video marketing advantages

Why Video Marketing? Why Now?

There is one powerful benefit of online marketing that you must never lose focus on. This is that when compared with the offline world, popularity begets more popularity in easier, faster and cheaper manners. Even if you look at what I call popularity here as public acceptance, admiration, fame or reputation, we are equally having the same view on the viral advantage in the digital space.

At this point, if I say that every business owner knows that the best and swiftest ways to gain customers’ acceptance or admiration on the internet today is video marketing, I will be wrong. Making a conclusion like that will be too hasty and so it will be totally wrong because many business owners are found still questioning the relevance of video marketing to their businesses. The small business owners are especially found much more hesitant in realizing the roles of video marketing in driving their business positioning and exposure. I will like us to leave the issue of my being hasty or wrong for now and go to the online video usage official report provided by

video marketing advantages

Noting that the report presented here is only for November, 2011 and only for U.S.A, seeing what this will interpret to this year and at this moment wouldn’t surprise you. It is on record that
millions of people are already using video search engines to find all sorts of services, products, professionals, experts etc. on the internet and that this number is expected to double within a short time.

Now, having shown you the summarized report, may I ask you the following questions?

Do you want, MORE EFFECTIVELY, to:

• showcase your expertise and promote your being recognized as an industry or thought leader?
• raise your own and your business brand and reputation?
• increase traffic to your website for more sales leads, sales or profit?
• choose and use better marketing solutions.
• make positive use of social media and other technology tools, trends and advancement?
• create and develop lasting relationship with your customers?
• demonstrate the reasons why your business is a better choice over your competitors?
• engage your customers or clients with the most interactive and powerful, yet free or cheap marketing tools available?
• get your business information appeared in the second largest search engine in the world as well as in similar ones?
• make your business enjoy more than 45% better chance of ranking above you competitors with today’s video SEO?

May be, you will need to look at the table above again before you answer the questions. With the usage data presented and the list of better opportunities now available for businesses in attaining all the business goals indicated in the above questions and more, did you find any clue pointing to opportunities in video marketing?

If your responses to the listed questions are positive, then you don’t need to contend with whether video marketing can be relevant to your business. I am sure in telling you that video marketing is relevant to you and your business, not even later but now.

If your responses to those questions are positive, this message from Hort Joepen, CEO of Searchmetrics is for you. As he puts it,

With video and images on the rise, the path for SEOs is clear. It makes sense for marketers to increase the volume of video and image content (that means photos too) they’re creating and to optimize it both on their own sites and on third party sites such as YouTube and Flickr.

If your responses to those questions are positive, this message from Ramon Ray of is also for you: Listen to him:

A video email gives your message a face and a voice to communicate more effectively with your clients, telecasting may not be an option for smaller businesses but thanks to the internet, small businesses can use the traditional …methods to promote their businesses with the help of video emailing”.

Now, here is my quick advice…

Whether you want to put up your video marketing using video broadcasting websites or emailing, it is more important that you start now. Are you about to ask about how and where to start your own video marketing? Click here to read about jumpstarting your video marketing campaign by yourself and click here to have a social media coach to start or go along with you.

Don’t forget this. Even if so many people are still not optimistic about video marketing being a top technique for promoting businesses today, millions of people who had gained from it and promoting its usage could not be wrong. Don’t forget, also, that popularity begets more popularity in easier, faster and cheaper manners on the internet. However, there must be a beginning – even for video marketing

…just my hints for you to act on and reap from video marketing.

To your video marketing success.

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