email addresses before they accept your sign up.
  • Follow the instructions of the Article Submission site regarding submission. Most sites allow you to copy-paste from your document file. Proof-read the article again and make sure there are no errors.
  • Review the article submission guidelines. There are sites that will accept only original articles so you may need to re-write your article in order to submit to these sites. Other sites are not as strict and you can submit the same article without any problems. However, do not submit the same article to too many sites or there will be problems with duplication. Some sites also do not allow any URLs in the article or title. Make sure you follow the guidelines.

Submitting high quality articles to directories is a time tested principle. Got questions or comments? Please use the comment box 🙂