In a bid to help more people become Conditioned for Accomplishments, we have come up with an affordable but highly effective video marketing service which is also part of the valuable SEO Services we are offering.

Here is the sweetest aspect of our video marketing service; it will cost you $30 (N5,000) only to enjoy this premium service.

No, this is not just a regular video marketing service, it is rather comprehensive. We have properly packaged our video marketing service to include;

1. Video Creation
2. Video Submission
3. SEO

Let me explain why our video marketing service is the most valuable you will come across online;

1. Video Creation

Order this service now and we will create a one minute video like the one above making use of the content on your website. We’ll take some screenshots of your website and add a soundtrack – you are free to send in any soundtrack of your choice before the project starts.

Note: If you desire a more custom video, then you can contact us to discuss that.

We want to keep this as basic as it can be, so that many small business owners would find it affordable.

This part is optional, if you already have a professional video then we can as well use that.

2. Video Submission

After creating the video, we will submit it to 10 different video hosting websites i.e. Youtube.

Due to the viral nature of these sites, it will definitely announce you and your business to the world. It will attract prospective clients to your website and most importantly strengthen your brand online.

We can submit the video to as many as 100 sites but that comes with a different price. Contact us for more info.

3. Now the SEO part 🙂

I beg your pardon but I just can’t do anything without thinking SEO because it is the future – mark my words, a time will come when business owners will pay SEO experts handsomely to help their businesses online.

Back to SEO and the video, a bad local SEO services company would simply upload your videos online without bothering about the keywords and description but as a professional seo services company, we are completely different in this regards because we will certainly add your site’s keywords and description (this comes with an additional fee, if we need to re-write it) to the video as we upload on all the sites.

An example of the keywords and description we added while uploading the above video:

CFA Nigeria is the most reliable Website Consultant that provides SEO Services and Social Media Marketing Strategy which will help you define, update and automate your business processes effortlessly. Browse through the website for specialized business consulting services.

As you may have observed, this will increase the number of visitors to your site as well as boost your SEO rankings.

Final Thoughts

A Videos is a powerful means of reaching your potential clients, so ordering this low priced but highly valuable service would go a long way in helping your small business or emerging business grow.

Order CFA Nigeria‘s video marketing service today for $30 (N5,000)!