Google Inc, the godfather of the Internet has once again proven that the web as we know it today is majorly controlled by them.

Last week, there were rumours of a pending Google algorithm update but unknown to many big G had already begun rolling out the changes by delisting very popular sites from her search engine index. The impact of this was so great that a site as big as buildmyrank (BMR) had to close down their services immediately.

In the case of BMR, they were a very popular website with a huge network of blogs, so it was easy for anyone who signed up with them to rank very easily for various keywords. Google

See what they posted on their blog;

On a daily basis, we monitor our domain network to check metrics like page rank, indexed pages, etc. As with any link-building network, some de-indexing activity is expected and ours has been within a permissible range for the past two years. Unfortunately, this morning, our scripts and manual checks have determined that the overwhelming majority of our network has been de-indexed (by Google), as of March 19, 2012. In our wildest dreams, there’s no way we could have imagined this happening.

It had always been BMR’s philosophy that if we did things a bit different from other networks, we would not only have a better quality service to offer our users, but a longer life in this fickle industry. Sadly, it appears this was not the case.

Google did not only delist them but went a step further to also delist every single blog on their network. It is reported that Google is also going after other sites that run this sort of networks.

Confession time

I have a confession to make; “forgive me for I have sinned.” Being a member of the SEO industry, I was aware of BMRs growing influence that I actually tried to add to their networt. What prevented me which I now count as a blessing was the fact that paypal was the only advertised means of payment.

I even had to contact their support back then;


Where would I have started from if this blog was delisted from Google? I honestly don’t know……

Tips to avoid the negative effect of any future Google updates

  1. Do 100% white hat SEO.
  2. No one can guarantee you the no. 1 spot on Google, so avoid anyone who says they can because they will end up getting you in trouble.
  3. Avoid using fake (black hat) SEO companies. CFA Leverage is an affordable SEO services company you can trust.
  4. Don’t sell links. Too many links on each page of your site looks spammy.
  5. Update your website regularly with fresh content.
  6. Create a content mix i.e. Instead just posting text, publish images, upload audion and videos as long as you go for quality because quality content is king.
  7. Add a blog to your website, if you are yet to do that because Google loves blogs.
  8. When confused about any update for your website, seek wise counsel. Although, I consider myself quite experienced in SEO, I still seek for advice when necessary, so as to avoid any negative penalties for my actions.

The truth is that as the competition on the Internet grows, so would people and companies try harder to beat the system.

One assurance, I can give to anyone who decides to order services from CFA Leverage is that your site will never be delisted as a result of our activities because we are 100% white hat 🙂